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  1. @Bartimaeus Sorry, I said it wrong. It's not the .eff file, they're both there as you say, it's a .spl file. Specifically, ring33b.eff refers to a resource DVKNDOWN.SPL which doesn't seem to exist. I changed it to Opcode 45 (stun) for myself, but I tested Opcode 39 (unconsciousness) as well and it works fine. Not sure what the reason behind using an .spl resource was here. As for the rat... I mean, I don't know how easy it is to change but I guess it's up to everyone individually whether or not to use it. Seems to me shapeshifting shouldn't use any armor effects at all, really, but idk ho
  2. @BartimaeusPersonally I LOVE the resistance on armor because it helps with the overly binary hit/miss system of AC that favors avoidance over mitigation. Resistances make going for pure armor a lot more viable, which makes tanking without mage buffs (MI, SS) a lot more interesting. This is most relevant on high difficulties of course (I only play LoB) where it's a bad feeling to stand there taking either 0 damage or 50 damage. Also the Ring of the Ram effect that gives Monk a chance to knockdown doesn't appear to work at all. From what I could tell in NI it references a .eff file that doe
  3. It seems the Cloak of the Sewers shapeshift ability that turns you into a Rat with 90% physical resistances stacks with IR's resistances from equipped armor (even if STR drops below the min requirement to wear it due to the shapeshift). Any armor with at least 10% resistance will result in a Rat that's immune to all types of physical damage. #BestTank
  4. BG modding is a long game - we've been waiting two decades to get to this point, we can wait a bit longer if it means quality content. Thanks for keeping the work going!
  5. I couldn't find anything on this, but what's going on with inquisitor Dispel in this latest version of SCS? I came back to the game after a hiatus and checked out the new SCS version, and while it does mention the familiar component that can reduce Inquisitor Dispel to x1/x1.5 if applied, I didn't find anything that would actually let me set the values for that component. It doesn't show up on the in-game tweak tool, it doesn't show up in the Stratagems .ini configuration file, it doesn't even show as a component in WeiDU.log - but it does show up in the current readme, and in the game, Inquis
  6. Even as someone who plays with everything cranked to 11 and likes it, they do seem a bit out of place there. That pack of vampires is the hardest fight in Firkraag's Lair, including Firkraag himself (who in all honesty might also just be a little undertuned for who he is but I guess people like getting their Carsomyr asap). On LoB especially the rat swarms and the tight quarters make the pack an absolute nightmare to deal with - and not in a good, boy-did-I-enjoy-being-challenged kind of way.
  7. While we're on the topic of vampires.... I'm the last person to eschew a challenge, but GODS are those rat swarms ridiculous on LoB mode. Even with reduced bonus HP for summons they soak up a damage total that's beyond belief. The wolves seem fine, but the rats are just frustratingly tedious to deal with.
  8. Splendid! Really wasn't fun without LoB random spawns and with pushover trollolols.
  9. Remove Paralysis (cleric) does not seem to remove Hold Person, though it does mention "the Hold spell" as something it removes in its description. Tried multiple times against a character affected by Hold Person, never worked (character did not have a spell immunity). Can someone confirm?
  10. But LoB puts everything on maximum natively? Or are there settings that aren't on max even if the difficulty is set to LoB? Random liches and HLAs on every caster seem like candidates.
  11. Can confirm. No golems at all in the engine room or the clockwork room. EDIT: No Lich in Spellhold either. And so far I can't recall one single time a mage has used Dispel Magic against me. Though their various defensive contingencies do make mage fights reasonably challenging, I feel that many fights just involve a lot of summons and fairly little else. Is that right for the maximum setting? Can't say.
  12. Okay, that isn't exactly clear from the description, though. All it says is "illusionary spells such as Blur and Mirror Image cast by opponents will be effectively neutralized" - but it clearly doesn't affect all illusionary spells, and it clearly affects more than just Blur and Mirror Image. That could really do with some clarification; see for example the spell protection removals, who all come with a list of precisely what they remove. Or just mentioning the level at least would be something. Invisibility Purge also makes no mention of the functionality you describe, instead just saying tha
  13. Yeah but my point is, Cleric's TS doesn't dispel either. The vanilla one did (True Sight), the SRR one does not (True Seeing). Cleric's Invisibility Purge also only reveals and doesn't dispel. I think the only spell that actually dispels invisibility (aside from Dispel/Remove Magic, of course) is Oracle. And, of course, the Detect Illusion skill. From an RP perspective, that seems a little weird. If anything, it should be Detect Illusions that only reveals, since it's based on the perception of the character that has the skill. Actually removing the invisibility should probably require ma
  14. To clarify, I AM seeing "True Seeing" in all instances (Wizard, Cleric/Druid, Inquisitor), and while I do have an entry for "True Sight" in the files (SPPR950) it doesn't appear to be a player-usable spell so that's working as intended, I think. The issue is that all instances of this new "True Seeing" do NOT dispel invisibility, they only reveal; whereas the original "True Sight" DID dispel (and the remnant in the files indeed also has that original description). If that was an intended functionality change, okay, fair enough. It does seem Oracle at least still dispels, even though
  15. It has to be either SR or SCS that changed it, can't imagine one of the other mods doing it. And it's definitely working differently now, I've been using Inquisitors for TS for years and years precisely for that purpose and this is the first time it's not worked as I'm used to. Indeed, it's called "True Sight" in the unmodded game, and the description is identical to the Cleric spell; but in my game it's called True Seeing, and the description is slightly different (reveal, not dispel). So it's definitely an intentional change from somewhere. If it's not SR it must be SCS.
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