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  1. Don't most major tweak mods have an option to disable the stoneskin coloring, though? I don't think I've seen greyskinned mages since I've started using modding.
  2. no problemo, avoided it manually by installing NPCProject after IR, which - I hope - does not break too many things.
  3. got hit with an error during installation:
  4. this makes fighting basilisks actually challenging and not a free xp waterfall.
  5. I dunno if it's like that in the new version, but when I played (a couple of months ago) having SR with SoD fucked up a lot of descriptions.
  6. now if only someone added those graphical changes which fix compatibility with 1PP
  7. if I remember well, there have been plans to remove PfMW. However, it plays such an integral part of SCS mage scripts that deleting it would mean making SCS obsolete, and that's not an option. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  8. I prefer Improved Haste to be a mass spell. It's more convenient, so to speak. Bugs issue: Detect Alignment can be picked as a starting lvl 1 spell, its description states it's lvl 2 spell - not sure which one is wrong Jaheira starts with vanilla druid spells (including bless, cure light wounds) rather than SR's. Divine casters have two more lvl 1 slots (Jaheira has 5 instead of 3) - is it a bug or a planned change?
  9. My deadline is December 20. I hope to upload a new SR build this weekend though. my body is ready.
  10. Greater Werewolves would be a good choice.
  11. well... maybe today? (pretty please) I encountered a lot of problems (long story) but I can give you a link in the meanwhile: let's call it b13.1 It's not the full new B14 because I had to roll back to the old build and slowly re-add everything. For now it contains the following upgrades over b13: - Update to WeiDU 239 - various minor fixes - fixed an issue with shaman spells being applied to all divine spellcasters - fixed a compatibility issue with Dispelling Screen and EE - Icelance's projectile animation fixed, scroll range fixed, new sound effect - Summon Shambling Mound icon fixed - ProElemental Energy was not working correctly (missing 2da file) - Vitriolic Sphere added to 4th lvl spells (School: Conjuration) - Shadow Door's "maze" effect no longer has a save penalty (it was -4) Sorry for my usual messy (an understatement) release schedules. it's not a problem, I was just wondering what's happenin'. I'll wait for the full next version.
  12. well... maybe today? (pretty please)
  13. one potion of mirrored eyes and basilisks are toast.
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