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  1. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. I'm sorry for not responding sooner, but I managed to become ill not long after posting the topic. Am finally able to walk around and be behind a computer for extended periods of time, with only a far too persistent headache troubeling me. If you could show me an example code for the floor trigger, that would be great. It would reduce the amount of thinking I have to force through the headache, which is always a good thing. But yes, as soon as I'll be able to think a bit more clearly overall, I'm going to mess around with all this and see what works the best in our situation. I'll let you know if the script works and all. Thanks again.
  2. Hello everyone. I have a problem with an area (AR0903 Order of the Radiant Heart) or more specifically with the detail that it requires the entire party to be close to the exit to be able to leave the area. Normally this isn't an issue, but with this one area we would like our npc to leave (without leaving the party) and wait for the rest outside. Unfortunately, that would result in the party not being able to leave the area, unless she would come back inside and they would leave before she's triggered to leave again. You can probably understand that this would be slightly problematic, not to mention annoying for the player. Is there any way to remove the 'party required' flag of that area, and preferably without it somehow causing problems for other mods? I don't know if there are other mods that alter that area, but I wouldn't want to cause trouble for them. If there is a way, please let us know. If not... I guess we'll have to think of another way to solve this problem. Either way, though, thanks for taking the time to read all this.
  3. Oh my... forgot a tilde... Sorry to have troubled you all with this... perhaps it's a good idea if I *don't* try to code things when it's too warm to think and they cancel walking contests because people got killed because of the heat. Now if you'll excuse me, I think I'm going to see if I made the same mistake somewhere else, as well. And thanks for the quick help, I really appriciate it.
  4. Well, I managed to run into a problem that I certainly didn't expect when I coded up a few chains. I tried to compile them just as a check, and was utterly surprised when something went wrong. It's been a while since I last coded some things, and it *is* rather warm, so perhaps I'm missing something very silly, but I honesty don't know what. According to WeiDu, there's a problem with this line: == R_MadaJ IF ~!Alignment("R_Madano",NEUTRAL_EVIL)~ THEN ~Unimportant blah blah.~ With R_Madano being the death value and R_MadaJ his dialogue file, of course. It's part of a normal chain, nothing strange with that as far as I know, and Weidu doesn't have a problem with the previous lines. Strange thing is, before it reports this problem: It compiles another chain with *exactly* the same line without stopping the installation. The character file is installed before the dialogue one, so the character and his info are already in the override, so I don't think that can be the problem. I suppose I could probably go around it by using OR and then checking for good or neutral, but I have the nagging feeling it should be possible to do it this way. Oh, and changing it to the MASK variation doesn't make a difference... could it be that !Alignment is simply not allowed?
  5. I just started playing the mod, but couldn't resist dropping in (while the game is still running) to say that getting the forms is hilarious. I kept laughing with each passing form, although my Bhaalspawn started considering summoning a *real* demon to see what kind of forms are needed to make sure the demon is dealt with. Anyway, I just wanted to give my congratulations for making such a wonderful introduction, and now I'm going back to the game to (finally!) try to see Amber.
  6. Nope, that's still not possible then. Of course you can always use an editor to make sure you can use them, but that's something entirely different.
  7. I’ve been trying to make a spell that only works against magic users, but that’s easier said than done. To identify the target I’m using effect 177 (Use EFF File) in combination with the IDS File 5 (Classes). Now I’ve managed to get it to work by using the code for pure mages (as in single class or kits). Unfortunately the “202 MAGE_ALL†option does absolutely nothing, which is too bad because I want the spell to be effective against mages, sorcerers, dual-class and multi-class mages. Could it be that this identification code is broken, or is it working and am I just doing something wrong? Thanks in advance.
  8. Well, I just got my hands on the latest of Raymond E. Feist. ;) And finished it within a day... So now I’m waiting for the next Wheel of Time, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (the Dutch version) and book 9 of Terry Goodkind.
  9. Is it just me or is the link wrong? All I see is a message that the page can't be found.
  10. Ah, you mean replacing an existing one by your own CRE. I can see how that would be a problem yes.
  11. You’re both quite right. I meant that I use that method with my own characters, so without overriding anything else from anyone else. If I wish to add items to someone in game, then I’ll just use a scripting code. I don’t really bother with installing (so to speak) an already existing character. BTW: Although I’m not sure why adding an item through the CRE would cause problems with items already in the inventory. After all, you can decide in which slot it’s placed so you can just take an empty slot. So why would that cause problems? I’m just curious really, cause as I said: I only add things to my own characters.
  12. Of course you can also open the CRE file with NI, DLTCEP, SK and such and just add the item directly to the slot you want to use. I personally prefer that method above add_cre_item.
  13. I’ve just read the description of the effect 281 (Stat: Wild Magic [281]) in the SoA:ToB part of IEDSP and I think there’s a small mistake in it. According to the description the effect will adjust the chance of a wild surge, while the game refers to it as increasing the chance to get a favourable wild surge. They used this effect to add points to the roll for the wild surge table, which normally leads to better surges since a higher roll is better. So I don’t think it actually increases the chance of getting a wild surge, instead it will give you a better wild surge *if* a wild surge occurs. Of course I could be wrong about this. But when I noticed the inconsistence between the usage and description in the game, and the description in IEDSP I decided to let you know. Greetings.
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