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  1. Cheers, happy to help. And thanks for your kind words!
  2. Ah, I get it now. However, this is by design. Tweaks has so many components now--180 last time I counted--that they get divided into five categories. Those five questions up front are designed to allow you to skip entire categories of tweaks if you're not interested, so that you don't have to mash 'no' repeatedly. They're not questions for installation of individual components. For example, answering no to the 'cosmetic tweaks' (or changements purement cosmetiques) means it will skip Remove Helmet Animations, Imoen Avatar Change, Nalia Avatar Change, etc. outright. What tweak is in what category is covered in the readme and project page.
  3. One of these days you'll actually help in one of these threads. Had you tested, or even done a cursory amount of investigation before posting, that day could have been today. Outside of the Joinable NPC tweaks, there are multiple tweaks available for IWD2 in each category. And yes, that includes the BG casting graphics. desm has not advanced to the actual components in either screenshot, so I conclude the issue is with the category names and how they're displayed across languages.
  4. Not sure I understand--is the problem that the text is awkwardly wrapping to the next line?
  5. CamDawg

    Tweaks Anthology v8 Now Available

    No worries, I'd rather have the reports and questions. Cheers.
  6. The Tweaks Anthology is a WeiDU compilation of fixes, cosmetic changes, and tweaks that will run on every Infinity Engine game, from the original Planescape:Torment, through the Icewind Dale and Baldur's Gate series, and the new Enhanced Editions of the games. The successor to BG2 Tweaks and several other tweak packs, some of these were fan requests, others are needed fixes, and others simply make dealing with the more irritating aspects of the game engine easier. Each component can be installed separately so the player can pick and choose only which ones they wish to install. Forum Download Project Page Full readme v8 Changelog Move NPCs to Convenient Locations would fail to move Eldoth on BGT installs; Shar-Teel would get moved to the right area with wrong coordinates on non-BGT installs Deprecated Stackable ankheg shells, winterwolf pelts and wyvern heads as these items already get covered as part of the Increase Jewelry, Gem, and Miscellaneous Item Stacks (previously known as Increase Jewelry and Gem Stacks) The algorithm for No Traps or Locks has been refined a bit as it was missing some trapped containers. It will also no longer remove locks for doors or containers which require a key. BGEE already has the changes from Sensible Entrance Points by default, so it will now get correctly skippped for BGEE and EET games Make party members less likely to die irreversibly requires some functionality only found in BG2 and EE games, and is now restricted as such BG NPCs go to inns was being restricted on BG games in the Gnoll Stronghold; you can now send party members to inns from the Gnoll Strnghold as you would in BGEE/Tutu/BGT/EET BG NPCs go to inns was also failing for some NPCs on EET games as it was patching their BG2 parting dialogues instead of their BG parting dialogues Allow Yeslick to use axes could fail on BG installs as it tried to patch a BG2 file without checking Fixed bug where some of the imported SCS components (such as BG NPCs go to inns) would fail due to a missing directory The use of the variable library for BG/BGEE/Tutu/BGT/EET has been centralized. Updated Italian translation Fixed bug with Alter Weapon Proficiency System, specifically, the BG variants, where axes could end up with descriptions that listed the proficiency type for the item as "new_weap" or a wrong proficiency. The error was purely cosmetic and did not affect the axe's actual proficiency.
  7. Sword Coast Stratagems is a collection of interconnected mini-mods for Baldur's Gate (on the BGT/BGTUTU/BGEE versions) and Baldur's Gate II. It is primarily a tactical and AI-enhancement mod: the idea is to make the game's combat more interesting, tactically challenging, and realistic by more effective use of, and choices of, creatures' abilities. It also contains a few rule tweaks and ease-of-use features. Version 31 is primarily a maintenance release to fix some longstanding bugs while DavidW works on the next version. Learn more about the mod Download View the Readme Visit the Forum v31 Changelog This version is a maintenance release, packaged by CamDawg, though the work is from others. ALIENQuake had colected a lot of these for BWS, and they were happily (and easily) integrated. Mad Mate also had another huge chunk of fixes, for which we were very grateful. CamDawg provided the following fixes: Updated Detectable Spells to the most recent version (v3.95). This should fix some miscellaneous installation errors. Fixed the bug where the party could fail to be transported to the chessboard in Durlag's Tower in EE games Fixed the crash with the druid Osmadi when he tried to shapeshift by removing his cursed item in EE games One of the patches was broken; thanks to Ineth2 for the fix DavidW resolved a conflict between SCS and Wheels of Prophecy K4thos provided several fixes: Integrated many, many fixes to make SCS fully compatible with EET Fix for Viconia in EET for the move NPCs component Fix for unkillable Sarevok in EET game Stopped Mulahey from spawning wave after wave of enemies AstroBryGuy provided the followiing fixes: fixed the missing header for caster_shared.tph fix for joinable SoD NPCs whose DVs do not match their pdialog values fix for flame arrows and Kobold Commando flame arrows burner1024 had a fix for fiends Ilya Ivanov provided a fix for installing fiends without Smarter Mages agb1 provided the following fixes: Fixed for the macro_read_in_spells_per_level failing when mxsplXX.2da had an all-zero column updated the EET compatibility patch for Allow NPC pairs to separate Updated Allow NPC pairs to separate to use the cpmvars libraries Also fixed a bug where Allow NPC pairs to separate would fail on a standalone install due to a missing macro call read_in_NPC_dialog macro is now ToB-aware Removed redundant chunk of code Updated Wheels of Prohecy compatibility code from v4 to v5 Etamin and Cahir updated the Polish translation; Bartek and Etamin did as well Graoumf updated the French translation Leonardo Watson provided an updated German translation critto provided a fix for the Reduce the number of Arrows of Dispelling in stores component In addition to providing the updated repo to base this version on, ALIENQuake added a patch for Ascension compatibility subtledoctor provided a fix for SCS choking while pasrsing spell.ids whiteagnus provided a fix for non-English EE games CrevsDaak provided the following fixes: A fix for the player1 translation file for EE games A fix for an install failure A fix for SCS/Wheels of Prophecy compatibility khelben provided a fix for init scripts on Ascension games Mad Mate provided the following fixes Additional fixes to CamDawg's DS update Corrected the script name for Brendan Fixed a bug (identified by kreso) where low level priests could get high level spells if Refinements was installed 'Innocent' druids were skipped in the divine spell patches SCS made copies of liches, but never installed the main lich from which copies should be made The new realistic wolves only worked in Tutu games Abazigal should now spawn Tamah if you use Ascension-based components Some miscellaneous typos that prevented patches from being executed, plus other miscellaneous typos Various assassins were not getting their stuff because of a typo Scripting glitch that prevented Irenicus from acting in Ascenion games at the Throne of Bhaal Schlumpsha did not receive the correct weapon Scripts were added to the wrong hobgoblins SCS was not properly detecting Spell Revisions Melissan adjustments were not properly detecting Ascension The wrong prebuff version of Blade Barrier was being called Dragons were not using their dragon-specific prebuff spells Resolved a conflict involving with Infinity Animations around fiend animations The following components have been deprecated since they're moving to Tweaks Anthology: Make party members less likely to irreversibly Allow BG1 NPC pairs to separate (BGEE, TUTU, BGT) Allow Yeslick to use axes BG1 NPCs go to inns Move BG1 NPCs to more convenient locations Move Boo into Minsc's pack Stackable ankheg shells, winterwolf pelts and wyvern heads (BGEE, TUTU, BGT) Ensure Shar-Teel doesn't die in the original challenge
  8. To be honest, no idea--I don't have a 1.3 install around for testing.
  9. CamDawg

    Tweaks Anthology v8 Now Available

    Entering FAI's exterior area; entering Beregost or Nashkel for the inns in those towns, and entering any area of Baldur's Gate for Elf Song.
  10. CamDawg

    Tweaks Anthology v8 Now Available

    Have you been to the FAI yet? You only get the option to send them to inns you've already visited.
  11. So... your suggestion is to fix a bug in a way that either introduces a new bug or forces an arbitrary change, as opposed to simply fixing the bug in a way that doesn't? It's a bold strategy, Cotton.
  12. That would, in turn, subject them to the penalties, which is also not correct.
  13. There are a handful of components in Tweaks Anthology that rely on static lists for content, namely the components that apply the PnP penalties for thieving or spellcasting. Even if there was a reliable way to detect armor type, many modders have introduced all kinds of crazy equipment that bend rules (e.g. full plate that allows spellcasting) and make automation of the process impossible. Hence, this tool. If you have a heavily modded install, or find armor that is not affected by these tweaks, please use this tool. It looks for armor/shields not already on the list and gathers info, which you then package up and email to me so that the list remains up-to-date. It makes no changes to your game and will not show on weidu.log, but it is built as a WeiDU mod. Download
  14. Ah, that might be it. I just remember it being something screwy since the damage should have already been zeroed.
  15. Fixpack ran into this with the Illusionary Werewolves Doing Actual Damage fix. To actually avoid the +4 damage bonus we had to set the damage to 0d0+0; even 0d6+0 would receive the additional bonus.
  16. The Item Upgrade mod allows Cromwell and Cespenar to upgrade additional items in BGII. One third of them are convenience functions (e.g., they save you ring or boot space), one third of them try to beef up categories of weapons that are "weak by comparison" (e.g., clubs and spears), and one third of them upgrade NPC-specific items. Version 44 contains bugfixes, notably a correction to the wrong items being used to make the Incarnadine Elven Chain. Download v44 Discussion forum Project page Readme
  17. There's a small but annoying bug with the ranger stronghold quests. After you save Mairyn, she sets a four-day timer to the next event in the ranger stronghold, the ogron assault. When the timer expires, the main game script spawns Delon to tell you to get to the village. Delon in turn resets the timer for you to get to the village and save it. Unfortunately, both events use the same timer. So if you happen to be in the village when the OgronAssault timer ends, the game thinks the second timer has expired and you fail the quest before Delon can appear and talk to you. Gating the call in ar1100.bcs to check for Delon first will fix this, specifically: IF GlobalTimerExpired("OgronAssault","GLOBAL") Global("OgronAttack","GLOBAL",1) CombatCounter(0) NumDeadLT("rogron",6) // Orc Archer THEN RESPONSE #100 SetGlobal("OgronAttack","GLOBAL",5) SetGlobal("RangerProtector","GLOBAL",6) END
  18. CamDawg

    The probability field in effects

    ...and that, kids, is why we use scientific notation.
  19. Absolutely, yes, and keep reporting them! I usually don't start processing through reports until I'm actually working on the next version, so please don't take a lack of reply as a sign of disinterest.
  20. Reorganized this first post into a running list of ideas. From the thread so far: change the adverse effect of durlag's goblet to something characters are less ordinarily immune to, while preserving the thematic combo of durlag's goblet and kiel's helmet by making the helmet provide an immunity to that effect instead of the ordinary immunity to fear Trap Detection mod. Alter buy/sell percentage of shops, and stealable or not. Restore original NPCLEVEL.2DA and disable the scripted XP matching to that of Player1. for instance allowing your Archer/Cleric (courtesy of Tweak Anthology) to use bows. Expand container "Items purchased" list. Below are some suggestions from my EET game: Cap the number of charges that items with charges have to a value specified by the user. For "light" weapons like daggers, clubs, short swords, etc, use dexterity for THAC0 and Damage IF it would give a greater bonus than strength. Limit the number of attacks based on the Weapon's Speed Factor. Allow users to specify which stronghold is made available to which classes. Disable stealing at fences Standardize buying markup for all stores Idea : make the card game against Aesgareth fair (I mean something close to randomness). After playing through IWD:EE I think we need an option to use the IWD spell effects. They are just IMO better. Grease, Web, Clouds all look much cleaner. A recent post in the other forums laments that Elemental Princes only have +2 weapons, so these near-deity-level HLA-summoned creatures cannot even touch various enemies I made a little mod that simply removes usability restrictions from potions allow paladins and rangers to use Wands of the Heavens Same-sex options for Delainy/Durlyle e.g. spawning Delainy for a female protagonist or Durlyle for males. Better support in cutscenes for Familiars. More kit selections for NPCs BG - See if you can force Bhaal dreams to always occur on next sleep Expand Romance Cheats to cover BG1 NPC and SoD romances Have Eldoth's special ability create a single stack of arrows Get rid of click sound From the thread, and already added: An extra option for wearing protection items together: Allow protection items to be combined with magical armor but not with each other. (I think Item Revisions also has something like this.) Force fighter/druids to follow strict druid item restrictions. (No iron plate mail and shields.) BG2 - Level-locked spell scrolls: Restrict the scrolls wizards and priests can use by level. No 7th level wizard casting Chain Lightning from scrolls. (Does not work in BG1/IWD1.) Allow wizards to use bucklers, and thieves to use small shields (house rule of a GM friend of mine). Extended HP rolls - allow characters to roll for HP up to level 20 instead of level 9, as in 3.5E rules. Non-bouncing Lightning Bolts - Change the Lightning Bolt projectile so it doesn't crazily bounce off of the scenery and kill the caster. No "Resist Fire/Cold" icon. The Resist Fire/Cold icon is hard to distinguish from the Protection of Fire icon. Change items and spells to only use Protection from Fire and Protection from Ice icons as appropriate. disable automatic assignment of "Advanced AI" script to party members on EE games. Goddamn Cromwell shouldn't goddamn take a whole goddamn day to goddamn forge his goddamn stuff Various TobEx stuff for EE, e.g. universal four weapon slots Disabled "Party AI" when starting a new game Change almost every door to prevent NPCs pass through, to make sure no panic/enemy go out and course any unexpected situation, e.g. the House Jae'llat. Stop ALL romance at the beginning. After play through for almost 20 years, some one like me may think that's really boring. Or tweak(shorten) the timer, especially some use real time. If some one want to keep the romance but want to just finish it asap. Set depreciation to zero for all stores Death Cam Variant of Alter Multiclass Restrictions that only opens up a multiclass only if the race has access to both classes
  21. CamDawg

    Future tweak ideas - post 'em here

    "Make party members less likely to die irreversibly" was added a couple of versions back--does that work?
  22. CamDawg

    Tyris Flare v8 Now Available

    Meet Tyris Flare, a red-haired amazon who can kick ass and hurl fire! Sound familiar? That's because I decided to have a nostalgia trip and recreate a character from ye olde Golden Axe computer games that were released on the Sega Mega Drive (or Genesis in America) and arcade machines in the 90s. You may also have seen her recently in Golden Axe: Beast Master, though my interpretation of the character is from the older games. How does she end up in Baldur's Gate II? You'll have to play to find out! Once in your party, Tyris will banter with all BioWare NPCs and can be romanced by any human/elf/half-elf male PC. Enjoy! Version 8 adds native EET compatibility, a new alternate portrait, a few bug fixes, and many behind-the-scenes code optimizations. Download Project Page Readme
  23. The Beaurin Legacy by @jmaeq introduces an elven Enchanter/Thief and a hidden NPC to BGII:SoA and BGII:EE. Minyae Beaurin can be found outside of the Crooked Crane in the City Gates. The mod includes custom portraits, a friendship track, numerous banters and interjections, encounters and quest(s), voicing for both NPCs (However, Minyae is fully voiced), a romance with a Bioware NPC, player-initiated dialogues, and a custom friendship track theme. The new release features native EET compatibility and some bugfixes. Download Project Page Readme Forum
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    ToB news

    BGEE and BG2EE have 'create party' options for single-player games, so detecting MP mode still wouldn't cover all bases.
  25. CamDawg

    ToB news

    Now that I think about it, applying something to charbase might be the easier route, as then it becomes an affirmative check and future-proofs it. I'm not sure an SoA script check would necessarily work, given that both BGT and EET allow NPCs to pass through, so to speak. If there was some way to poll the dialogue file assignment or bio field directly in the game, we'd be golden. IIRC dplayer3 gets assigned to MP player-created characters and dplayer2 to joinables (e.g. Imoen and the like), but then you'll need party AI to be on for at least a script round. edit: dplayer3 also gets assigned to the PC, but that could be filtered with a !Player1 check.