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    INTERACT.2DA in BGT (BG2 part of BGT)

    Yes; we actually have someone (@zelazko) on Discord playing around with this.
  2. Export the potion's effects to a pair of spells, one with all of the effects set to target:self. The potion itself should have an EFF that targets class: mage (uses the self-targeted spell and blocks the normal spell) and then have the call to the spell with the normal effects.
  3. CamDawg

    Need help with REPLACE_TEXTUALLY (again)

    It's this bit here: ~%textToReplace%~ ~\1 Global("C#st_ImoenInGroupKD","GLOBAL",0)~ What WeiDU is saying is that you're trying to use a matched reference (the \1) without specifying a matched group. The various \1 \2 \3 etc. refer back to something you matched in the first half of the function, which you denote by wrapping it in \( and \). This is why your second example works, because you have a correctly delineated group. K4thos original code doesn't have a back reference like this so it doesn't need to be wrapped. It's failing outright because it's correctly finding matches but then failing at the actual REPLACE_TEXTUALLY because of the regexp error. For the Imoen stuff, use imoen2? The question mark means that the previous character or group--in this case, the number 2--can be matched 0 or 1 times. IOW this will match imoen or imoen2.
  4. CamDawg

    GOG version and G3 tweak pack giving me fits

    That's incredibly weird. The only way I know to accelerate the game like that is by modifying baldur.lua (Maximum frame rate, IIRC) but Tweaks doesn't mess with the file.
  5. It is. I found it while playing an EE game with Angel's item pack installed, which had copied the original effects into a new item--the report I made about the Staff of Water over yonder.
  6. CamDawg

    Vynd NPC v2 Released

    More celebrations as a new version of the Vynd NPC mod: a Drow Assassin, recruitable at the Burning Wizard inn in Beregost. Though evil in alignment, he will not complain or leave due to reputation. Vynd includes a dialogue track with the player character consisting of 20 talks, banters with all Bioware NPCs (including the four Enhanced Edition newcomers), numerous interjections and extensive player-initiated dialogue. Learn more about the mod Download View the Readme v2 Changelog Added support for EET Audio could fail for non-EE games Tra-ified mod to allow for translation Fixed cosmetic bug where the mod would show a warning about Blackguard kits when installed on non-EE games
  7. Nythrun's mod derives from Gebhart Blucher's Alternate BG2 NPCs (lvl1npcs.zip). Her massive opus of "allow player choice" allows you to start any of the joinable NPCs from BG and BG2 as level one characters with excess experience points. When they join your party, you can level them up and choose their skills. Level 1 NPCs expands on Blucher's original concept by allowing players to assign any previously installed kit/class - default or customized - onto any default (and many mod-added joinable) NPCs from both BG1 and BG2 games. The mod also allows players to change the NPC's skills and weapon proficiencies, individually tweak stats, and much, much more... Khalid the Fighter/Painbearer of Ilmater, Mazzy the Paladin, Jaheira the Kensai, and Valygar the Wizard Slayer are just a few examples. Learn more about the mod Download View the Readme v2 Changelog Now setting the correct values for Barbarian and Wild Mages in kit.ids Should now work on Enhanced Editions (I think!), though the new Beamdog NPCs are not covered Updated Tweaks detection to the new Tweaks Anthology from the deprecated BG2 Tweak Pack Level One NPCs is some exceptionally high-level, complicated coding. I think I got everything needed for it to work on the EEs, but we'll see. Note that while it works for the EEs, I did not extend its functionality to cover the Beamdog NPCs.
  8. I'm trying to streamline and purge a lot of the pinned topics here. Compatibility Information The Fixpack is designed to work with Baldur's Gate II with or without the Throne of Bhaal expansion pack. In terms of installation order, the Fixpack should be installed after the official patches, but before other mods. Do not install the Fixpack alongside other fixpacks such as Baldurdash. There is a compatibility and redundancy thread in the Fixpack forums for the most recent information; these are the known incompatibilities and redundancies as of v12: Baldur's Gate II Enhanced Edition - The Fixpack developers work with the Enhanced Editions to include the bugfixes directly into the Enhanced Editions. As such, the main components (Core Fixes, Game Text Update, BETA Core Fixes) are unavailable for install and will be skipped automatically. Some of the Optional But Cool components are available. Baldurdash or any other previous fixpack - We used the bug lists from previous efforts to fix bugs as a starting point. If the bugs aren't already fixed by the Fixpack they will be in future versions. Installing Baldurdash alongside Fixpack will result in a lot of issues. Tutu - The BG2 Fixpack is not built for installation on Tutu games. Macready's Easytutu has incorporated several relevant fixes from Fixpack; for traditional Tutu games there will likely be installation errors that prevent installation of the Fixpack. Baldur's Gate Trilogy - There is now a small compatibility that needs to be addressed before BGT can be installed; you'll need to make a pair of text edits outlined here before installing BGT. This is fixed in the v1.19 release of BGT. D0Tweak - The 'Corrected Demon Animations' component is included in the core fixes. 'Corrected Summoned Demon Behavior' and 'Ghrey's Holy Symbol Fix' are included as Optional But Cool components. Ease of Use - Ease of Use is deprecated by the more modern (and actively supported) Tweaks Anthology. If you insist, however, note that the Edwina Portrait component from Ease of Use will overwrite our Edwin/Edwina 'gliding animation' fixes. This is not the case with the same component from Tweaks Anthology. LuvNalia - Sir Billy Bob's repackaged Nalia romance will report errors when trying to patch ar2904.bcs. These are non-fatal errors. Oversight - The 'Alignment Corrections' component was used as a basis for the alignment changes in BG2 Fixpack, making them semi-redundant. 'Improved Continuity' is included except for the Saemon Havarian bits; it should be safe to install if you want to get the extra Saemon material. Quest Pack - The Revised Hell Trials component will generate warnings if the OBC Additional Script Fixes component from Fixpack is installed. A workaround is available. The Bigg Tweak Pack- The Unlimited Limited Wish and Wish component is included in the core fixes. Reporting Bugs To report a new bug, first try a search and make sure the issue hasn't been addressed already. If it is addressed and you're still experiencing the bug or if it's a new bug, start a thread with the issue. Try to provide as much detail as possible about the bug and the circumstances under which it can be experienced. Also try to include relevant information from your install, such as whether SoA or SoA+ToB is installed, if other mods present might be influencing the issue, etc. Documentation The scope of the Fixpack is enormous, but we've done our best to document everything--down to the last bit--that's been changed. The most user-friendly set of documentation is in the project pages. The forum is also an excellent source of information, as it'll also contain any discussion, arguments, and user feedback about fixes. The downside is that the forum is not nearly as well structured, and will probably require using the forum's search function extensively. Comments or corrections to the documentation are probably best handled in this thread. And if all that still leaves you in the dark, ask. I Don't Want/Like This Fix; Can it be Removed or Made Into a Separate Component? If you feel something is not a fix and shouldn't be included, post! We hold Fixpack to strict standards about what gets included as a fix--but that doesn't mean we always get it right. Based on user feedback in the past, we've rolled material right out of the package before. The Fixpack is designed to be as transparent as possible in what we're doing and why, and user feedback is a critical check in the process. If you simply don't like one of the fixes we've made, or for the reasoning why Fixpack isn't more modular, take a look at Nythrun's I *HATE* this fix thread for a good overview. We'll gladly help you remove parts of the Fixpack you don't like. Ongoing and/or Large-Scale Projects Corrections and typo fixes for the Game Text Update are always ongoing. Fixpack v12 completed a large-scale code modernization project; however the goal of catching up to BG2EE 2.5 is still in progress. Alignment changes was another major review, though it's more or less settled. You're still welcome to review and contribute.
  9. Alright. I was sick as a dog this weekend, so what better way to spend your time than to watch the opening SoA cutscene on an endless loop. I was finally able to replicate the bug and know what file is causing it. The green orb that comes from offscreen to disintegrate the thief is a bad projectile and is the source of the crash. I'm still working on why the changes here cause the crash, but in the meantime the workaround is pretty simple--deleting spgreorb.pro from the override fixed the issue for me.
  10. CamDawg

    On portrait sizes

    This is all known information, but I'm not sure if it's actually summarized anywhere. There are now seven different portrait sizes used across the BG/IWD games. In the notes below I'll use the term 'S' or 'L' portrait; this is the suffix used with the portrait by the internal naming convention (e.g. IMOENS.bmp or IMOENL.bmp). 36x58 An Icewind Dale exclusive, used for the game screen as the S portrait. This portrait is also unique in that it's the only portrait that is cropped to just the face of the character; all other portraits across the games are generally the same portrait resized and not cropped at all. 38x60 Used in the original BG and BG2 as the game screen portrait as the S In original BG2, this S image also appears in the dialogue window. 42x42 An IWD2 exclusive S portrait, used only for the game screen. 54x84 Defined in the EEs as the S portrait, but appears to be unused. 110x170 Used in original BG/IWD as the record screen portrait as the L portrait This size is also used by the original BG2 as the record screen, but is instead designated M. 169x266 Size exclusively used by the EE as the game screen and dialogue window portrait, designated M 210x330 In IWD and BG this G portrait is used for the initial portrait selection image during character creation. However, once selected the rest of character creation process uses the smaller L portrait In original BG2 this is the L portrait and used only as the epilogue portrait As the L portrait, used in IWD2 for everything but the game screen For the EEs this the L portrait and used for the epilogue and record screens Creature files designate a small and large portrait at offsets 0x34 and 0x3c, respectively. By convention above these are respectively the M/L portraits (BG2, EEs) or the S/L (BG, IWD, IWD2).
  11. Sword Coast Stratagems is a collection of interconnected mini-mods for Baldur's Gate (on the BGT/BGTUTU/BGEE versions) and Baldur's Gate II. It is primarily a tactical and AI-enhancement mod: the idea is to make the game's combat more interesting, tactically challenging, and realistic by more effective use of, and choices of, creatures' abilities. It also contains a few rule tweaks and ease-of-use features. Version 31 is primarily a maintenance release to fix some longstanding bugs while DavidW works on the next version. Learn more about the mod Download View the Readme Visit the Forum v31 Changelog This version is a maintenance release, packaged by CamDawg, though the work is from others. ALIENQuake had colected a lot of these for BWS, and they were happily (and easily) integrated. Mad Mate also had another huge chunk of fixes, for which we were very grateful. CamDawg provided the following fixes: Updated Detectable Spells to the most recent version (v3.95). This should fix some miscellaneous installation errors. Fixed the bug where the party could fail to be transported to the chessboard in Durlag's Tower in EE games Fixed the crash with the druid Osmadi when he tried to shapeshift by removing his cursed item in EE games One of the patches was broken; thanks to Ineth2 for the fix DavidW resolved a conflict between SCS and Wheels of Prophecy K4thos provided several fixes: Integrated many, many fixes to make SCS fully compatible with EET Fix for Viconia in EET for the move NPCs component Fix for unkillable Sarevok in EET game Stopped Mulahey from spawning wave after wave of enemies AstroBryGuy provided the followiing fixes: fixed the missing header for caster_shared.tph fix for joinable SoD NPCs whose DVs do not match their pdialog values fix for flame arrows and Kobold Commando flame arrows burner1024 had a fix for fiends Ilya Ivanov provided a fix for installing fiends without Smarter Mages agb1 provided the following fixes: Fixed for the macro_read_in_spells_per_level failing when mxsplXX.2da had an all-zero column updated the EET compatibility patch for Allow NPC pairs to separate Updated Allow NPC pairs to separate to use the cpmvars libraries Also fixed a bug where Allow NPC pairs to separate would fail on a standalone install due to a missing macro call read_in_NPC_dialog macro is now ToB-aware Removed redundant chunk of code Updated Wheels of Prohecy compatibility code from v4 to v5 Etamin and Cahir updated the Polish translation; Bartek and Etamin did as well Graoumf updated the French translation Leonardo Watson provided an updated German translation critto provided a fix for the Reduce the number of Arrows of Dispelling in stores component In addition to providing the updated repo to base this version on, ALIENQuake added a patch for Ascension compatibility subtledoctor provided a fix for SCS choking while pasrsing spell.ids whiteagnus provided a fix for non-English EE games CrevsDaak provided the following fixes: A fix for the player1 translation file for EE games A fix for an install failure A fix for SCS/Wheels of Prophecy compatibility khelben provided a fix for init scripts on Ascension games Mad Mate provided the following fixes Additional fixes to CamDawg's DS update Corrected the script name for Brendan Fixed a bug (identified by kreso) where low level priests could get high level spells if Refinements was installed 'Innocent' druids were skipped in the divine spell patches SCS made copies of liches, but never installed the main lich from which copies should be made The new realistic wolves only worked in Tutu games Abazigal should now spawn Tamah if you use Ascension-based components Some miscellaneous typos that prevented patches from being executed, plus other miscellaneous typos Various assassins were not getting their stuff because of a typo Scripting glitch that prevented Irenicus from acting in Ascenion games at the Throne of Bhaal Schlumpsha did not receive the correct weapon Scripts were added to the wrong hobgoblins SCS was not properly detecting Spell Revisions Melissan adjustments were not properly detecting Ascension The wrong prebuff version of Blade Barrier was being called Dragons were not using their dragon-specific prebuff spells Resolved a conflict involving with Infinity Animations around fiend animations The following components have been deprecated since they're moving to Tweaks Anthology: Make party members less likely to irreversibly Allow BG1 NPC pairs to separate (BGEE, TUTU, BGT) Allow Yeslick to use axes BG1 NPCs go to inns Move BG1 NPCs to more convenient locations Move Boo into Minsc's pack Stackable ankheg shells, winterwolf pelts and wyvern heads (BGEE, TUTU, BGT) Ensure Shar-Teel doesn't die in the original challenge
  12. Reorganized this first post into a running list of ideas. From the thread so far: change the adverse effect of durlag's goblet to something characters are less ordinarily immune to, while preserving the thematic combo of durlag's goblet and kiel's helmet by making the helmet provide an immunity to that effect instead of the ordinary immunity to fear Trap Detection mod. Alter buy/sell percentage of shops, and stealable or not. Restore original NPCLEVEL.2DA and disable the scripted XP matching to that of Player1. for instance allowing your Archer/Cleric (courtesy of Tweak Anthology) to use bows. Expand container "Items purchased" list. Below are some suggestions from my EET game: Cap the number of charges that items with charges have to a value specified by the user. For "light" weapons like daggers, clubs, short swords, etc, use dexterity for THAC0 and Damage IF it would give a greater bonus than strength. Limit the number of attacks based on the Weapon's Speed Factor. Allow users to specify which stronghold is made available to which classes. Disable stealing at fences Standardize buying markup for all stores Idea : make the card game against Aesgareth fair (I mean something close to randomness). After playing through IWD:EE I think we need an option to use the IWD spell effects. They are just IMO better. Grease, Web, Clouds all look much cleaner. A recent post in the other forums laments that Elemental Princes only have +2 weapons, so these near-deity-level HLA-summoned creatures cannot even touch various enemies I made a little mod that simply removes usability restrictions from potions allow paladins and rangers to use Wands of the Heavens Same-sex options for Delainy/Durlyle e.g. spawning Delainy for a female protagonist or Durlyle for males. Better support in cutscenes for Familiars. More kit selections for NPCs BG - See if you can force Bhaal dreams to always occur on next sleep Expand Romance Cheats to cover BG1 NPC and SoD romances Have Eldoth's special ability create a single stack of arrows Get rid of click sound From the thread, and already added: An extra option for wearing protection items together: Allow protection items to be combined with magical armor but not with each other. (I think Item Revisions also has something like this.) Force fighter/druids to follow strict druid item restrictions. (No iron plate mail and shields.) BG2 - Level-locked spell scrolls: Restrict the scrolls wizards and priests can use by level. No 7th level wizard casting Chain Lightning from scrolls. (Does not work in BG1/IWD1.) Allow wizards to use bucklers, and thieves to use small shields (house rule of a GM friend of mine). Extended HP rolls - allow characters to roll for HP up to level 20 instead of level 9, as in 3.5E rules. Non-bouncing Lightning Bolts - Change the Lightning Bolt projectile so it doesn't crazily bounce off of the scenery and kill the caster. No "Resist Fire/Cold" icon. The Resist Fire/Cold icon is hard to distinguish from the Protection of Fire icon. Change items and spells to only use Protection from Fire and Protection from Ice icons as appropriate. disable automatic assignment of "Advanced AI" script to party members on EE games. Goddamn Cromwell shouldn't goddamn take a whole goddamn day to goddamn forge his goddamn stuff Various TobEx stuff for EE, e.g. universal four weapon slots Disabled "Party AI" when starting a new game Change almost every door to prevent NPCs pass through, to make sure no panic/enemy go out and course any unexpected situation, e.g. the House Jae'llat. Stop ALL romance at the beginning. After play through for almost 20 years, some one like me may think that's really boring. Or tweak(shorten) the timer, especially some use real time. If some one want to keep the romance but want to just finish it asap. Set depreciation to zero for all stores Death Cam Variant of Alter Multiclass Restrictions that only opens up a multiclass only if the race has access to both classes
  13. CamDawg

    My new "Made in Heaven" mods

    I played through on my latest BGEE/SoD/BG2EE run; here are some minor bugs I found. This is on a modded install, so it's possible some of these are caused by one of the other mods: White Hide of Umpluutu should remove spin160 three times, not just once (the salamander form comes with three castings of this) Radiant Star base enchantment set to 4, not 1 Listed weight of Gauntlets of Smiting, Helm of Valor, and Gem of Seeing is incorrect Redethemar +4 speed factor should be 3; vorpal hits should have text Foesplitter, Arundur Ore, Lux Veritatis, Catclaw, Final Strike, Pearl of Power, Potion of Clairvoyance, and nearly all rings don't list their weight Unicorn Horn has a superfluous ability Foesplitter, Trollkiller, Catclaw, and Final Strike list damage with extra space (e.g. 1d4 +3 instead of 1d4+3) Telkiira ioun stone protects against critical hits Bow of Eletha - Longbows in EE use "Longbow" as proficiency in descripts (no space); casts MM at level 12 Storm's Garter, Bow of Eletha, Bag of Tricks, Ring of Water Control, and Staff of Moradin's Breath +2 can use abilities without identification Pearl of Power restoration should probably be power 0 Oil of Acid Resistance effects are almost all set at power 6 Ring of Shocking Grasp should have portrait icon for electrical resistance Ring of Protection from Silence should block the 'silence' and 'silenced' strings (14002, 14676 in BG2(EE)) Ring of Mind Shielding blocks detect alignment; should be noted in descript or deleted Robe of the Necromancer should have a Protection from Poison portrait icon Meteoric Shield +2 should have a protection from magical energy portrait icon Ankheg Shield +1 requires 9 strength; descript says 12 Shield of the Three Kings +5 provides an undocumented +10% MR Shield of the Revenant +2 actually casts Repulse Undead instead of Undead Ward Mystery of the Dead +3 blocks opcode 313, not 13; should also block disintegrate (238) Waukeen's Defender +2 should have a magic resistance portrait icon Alicorn Spear provides an undocumented immunity to intoxication Staff of Rumathil +2 lists prof as "Staff" instead of "Quarterstaff" Staff of Moradin's Breath +2 should have speed factor 2; look into adding to dialogue options in orphan1.dlg for ToB Staff of the Legion +5 bonus damage is 1d8+2, not the listed 1d8+3; suggest moving VT to probability 40-59 to make it an independent effect Staff of Water +2 plays sound (and forces save) for non-water elementals on melee attacks A few weapons (Sword of the Planes) list damage type on a separate line instead of on the damage line Sword of the Planes (+1 and +4) should have a speed factor of 1 Terminus Est, Smythe's Slicer use non-EE format for their weight in descripts Smythe's Slicer is a +3 enchantment weapon instead of base +1 Amaunator's Legacy should be speed factor 5 Rusty Katana, Amaunator's Legacy, and Pale Justice are all flagged as breakable in their melee abilities (intentional for Rusty Katana?) Pale Justice has an extra dash in its immunities: "Immunity to charm- and fear effects" The MR lowering effect of Golden Sky +2 doesn't work since param1/2 are inverted Bonus cold damage from Cold Flame +3 is set to power 8 A couple of general suggestions--add tooltip.2da entries for items which provide more than one usable ability. For items which cast spells using 146/148, don't bother setting primary/secondary on item abilities in case some other mod wants to change the underlying primary/secondaries. Also, the 10% XP boost from the various tomes is massive--using them for my fighter-thief (via UAI) in late BG2 could net several levels per tome. I'd suggest lowering it significantly, dropping it outright, or make it a static bonus based on level. And the most critical, absolutely have to fix bug: Girdle of Dwarvenkind does not actually provide infravision. Literally unplayable. Overall, I thought it was a very solid mix of items, well-balanced, and thoughtfully placed. The tomes were the only item I felt were egregiously powerful, though there were a couple of other items which can make significant battles trivial (looking at you, Dragon's Tear, and Mutamin's Cloak despite the fact that it makes sense game-wise). This will definitely be a staple mod for any future playthroughs.
  14. The Tweaks Anthology is a WeiDU compilation of fixes, cosmetic changes, and tweaks that will run on every Infinity Engine game, from the original Planescape:Torment, through the Icewind Dale and Baldur's Gate series, and the new Enhanced Editions of the games. The successor to BG2 Tweaks and several other tweak packs, some of these were fan requests, others are needed fixes, and others simply make dealing with the more irritating aspects of the game engine easier. Each component can be installed separately so the player can pick and choose only which ones they wish to install. Forum Download Project Page Full readme v8 Changelog Move NPCs to Convenient Locations would fail to move Eldoth on BGT installs; Shar-Teel would get moved to the right area with wrong coordinates on non-BGT installs Deprecated Stackable ankheg shells, winterwolf pelts and wyvern heads as these items already get covered as part of the Increase Jewelry, Gem, and Miscellaneous Item Stacks (previously known as Increase Jewelry and Gem Stacks) The algorithm for No Traps or Locks has been refined a bit as it was missing some trapped containers. It will also no longer remove locks for doors or containers which require a key. BGEE already has the changes from Sensible Entrance Points by default, so it will now get correctly skippped for BGEE and EET games Make party members less likely to die irreversibly requires some functionality only found in BG2 and EE games, and is now restricted as such BG NPCs go to inns was being restricted on BG games in the Gnoll Stronghold; you can now send party members to inns from the Gnoll Strnghold as you would in BGEE/Tutu/BGT/EET BG NPCs go to inns was also failing for some NPCs on EET games as it was patching their BG2 parting dialogues instead of their BG parting dialogues Allow Yeslick to use axes could fail on BG installs as it tried to patch a BG2 file without checking Fixed bug where some of the imported SCS components (such as BG NPCs go to inns) would fail due to a missing directory The use of the variable library for BG/BGEE/Tutu/BGT/EET has been centralized. Updated Italian translation Fixed bug with Alter Weapon Proficiency System, specifically, the BG variants, where axes could end up with descriptions that listed the proficiency type for the item as "new_weap" or a wrong proficiency. The error was purely cosmetic and did not affect the axe's actual proficiency.
  15. The four beta series of v11 is on the GitHub release page; I'm sure I could also find a v10 lying around somewhere, too.
  16. CamDawg

    Bugs and discrepancies in v7

    Ah right, disabling this for the EEs/upscaling the portrait has been on my to-do list for a while. I'd happily swap the portrait to one you've linked, but I need to get permission from the author first.
  17. REPLACE_ACTION_TEXT_REGEXP is dialogue code--drop it in a .d file and compile it.
  18. On thing to try--is the field "None" or actually empty? Because if it's the former, the game is assigning (the non-existent) "none.bcs" to the slots and overriding the creature file. You can verify it's actually a blank field by right-clicking in NI and choosing "edit as hex". If it's really empty, the value will be all zeroes.
  19. I'm really scratching my head here. Here's the section of game script that's running at your crash point: ActionOverride("ishaddud",MoveToPoint([3758.2946])) ActionOverride("ishaddud",SmallWait(8)) ActionOverride("ishaddud",Face(2)) ActionOverride("ishaddud",SmallWait(8)) ActionOverride("ishaddud",DisplayStringHead(Myself,54407)) // AHHHHHHHHHH! ActionOverride("ishaddud",PlaySound("TUTHH04")) ForceSpellPoint([3510.3100],FLASHY_4) // SPIN794.SPL (No such index) PlaySound("EFF_M36B") SmallWait(7) CreateVisualEffect("SPFEARE2",[3413.3178]) SmallWait(7) PlaySound("EFF_M18E") ForceSpell("ishaddud",WIZARD_DISINTEGRATE2_IGNORE_RESISTANCE) // Assassin - Assassin MultiPlayerSync() CreateVisualEffectObject("ICFIRSDI","ishaddud") // Assassin - Assassin PlaySound("EFF_M20") Wait(2) CreateVisualEffectObject("SPFIREPI","ishaddud") // Assassin - Assassin PlaySound("EFF_M13") ScreenShake([30.30],20) Wait(1) PlaySound("EFF_P18") Wait(3) So the thief (ishaddud) runs in, looks around, yells, then gets nuked with some spell and sound effects. It it is a graphical BAM problem, those spells and effects use: spin794.spl, spwi056.spl, spfeare2.vvc, spfearef.bam, icfiresdi.vvc, spfirsdi.bam, spfirepi.bam, and spfirepi.vvc. AFAICT Fixpack modifies none of these resources, nor their secondary resources.
  20. If it's a corrupted BAM, as the assertion error suggests, we can try to narrow it down by removing BAM files added by Fixpack. The core component adds iscrl5a through iscrl5j.bam to fix some scroll images. It also copies in a new states and states2.bam for some portrait icon fixes. For ToB games it creates maslg2bw, maslg2s1, msolg2bw, and msolg2s1.bam from existing files to fix celestial weapons. Finally, it edits the tanar'ri (mtang2XX) and wyvern (mwyvg2X) bam series to fix some animation issues. If it's anything, I suspect the tanar'ri/wyvern animation fixes, as the rest have been in the core fixes for years at this point. edit: What I'm suggesting is to install Fixpack, then manually delete the files mentioned above from the override file and seeing if the crashing stops. If it does, then we can narrow it down to which specific files are at fault.
  21. It seems like everyone has a few macros that are fairly useful, but not quite useful enough to go bug Wisp for inclusion in WeiDU itself. I'd like to suggest a mega-thread where we can all dump anything that might be useful to others. This first post will be updated descripts and links to the (hopefully thousands, millions of) macros that get posted below. Post 2, Ardanis - ADD_SPELL_HEADER, ADD_ITEM_HEADER - Used to add abilities/headers to spells and items CREATE_EFFECT - Create effects whole cloth CREATE_SPELL - Create spells update_item_descriptions_to_bgee - Updates vanilla item descriptions to EE format, i.e. stripping Usable By section, so that you don't have to provide two strings for vanilla and EE descriptions. Post 3, CamDawg - cd_extend_bg_area_script - Used to easily extend area scripts when writing a BG/BGEE/BGT/Tutu mod - use the updated version in post 53 spell_to_innate - Used to convert arcane or divine spells into innate abilties kit.ids fixer - Not really a macro, but needed to fix kit.ids for non-EE, non-Fixpacked BG2 games cd_equip_item - finds the specified item in the creature file and equips it to the appropriate slot cd_equip_weapon - finds the first valid weapon and equips it cd_equip_weapon_specific - equips the specified weapon cd_no_pickpocket - Moves an item that should not be pickpocketed into an inventory slot that is impossible to pickpocket from. CD_EXTEND-O-MATIC - Used to arbitrarily create new spell headers out to the specified minimum level. CD_MISSING_SPELL_HEADERS - Used to 'backfill' missing spell headers Post 4, Ardanis - tooltips - Adding new tooltips for the items in a few quick strokes Post 5, Angel add_area_actor - A wrapper for fj_area_struct that simplifies even further the process of adding an actor to an area. remove_all_area_actors - Removes all actors from an area; useful for repurposing an area. add_simple_trap - Another wrapper for fj_area_struct that allow for quickly creating a trap in an area. add_area_actors_from_2da - Uses a table to mass-add actors to an area. Post 6, Angel add_energy_drain - Adds level drain to items or spells in engines that support energy drain, and pseudo-energy drain for those that don't add_magic_missile_immunity - Adds magic missile immunity to an item or spell Post 8, Angel prevent_spell_effect_stacking - Prevents a spell from stacking with itself Post 9, subtledoctor add_hla, remove_hla, replce_hla - Macros for non-destructively editing HLA tables Post 10, Angel replace_cre_script - find and replace a creature script Post 11, k4thos ADD_MAP_ICONS_EE - BAM v2 worldmap icon file patching (for EE games that use PVRZ based map icons) ADD_WORLDMAP_TBL - Adds multiple areas and links to the worldmap and saves using BP-BGT Worldmap TBL files convention Post 12, Angel make_magical - Add magical flag, lore, and enchantment level to item Post 16, argent77 TO_HEX_NUMBER - A decimal to hexadecimal number converter FIND_FREE_ANIM_SLOT - This function attempts to find a free creature animation slot in a given range Post 27, Gwendolyne GW_FIND_DLG_RESPONSE_STRING - a homemade function used to extend existing dlg Post 35, K4thos 2DA_MISSING_COLS - Patch and action function that fixes missing column entries in 2da files. Post 36, Angel make_summon - turn a creature into a summoned creature Post 39, Angel erase_journal_entries_on_bg2_transition - Finds and scripts deletion of BG journal entries during BGT's transition to BG2 Post 46, Angel make_illusion - a variant of make_summon (post 36) that makes the monster illusionary Post 49, K4thos JOINABLE_NPC_ARRAY - Action macro that generates JOINABLE_NPC_ARRAY table which can be used to patch joinable NPC CRE files (more reliable method than checking CRE BIO offset) Post 50, Sam. ps_toolset - An entire suite of functions for manipulating and patching tilesets Post 51, argent77 a7_auto_apply_spl_effect - a patch function that can be used to add multiple effects to items or spells without much effort Post 52, CamDawg CD_DOUBLE_DAMAGE - Combines separate damage opcodes to utilize EE's save-for-half damage flag Post 53, CamDawg cd_extend_bg_area_script - Used to easily extend area scripts when writing a BG/BGEE/BGT/Tutu mod, now supporting tra files Post 56, Aquadrizzt qd_multiclass - allows you to assign class features to multiclass kits in the 2.0+ engine Post 61, c4_Angel C4_FIND_STAT_SLOT is an action function, checks all creature/item/spell files in game which have effect using opcode #318 (vanilla game) or opcode #328 (EE game), also values in STATS.IDS or SPLSTATE.IDS, find an unused one from 501 to 32767, and append a line with an user defined "identifier"(requred). Return "available_stat" for further usage. C4_ADD_UNIQUE_MARK is a patch function, calls C4_FIND_STAT_SLOT, and uses function CLONE_EFFECT to add an effect to creature/item/spell file with an user defined "identifier"(also requred), other parameters of the "match_" part are same with CLONE_EFFECT. Post 68, CamDawg cd_new_summon_table (EE) - an action function, will add a new reference for you and then return the value for use in your spells cd_new_portrait_icon (EE) - another action function, will find the next available entry and add your strref and bam file to the list. Post 69, argent77 SORT_ARRAY - This macro can be used to sort arrays of numbers or strings in ascending or descending order. Post 72, K4thos REPLACE_MULTILINE - Patch function that replaces set or all occurrences of the given regexp pattern in the file with the given string. Post 73, CamDawg cd_clone_spell - Used to clone spells, updating any self-referencing protections on both the source and cloned spells. Can optionally convert spells to innates in the process.
  22. CamDawg

    Site and Forum Feedback

    Very well-spotted. Had an extra div tag in there; fixed.
  23. CamDawg

    Calin NPC Mod

    Ah, I forgot to set up moderator permissions for you in the Calin forum. Should be good to go now.
  24. CamDawg

    Reporting some Bugs

    Oh, and while the first two are annoying you can work around them. For the third, you'll have to console: CLUAConsole:CreateItem("cddevice") CLUAConsole:SetGlobal("CDBracerQuest","GLOBAL",12) His timer works fine, but the relevant dialogue is weighted incorrectly to the point where it cannot fire.
  25. CamDawg

    Reporting some Bugs

    Confirmed on all three, thanks.