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  1. I have a problem similar to pudarklord with Tyris. she has had 2 hard crashes for me. 1 is a conversation with Mazzy, where they talk about steriotyping, and the game would crash when Mazzy utters the line: "And this coming from an amazon warrior maiden?" The other problem is with Romance Trigger 18, following the Lovetalk Guide, where if i rest, the game will try to trigger the conversation, and in doing so crash. Is there any way to avoid or curcumvent this? It would be a shame if i had to cross her off as not working, as she has so far been very entertaining and quite well done.
  2. thelegaard

    Amber Crash

    I was liking the Amber companion/romance mod very much up untill i got a certain conversation with her, where she would ask what kinda of woman i liked, ad no matter what i did, if i persued the conversation at all, the game would crash. When the conversation happened i was in the middle of the Planer Sphere quest, and had just entered the Abyss. The way it crashed forced me to ask her to wait with the question for later, but now it seems the romance has ended as my character is no longer able to choose to flirt with Amber when he talks to her. Does anyone know how to possibly fix this problem?
  3. Alright. Issues fixed, thanks for the help!
  4. It does say my language setting is english which i expected, but i will try to reinstall the mods and double-check that everything is in the same language. Thank you for the advice:) My operating system is Windows 7, and since i am running the game with steam, it is just a standard steamapps installation. I have not updated anything to my own knowledge, though there seems to have been a recent update to the game, and the mods might be clashing with that.
  5. I recent installed mods for my Baldur's Gate Enchaned Edition, which i bought on Steam. I never had any real issues getting mods to work before with Baldur's Gate, but after getting a new PC, i have started having problems. The best example i can give is that i recently installed the BG Tweaks, aswell as the Romantic Encounters mod for Baldur's Gate 1. and when i speak to the NPCs and look at the items added through the mods, i only get a text saying "Invalid" and then a long number. Any help resolving this issue would be of utmost appreciation. Thelegaard
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