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  1. readme is confusing, so... is this siege of dragonspear with Imoen? I haven't played it yet and one reason for that is that they had the galls to remove Imoen from the party! from the second I read that I hoped sb would create a mod to properly put her place at charname's side. abduction in game 2 doesn't bother me at all though cause it's so important to the storyline
  2. ok, I found a prerelease version now BUG: btw, any link that is supposed to send me to a subforum or thread always sends me to the main forum. IE 11 BUG: I can't put links here either (or in fact paste anything into this editor window)
  3. is it compatible? I bought a BGEE now that it finally came out on disc, but whether I actually open and play it is pretty much dependant on this mod (and the tweak pack of course)... so how's the situation?
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