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  1. Take as much time as you need Bri, I'm sure this mod will be marvellous It's good to see that this mod is still going after so long. I've seen some other mods that I've eagerly anticipated (Rowan comes to mind) that ends up abandoned and forgotten... I'm glad that this isn't one of those. Cheers! Uriel
  2. Good to see that this project is still up and going, and not abandoned like some other mods in the distant past (Rowan springs to mind). My interest in BGII has waned considerably since the release of Oblivion, but it's mods like this that has, and will, keep me coming back for more. Uriel
  3. Glad to see that this project is still alive. I haven't seriously visited this forum for a long while now, as I've been distracted by other things. I'm willing to wait as long as it takes for this mod, as I value quality over mediocrity. Now, back to DKII. Cheers! Uriel
  4. Uriel

    Simple Question

    This is addressed in the module actually, but Delainy also has some of the flowers you picked initially (which she then gave some to you in TotSC) Heh, I ate those flowers once, and knowing my stupidity, I'll probably eat them again if Del gives me them. It's probably the same culinary habit I have in Morrowind, as when I see scrap metal or raw ebony, I say "Hmm, I'm probably not going to use that, so I might as well eat it."
  5. Uriel


    I don't know, I think <CHARNAME>'s been hurt enough, besides the wound would heal up nearly instantly (at least for most of my chars, they usually have the Ring of Gaxx).
  6. Well, I'm not sure 'bout this, but here goes: Class: level 1 novice mage (I have, or used to, have an acuity for math, but I lack the motivation to excel, usually) Alignment: Neutral Good. I think that balance in everything is a good thing, but I hate evil and malicious acts. I'm sorry to say I've been the Avatar for too long. Stats: Str: around 9-11. I don't really know. I used to work with my father at home repair/improvement, but since his heart troubles we've stopped. My arm muscles are suffering from lack of use. Int: 12. 108 IQ. I don't know how this exactly translates to AD&D stats. Wis: 10. I'm a lack-wit at times, but pretty much normal. Dex: 10. I'm not very sure-footed. Con: 8. I tire very easily. Always have since my earliest days. A remnant from my physical handicap I had since I was born. Chr: 9. I'm fairly shy and *very* quiet to strangers, usually. I can't shut up to those I know, however. Heh, I guess I wouldn't survive long as an adventurer. Uriel
  7. Really? I've never found it, where is it? I thought I found everything there, even the diamond in the riddle statue's eye. Just curious. Uriel
  8. Hmm... interesting. Perhaps I'll play a shapeshifter yet, I've been thinking about it. Heh. Uriel
  9. lol Userunfriendly, thanks for the link, I hate those damn birds so much that I might just download that spell. Death to cliff racers, whereever I might find them! Uriel
  10. Uriel

    SOA or SOA and TOB

    Hmm... I think mayhap I will wait until the ToB portion of the mod is done and released before I play this mod. I can pass the time playing as a powermad vampire mage/monk in Morrowind. Ahh, the wonders of porphyrric hemophilia (vampirism). Uriel
  11. (Uriel downs a slowfalling potion so he survives the fall, and then overhears Userunfriendly) Cliff Racers?! Where?! I just hate those things! Just hate them. I'll smash them with my huge two handed warhammer, I will! However, they do make excellent levitate potions though Uriel
  12. Uriel dons a parachute before approaching the cliff's edge. Taking a calming breath he shuts his eyes and makes the leap, and to his horror he discovers that his 'chute has been consumed my moths, and rendered ineffectual. Hmm, how deep is this gorge anyway?
  13. My real name: Michael McCarty It became: "slut boi". No comment. "Uriel" became "sedated". Uriel is anything but sedate, I assure you/ "Michael" became "Shadow Dweller". Interesting, since I enjoy Thief very much! "McCarty" became "Beautiful Nightmare". Hmm, I always thought my life was a waking nightmare, but not beautiful. Hmm, let me put in some of my favorite BG characters. Interesting...
  14. Heh, I like her avatar too, and I remember while playing the thief FM "Calendra's Cistern" seeing that very same picture, as a portrait in a tavern. Boy, *that* looks familiar, I thought. It briefly put Garrett off his thieving. My only regret is that he couldn't steal it (how does he manage to steal thousands of GPs worth of loot anyway?! Bag of Holding?). Back on topic, looks like a good LT, but given the pace in which I complete the game (slavedriver is my middle name), I'm wondering if the romance would have progressed enough for Del to have real feelings for <CHARNAME> at that time of the game? It's not really an issue, since I now pace myself, pausing the game long enough for the next LT. Uriel
  15. Heh, most (if not all) of my ideas and suggestions are spontaneous, occuring without me really thinking about them. A little peace and quiet don't hurt either, and with my brother on a six week vacation in northern Britain, I have a lot of it.
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