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  1. Thats great, I won't have a chance to playtest again for a while buts its cool to have hit last few milestones. I was going to come and chat on irc about how to go forward with the couple of things I was poking at, but I am afraid I won't have time again, I have just been hit by a bit of ... well, fucking shitty news If I am honest. So, sorry to keep dropping out, but no doubt I will be back at some point...
  2. Is it because of divergence between branches of the infinity engine? I'm actually pretty curious now, I love a mystery.... I've actually been twiddling my thumbs again last few days - I can't find any more actual 'bugs' worth speaking of, only those which are just missing features, which I know will come in due course. The lack of new bugs is a positive sign, I just wish I had more ability to actually help with the missing stuff... Maybe instead of recruiting Torment testers, scouting for some more programmers would be helpful
  3. It's just a little nuisance regarding the float menu, because you have to hide it again to get the action you want, which also means constantly pausing and unpausing the game, and also not being able to assign actions to your party members while paused. I generally hated that thing in the original though, so meh...
  4. Actually on my own personal setup i have modded the menu, I uncovered several problems myself. One of the things is that some targeting modes arent set until you hide the menu again, which is awkward to say the least. But my code is too messy at the moment to submit, and I havent really fixed it properly yet.
  5. I'm sure its probably something simple like that, going by the track record. I actually started looking at the spells properly for the first time (ie looking at the data, not just testing in game), there is all sorts of weird stuff going on. Even the simple 1st level spell 'Shield' doesn't seem to have an AC mod effect that I can find, it is just 2 animations and a sound... I only got so far into doing that when I couldn't help thinking 'should i just override some of this crap with stuff that actually works in the other games, so at least there is something rather than nothing?'. Woul
  6. Hah, looks like yet more bugs in the really dodgy Torment data set... That one 'IncrementGlobalOnce' action has caused all sorts of headaches, I thought I finally killed it last week and yet here it is again
  7. I already have, but I don't really know the code well at all. Lynx has a knack for spotting the problem straight away, after I've been scratching my head for hours
  8. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzBo2zkBt4guZ3VKSjRfeTVXQjQ/view?usp=sharing These are my last two saves. However, since I posted this, I can't seem to reproduce the problem I had before in 'Deferred Destiny', so it could be a waste of time looking at it. In 'Stalling Spectre' though, I am left in a non responsive cutscene mode every time. I should be honest and say that anything after that final save I have hardly tested, I only concluded the game with one ending by 'jump starting' with one of my saves from Torment.exe I don't see the final level of the game being that h
  9. Since this post, I did a play through of the game in GemRB start to finish (for the sake of honesty though, I did kill the vast majority of things with cheat keys to save myself a few real world days of boring combat). Using the development branch, it is very near possible to complete the game, only at the very end do things start to break down. Trying to avoid spoilers, but I got as far as just before the point before you return to Sigil to get to the very last stage. The problem was a certain character was not killable. But the other 89% of the game was largely doable. Once the remaining unk
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