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  1. First this and then this, both pictures of the Blur render of Tyris.
  2. Yayifications! Progress! ...yeah, I'm still here.
  3. After my exams are over we'll have to meet up and get drunk Grim.
  4. Heheh. I shall type on with ToB then... I've taken to lurking too much in G3, but I am still here, and looking forward to the ToB version. I was always playing Tyris in Golden Axe. Yay for burning things. Heheh. Unfortunately the ToB version will be a while yet. Really haven't had a lot of time to work on her recently because of work, but I'll try to get some more done before term starts again. Urgh, I can relate. Discertation stuff to do. Not done either. Term starts on Monday. Prcrastinating at it's finest!
  5. Heheh. I shall type on with ToB then... I've taken to lurking too much in G3, but I am still here, and looking forward to the ToB version. I was always playing Tyris in Golden Axe. Yay for burning things.
  6. He likes the smell of clean dog I suppose. It *was* apparently bad enough to fell darkspawn...
  7. Oh god, was high octane nightmare fuel. My poor bloody elf didn't get any sleep for over a week after... Anyway, beat the game with said elf and now playing a human noble (eck. Nobles... ) but to cut a long story short, my poor elf most definately got a bad/sad end.
  8. Right mouse click. Hold. Move mouse. ...works for me anyway.
  9. I'm really enjoying it too (bang went 2 days of reasearch for my discertation before I could crowbar myself away from it). The ladies have covered pretty much everything, so I'll just add my thoughts... ...Lelianna is a bard, but she's really a rogue-she starts with some lockpicking iirc and you can put points into it, which is what I ended up doing. My rogue is very much more attack orientated. Her accent seems to be french going off certain words and NPCs from Orlean but it seems to be constantly slipping on and off, a nice little touch I feel. If you pay attention she usually shows the accent when she's talking about something important to her or that excites her, or certain words. Reminds me of a welsh girl I met at university. Speaks with a perfect english accent until she gets upset/excited and then the welsh accent's back with a vengance! I adore her stories though, especially the one about the stars. I'll definately be romancing her next playthrough; Alistar won by just a hair. (If I'm brutally honest first girl (or in this case guy) syndrome really. Though to be fair, I love him alot. I rather like Anomen after I got to know him. He seemed very believable, albiet annoying, and Alistar gives me the same vibe, but in a different way. Basically he's Anomen done right. Plus his snarky humour matches my own, so I'm always playing along/teasing back during the talks. Healing is quite the pain in some parts; the healing potion/poultices you get are fairly rare and it can be a pest to make them.
  10. Loké


    (shrugs) Well it's your call. I suggest you give the demo a spin when it comes out. One or two of the things I've seen in the demo and one or two features on their own should be DLC, but I can see why they went "Hm... we have enough content here to make a new game"; added together, there's quite alot of new stuff. Salk: okay, I'll take your word for it.
  11. Loké


    I think you might like L4D2 then. They're murdered corner tanking quite well with the Spitter and to an extent the Charger. They also added the melee fatigue to the coop. The melee weapons don't get melee fatigue but of course, that means you're vunerable to smokers/chargers/spitters ect. The demo features 3 different assault rifles (m16, ak47 with a slightly lower rof but better penetration, and a SCAR that fires in burts), a handcannon alternative to the pistols or melee, and sections where you have to (in the demo for example) move ahead to turn off an alarm, or the infected just keep rushing you so you can't corner tank your way through a rush.
  12. Loké


    Erm, how so? I found it was a blast. And L4D2 is alot better imo, even from just playing the demo.
  13. Loké


    You do know of the Circle of Eight, and their 2 mods, one additional content without which the game is horrible, well, not entirely but still, and a total Convention demo with a lot of potential. Yeah, I already downloaded and installed their work, I must admit I'm hesitent about it though; I kinda want to play it without stuff being added first time around. bigg: shush, you haven't played the demo yet (preordering) and it's lots of fun. Besides, running up to a witch and walloping her with a frying pan is just too much fun to miss. (even if her response is terminal.)
  14. Loké


    Eh, always the case. Bought Temple of Elemental Evil a week ago too actually... ...and yeah, the widescreen mod loks good. I'll be needing. 22" widescreen monitor. ;o Been spending my time away doing university work and Left 4 Dead (preordered L4D2: the demo's alot of fun. :3 )
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