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  1. EasyTutu, NPC Project Version 20 List of other mods: BG1NPCMusicPack PaintBG Unfinished Business Baldur's Gate II Tweak pack Mini Quests and Encounters Lure of the Sirine's Call Xan's Friendship Path Coran's Extended Baldur's Gate Friendship Talks Secret of Bone Hill Ajantis Friendship Pack Baldur's Gate Romantic Encounters
  2. I ran into Drizzt in the area with Brage, picked the Party Searches alone option, then talked to Brage and took him back to Nashkel. Now the gnolls won't spawn.
  3. MishiSings

    Branwen Bug

    Sure. How do I find the contents of my WeiDU.log? Nevermind, I think I figured it out. Upon further testing, Branwen's banters with other NPCs are fine, but I don't think her romance is working at all. EDIT: To be clear, I don't have Lvl One NPCs installed and never did, so this bug definitely has nothing to do with Lvl One NPCs. EDIT EDIT: Also, I don't know if this helps, but I think there might be a time factor involved. When I picked up the game again I wanted to be sure I would be able to pick up Branwen, but I had gotten this bug in previous playthroughs, so before I played the game for real I sped through the first chapter and went straight to the Nashkel Carnival. I did this twice and I had no problems. When I encountered the bug in my real playthrough I reloaded to an early save and sped through it again and still got the bug. So the bug appearing might have something to do with the interval of time in between starting a new game and arriving at the carnival. It was close to three months real time in between me starting that game and getting to the carnival.
  4. So I've been doing a Let's Play of the NPC mod, with a focus on the romance. (I'm using the girdle of masculinity/femininity to cheat my way into a romance with a girl in addition to romancing the guys) Dynaheir was initially ahead in the vote until we actually met her, then the scales tipped toward Branwen. I had to eliminate Shar-Teel from the vote because her requirements conflict so much with all the other LIs. Ajantis so far has an unfair advantage in that he has a big headstart on the other two in terms of time spent with the party.
  5. MishiSings

    Branwen Bug

    7 years down the line, people are still encountering this bug... I'll post my partial solution for posterity. I didn't fix the dead branwen bug itself, but I fixed the scrambled dialogue. I did this by first copying the content of Branwen's .dlg file from Baldur's Gate to her Baldur's Gate Tutu .dlg file via the Infinity Engine Dialogue Workshop. This resulted in a crash when I talked to Branwen after using the console to create a non-dead copy of her statue. Then I just copypasted Branwen's .dlg file from Baldur's Gate to Baldur's Gate Tutu and the dialogue was fixed! I'm not a modder, so I don't understand why this worked. It just worked. EDIT: but I'm still not sure how to get her romance to trigger. I set X#BrFriendTalk to 2 using Shadowkeeper, and added a whole other bunch of global variables that looked like they'd do something, but I dunno if it's working.
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