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  1. Check the French Readme it does have access to offensive stance. For the standard ranger I agree with you kits are better especially stalker. But kits and classes have been revised to be more realistic and ranger, except Aragorn , is not suited to front combat everytime. Kensai as well as archer's abilities, the most powerful fighters in terms of Thaco, have been considerably limited which can explain that they are weaker. For bracers you just have to install the appropriate component from Item Revisions. However I would not allow kensai to have access to mage robes, that doesn't make sense with the kit itself, same for monk. I also had played with KR and as for Monk I can guarantee you that it is very powerful if well used, and don't forget that ennemies kits/class are also affected. Illasera even with Ascension and Stratagems is easily defeated. It's mages who are the ennemies to be feared. Demi once wrote and with IR and SR, KR will rule. Maybe one day, I hope.
  2. All right thanks for your return, I'll look into it. EDIT : worked with Ascension but not with Wheels even though I have a weidu 32 bit exe, checked twice.
  3. Is SCS v32 incompatible with 32-bit CPU/x86 ? I don't have it right now, at work , but I had a warning message which explained me that way. Same with Wheels of Prophecy. BTW it appears that I cannot install Ascension too. I have two laptops and I have no problem with the new one but I prefer play with the old one.
  4. Well this mod never had an official release. I wouldn't say dead, it's just need someone who can take over the project. I hope so.
  5. I have emptied the inventory to check abilities but the gap is not that big with AC. As you said the big issue is with THACO.
  6. All right. Here is my remarks on slayer form abilities. Improved Slayer Change Ultimate Slayer Change Ravager Change I couldn't check on Basic Slayer Change abilities as I've made test on the beginning of ToB.
  7. I wanted to check slayer abilities and I've figured out that after a while being transformed you get killed. Does that mean that the character cannot stay into that form or is that a bug ?
  8. All right thank you for your return. For the record by trying to install a second time it works. For instance I've unpacked another French mod which fix text and same problem. I've clicked another time and now it's ok. After several attemp I'm gonna update a new config. Anyway thank you for your job and SCS new release, these mods are absolutely compulsory to me ^^ EDIT : well seems I'm not lucky. I wanted to face Illasera directly to test her but as soon as the fight begins, the game crashes. Here is my weidu below
  9. I've encountered a problem while installing this new version with other usual mods. On the top of the list I wanted to install ToBEx but it seems a problem appeared with "Queried (pid = 788), see attached file. Then I began with Fixpack and then Ascension worked fine. Do you have any idea of this restriction? does that mean that any other mods should be installed after Fixpack and Ascension ?
  10. Great, great and great again. I'm still with beta 14, looking forward.
  11. Just for the record, SCSv31 installation doesn't seem to run with CDTweaks v7. As some components from SCS have been moved to CDTweaks, there is higly a chance that the problem be there. Here is the problem. Maybe due to translation or other things?
  12. Sorry for the misunderstanding, updated.
  13. Sure I'd like to but I don't know how to pack my files (kit_rev & setup-kit_rev) into an .exe file like most of other mods. I'm all ears
  14. Hello, As mentioned in the Kit Revisions Beta 20 thread, I've informed Demi that I had updated the last version of KR with a French translation. Thanks to him, he gave me his approval to release it. So any willing (French ^^) beta tester is welcome. Here is KR Beta 21 and the new changelog: Beta 21: - Updated the French translation - minor fixes and technical improvements - ranger's kits now roll d8 for HDs like the base class - priests saves vs polymorh fixed (good instead of average) - True Fighter Weapon Training removed (EE doesn't support it) - True Fighter Tactician moved to 5th lvl (upgrades at levels 11 and 17) - Barbarian OS tweaked into a Charge Attack (+4 move rate, +2 thac0, -2 AC penalty; for 1 round) - Barbarian Cleave reworked (lasts only 2 sec, but gives +10 weapon speed factor) - Berserker Rage duration increased to 36/48/60 seconds, fixed its lvl 19 upgrade, minor refinements - Monk was gaining +3% magic res instead of +2 to all saves at level 14 - Monk Abundant Step no longer displays Dimension Door's animation - Inquisitor LoH works as a full SR's Break Enchantment when upgraded (e.g. now it can cure charm effects) - Stalker backstab bonus was stacking with EE backstab.2da
  15. Thanks for your return. I've tried to edit the first post but I can't so I'm gonna make a new topic with changelog updated. All right I'll attach a .zip file.
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