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  1. he was a good man. what a rotten way to die
  2. I, on the other hand, am a very big fan of this component. It's a really nice change of pace.
  3. My bad. (honestly I was surprised he wasn't there)
  4. Honestly, since SCS gets rid of the clay golem, Enchanted Weapon isn't all that important anymore.
  5. Gethras or Mekrath weren't ever a problem in my recollection (even before SR was a thing) - they're not high enough level to have those really punishing spells and can be safely defeated quite early into the game. Tolgerias (spoilers for my BG2 recap, which is on hold due to getting burnt by twisted rune) was a bit easier than when I fought him the last time (a few years ago), although I believe I am playing better now too. He did Imprison one of my characters and gated something, I believe. BTW - one SR/SCS compatibility thing - SCS by default is supposed to prohibit using Imprison on Ch
  6. Another one of these - Monster Summoning VII has an Animal Summoning scroll icon. Also, Chaotic Commands has a really annoying sound&visual effect that repeats itself every few seconds.
  7. Are kuo-toan/sahuagin bolts supposed to weight 1lb each? It makes them nearly unusable for most archers (Jansen or Imoen). (is it a IRR thing or a SCS one, though?)
  8. I had a small, curious bug: after the fight with "Bhaal" and arriving in the Spellhold maze, I still had all my items. I'm pretty sure it was caused by my character (and Bhaal) being too far from Imoen, as her dream ending dialogue did not play. Retrying the fight and keeping closer to Immy did the trick - everything proceeded as should.
  9. I asked this recently and unfortunately the answer is yes.
  10. - Yeah, I'm not a fan of level scaling either. This would be probably the single place where I would use it, just because the level 1->2->3 power jump is so high. - I don't think he jumped around, but I can't be 100% certain, I did BG1 maybe a month ago, so some small details may have eluded me. - Yup, Ch6 battle is by far the least SCS-y encounter. - Honestly I have no complaints about the coronation. It's nice to be able to sit down and watch others do the dirty work for once. I don't think it is. At least none of the dispels that did hit him made any effect.
  11. Recently I've installed Baldur's Gate yet again with the ambition to finally finish the trilogy all the way, with SCS installed (I'd always run out of steam in ToB before). I will use this thread to I would call myself a decent enough player, although I'm no pro that can no-reload solo the game or anything. Technical stuff: I'm using EE for ease of use, even though I'm not a big fan of how "enhanced" this version is. Mods-wise, I prefer a lean install, so I'm using Ascension, Item and Spell Revisions Revised (thank you @Bartimaeus for your great work!), Tweak Pack, Unfinished Business
  12. another small issue - scrolls of Summon Shadows have a Sunburst? Sunscorch? Flamestrike? Whatsitsname? icon. The same spell has its proper (I think - it's the old fat fiend summon) icon when copied in the spellbook.
  13. with one of SCS's components you can easily make anyone (like Valygar) into any class, including Archer.
  14. Not sure if posted before: I rescued Haer'Dalis and he was made the owner of the theatre. Then I removed him from the party for a while, to make place for Valygar for the Planar Sphere quest. After finishing it and re-replacing him with Haer'Dalis, I talked with the playmaker. He mentioned the play being a flop and the stronghold quest ended, even though it hardly ever started. I suppose it's due to kicking HD out of the party, but I can't be sure (no saves before it).
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