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  1. Kind bump. Bladesinger is my favourite. Non of the multiclass bards got spontaneous casting, btw.
  2. I currently don't have any games installed. I'm waiting for the fixes in this and the Bladesinger/Multiclass Bard fixes.
  3. Woodscout of Mielikki with the Revised Proficiency component (the one that gives everyone an extra star) only gets 3 stars in Bows. It should be 4, right?
  4. Yesterday, when hitting fighter lvl 12, my Bladesinger got to select anothrr feat. Using the priest/wizard HLA menu, I could flip through options and select improved precise strike.
  5. Thanks. I never got an option to select Bardic spellcasting. Special abilities include: find familiar, imbue familiar and my abjuration cantrip from Tome and Blood. The Herald is a Fighter/Thief Bard without spellcasting in my game. The readme says otherwise. Not sure which is correct.
  6. How do you change weapon proficiencies? I see a list in the .CRE file, but they all show 0.
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