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  1. Does he just leave? No dialogue?
  2. Vlan

    Increase Happiness without Reputation?

    I created a little scenario where I want to convince someone (NEUTRAL_GOOD) to stay in the party by dialogue. Changing the NPC's alignment with the ChangeAlignment action didn't do the job, because the NPC still has a Happiness -300 rating. I could edit that via InfinityEdit, but I don't really want to do it manually every time. That's why I am asking.
  3. Is there a way to increase the "Happiness" value of a NPC without resorting to increasing one's reputation
  4. Oh boy, just wait until you meet Bodhi, or her mage Tanova. They're going to rip you a new one. I kinda had to edit some SCS encounters myself, because they were impossible to overcome with a RP party (no powergaming).
  5. Can Kivan not equip his own bow, or do you mean the characters that can use bows in your party?
  6. Vlan

    Vynd was getting lonely.

    Btw, i just noticed that you stamped your mod as 0.2 beta. How much more content will we be seeing in the next months, or in a year, respectively, how much more is planned?
  7. Vlan

    Vynd was getting lonely.

    You have my humble thanks.
  8. Vlan

    SR V4 Beta 16

    Says "Area of Effect: 1 creature", but also mentioned "When this spell is cast, the affected creatures" later on ... so it was kinda wonky.
  9. Vlan

    SR V4 Beta 16

    What's up with Haste? Spell description says that its only suited for 1 creature, but when I cast it, everyone still gets hasted. Is it a bug?
  10. Vlan

    Bugs and discrepancies in v7

    I pretty sure that this has been reported somewhere, sometime before, but all the items which can be changed into something else (one hand -> two hand, jewelry +protection -> jewelry -protection but the save throws), are worth 1 gold when trying to sell them. Just wanna check if that is unavoidable since the game sees those items as if it were drained wands, or if there is something wrong with my install (using BGT)?
  11. Vlan

    Vynd was getting lonely.

    BGT players are getting lonely, but Glam Vrock created no non-EE version of his mod.
  12. Vlan

    Summon limit in ad&d 2e

    Hello there, does someone know if there was a limit on how many monsters you could summon (Monster Summoning spells) in ad&d 2e? Was five (as applied to Baldurs Gate) normal monsters, and one celestial the actual rule, or were these numbers only used because of gameplay reasons?
  13. Wasn't really able to do anything with it. I guess the problem lies somewhere in the .WED files of EE, since the Degreenifier comes with new .WED files for every area with water in BG1.
  14. Infighting is something that I definitely would like to see in one mod. The enemies only targeting CHARNAME's party is really immersion breaking.