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  1. Holy shit! Also, thanks for BGT compatibility!
  2. Larian Studios getting the rights to BG3 really broke them, huh?
  3. I have like 100 additional actors in Waukeens Promenade all walking around with their own personal day time activity scripts, and no crash or stutterting at all. That is, with an i7.
  4. Will there be more spells in the next version of SR?
  5. If I want to biff again without reinstalling "Generalized Biffing" (because that is not possible anymore), would I have to move every file from the folders here: "D:\games\Baldur's Gate Trilogy\generalized_biffing1\prod\0\biffs" to the override folder, and delete the "tb#genx.bif" files in "D:\games\Baldur's Gate Trilogy\data" ? I tried reinstalling it by renaming my old generalized_biffing with all the old files in it to generalized_biffing1 with all the old files it, renamed the setup and started it. End result was that things in the game were going corrupt or missing (changes that I personally made were reverted).
  6. Is it possible to biff an already biffed BGT install? My override folder has gotten pretty big over the years, and it's probably time to biff again.
  7. Is biffing even important if you have a SSD and a CPU with a good clock frequency?
  8. Yeah. They are immune to slow. Even in normal BG.
  9. Has anyone found a way to properly import EE TIS/WED files that contain water to BGT? Problem is that the water is completely buggy, and I suspect that the .WED file is responsible for this, but I have no idea what I could change to get rid of the green. Attachement related.
  10. You're not the only one.
  11. Thanks for the answer!
  12. Hello there, short question about how the game processes a script: Example: If the Global Global("O#QuentinRE1","GLOBAL",1) is 1 and if the time of the day is 20,21,22 or 23, does the area script constantly tries to Activate the creature in the script, or does the "Activate(Object)" variable sets a hidden value so that the script does only run once, until another script might deactivate (not shown here) him again?
  13. Guess that the "Global("fin_balth_checkpoint_passed","GLOBAL",1)" variable isn't set to 1 then. But I can't help you with this, because I am using an older version of Ascension / Wheels of Prophecy, and I have different varibles that regulate the spawn. Nor do I know where exactly one of the mods is setting it to 1. You have to ask one of the creators about it. Sorry.
  14. It should work instantly. I guess there is another problem with the Variables. Try this: ITPPLANE.BCS
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