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  1. Has anyone found a way to properly import EE TIS/WED files that contain water to BGT? Problem is that the water is completely buggy, and I suspect that the .WED file is responsible for this, but I have no idea what I could change to get rid of the green. Attachement related.
  2. You're not the only one.
  3. Thanks for the answer!
  4. Hello there, short question about how the game processes a script: Example: If the Global Global("O#QuentinRE1","GLOBAL",1) is 1 and if the time of the day is 20,21,22 or 23, does the area script constantly tries to Activate the creature in the script, or does the "Activate(Object)" variable sets a hidden value so that the script does only run once, until another script might deactivate (not shown here) him again?
  5. Guess that the "Global("fin_balth_checkpoint_passed","GLOBAL",1)" variable isn't set to 1 then. But I can't help you with this, because I am using an older version of Ascension / Wheels of Prophecy, and I have different varibles that regulate the spawn. Nor do I know where exactly one of the mods is setting it to 1. You have to ask one of the creators about it. Sorry.
  6. It should work instantly. I guess there is another problem with the Variables. Try this: ITPPLANE.BCS
  7. This should do the trick ITPPLANE.BCS
  8. Upload the ITPPLANE.BCS from your override folder and I can fix it.
  9. Seems like that there is still a script in front of the script which should trigger a dialogue with you when you come close to Pocket Plane exit. Try this CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("PPGuy01") and wait one or two seconds. You should get a dialogue.
  10. What is the beginning of the text saying? Is it You can use your Planar Door to travel to several places. Where do you wish to go? or Your destiny is nearly complete.
  11. Can you please upload your PPGUY01.DLG file from your override foldeR?
  12. Set the globals via CLUA console: CLUAConsole:SetGlobal("DMWWGroveRevealed","GLOBAL",1) CLUAConsole:SetGlobal("DMWWGrove","GLOBAL",3) You should get the option to visit the elven Grove when you try to leave the Pocket Plane via dialogue. "Return me to the elven grove in the Forest of Tethyr. Can't help you with the rest though, since I never managed to actually stay on a playthrough up to late ToB. lol
  13. Ah nevermind then. I thought that the .IDS file itself had an entry limit. Thanks for clearing that up then.
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