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  1. You need to Continuous cycles, not ticks until loop (the latter is how many updates until the animation restarts). This would need to be set for your last resource only (not in the primary VEF).
  2. Thanks, tested the game on a very dumbed down setting (minus all your mods) without being able to reproduce your error. It may well be a compatibility issue with TobEx, but this will be very hard to test on my side as I can't setup your mod order. Does it still cause a problem at the moment?
  3. You have attached a saved game where you already spoke to Zzar and the global is already set to 1. Do you have a saved game prior to this?
  4. Can you attach your saved game? I cannot reproduce this issue on my system - TalkedToLyros was set to 1 correctly and Rylock spawned correctly.
  5. Well, it shouldn't, though I might have borked something in the action code. With TobEx enabled in your game, does the Zzar example with global "TalkedToLyros" reproducible? I would need a good test case that I can reproduce myself to find out what the problem is.
  6. Oh, ok, you are referral to vanilla dialogue. If you can first confirm this is TobEx by completely disabling it (rename TobEx.dll to something else), that would be helpful. This is the first report of this issue, which would normally be game-breaking.
  7. It's the other way around. The old versions of TobEx set the globals straight away, meaning that dialogues that relied on globals not being set didn't fire the right triggers, like in Carson's. The issue with the vanilla game is that you don't set globals during dialogue that you will use again in the same dialogue session. I'd like to see if this is the case in your dialogue, ithildurnew. Would you please post the dialogue (you can traify it if you don't want us to read the actual strings).
  8. You are probably right, made a boo-boo.
  9. There probably isn't much to add about the VEF file format. The unused 0x4 in the Visual Effect extended header is supposed to be flags, but I don't think any of the flags are used. The Continuous Cycles at 0x18 of the same header is supposed to be 'special flags', but it doesn't like any other flags is used except continuous cycles. The larger unused segment is all padding.
  10. The VEF implementation is unchanged in the BG:EE engine.
  11. I never tested this, but what happens if you change the game's frame rate? Will stuff go out of sync if you decided to use cutscene actions with a single VEF?
  12. I have always regarded a 'tick' as an 'AI update', as opposed to that squishy bloodsucking thing that can cause Lyme disease.
  13. Maybe we should rename the 'tick' to 'frame', since IE animations are based on a 30 fps. I probably made a miscalculation when considering when the VEF updated itself.
  14. It is fully supported. I uncovered this while looking at the executable, and then played around with it with some interesting effects. See http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?showtopic=20116 for a little bit more information. There is no sample, but you can create your own VEF with a hex editor and play around.
  15. Bumping for comments? If you guys are reluctant, I'll just throw this in with TobEx.
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