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  1. May I also test IR v4.0 Beta (and SR and KR betas if possible)? I would like to start a BGT run and would love to see the new items, spells, and kit changes.
  2. I don't think it was David's intention for the player to clear out Ust Natha (in fact, quite the opposite). I thought the spawns keep coming until you leave. I think he said as much in the readme under Improved Drow. It seems like a hopeless endeavor due to to the fact that you have a finite amount of spells and fresh waves come after you every few rounds.
  3. I think non-sentient beings attack the closest enemy and sentient beings attack the weakest party member first (those without armor). At least that has been my experience so far in BG1/BGT. So mirror image (or any clone spell), stoneskin, armor spells, and invisibility helps in mitigating that. However, if I were going up against a party then I would attack the people who could disable you by waving their jazz hands and shouting alliterations at you because they can directly and indirectly harm you by buffing allies. You're pretty evenly matched going up toe to toe against a tank because they are limited in what they can do (have to be within melee range). This actually sounds like something that can be considered (if it is doable) in the kit revisions mod. It would be nice to have tanks that specialized in generating threat. So you might want to share your ideas there. Whether DavidW is willing to take kit revisions into consideration when updating SCS, or implementing this on his own, is another point entirely.
  4. I didn't know whether this should go under BGT or SCS. Selaad Gan (loupgar.cre) was basically unaffected by my magical weapons with +2 enchantment (have IR installed). When I checked his equipped items, he was wearing ringloup.itm which grants him immunity to all weapons except those made of cold-iron when he switches to werewolf form (shouldn't this be silver?). All other greater werewolves equip ringwolf.itm which grants regeneration. Would you be willing to change this so that at least he is affected by the sword of balduran or other items that affect werewolves? I didn't know the game supported items made of a specific material, otherwise, I would have changed his immunity to everything but silver.
  5. cmorgan, I tested the beta briefly and the changes didn't have any impact on my saved game with SCS installed, though I expect this would be the case since SCS overrides gtimes instead of patching. So as long as a mod overrides gtimes (and the changes you make) then the bug will persist. I've since let DavidW know that SCS was overwriting gtimes so it will probably be fixed in the next release. I did test the beta without SCS and the dialog works as intended. Sorry for the hassle.
  6. I just tested SCS v27 and want to report a bug. The initial component of SCS removes additional modded timers from gtimes.ids. For clarity, this is my gtimes.ids before SCS install. This is my gtimes.ids after SCS install. Here is my WeiDU.log. I found backups of gtimes.ids in BG1NPC, garrick_flirt and BGT. BG2Fixpack has an ids_entries_gtimes.tph file. So BG2Fixpack, Garrick's Infatuation, and BG1NPCs are the mods in my install that alter gtimes.ids.
  7. A quick question: •Fixed a bug with the extend_script function that inter alia was breaking Kaishas' interaction with the PC. Would the extend_script function remove previously added romance timers from gtimes.ids? I have a game bug where the missing timers were ruining my BG1NPC romance. I was using SCS v26 at the time and want to know if it can be fixed by updating to v27. If not, I posted the problem in the BG1NPC forum.
  8. I believe I found the culprit. I searched for all gtimes.ids backups and opened each individual files in notepad. The initial component of Sword Coast Stratagems copies the gtimes that has the proper romance timers and removes them during installation. So in essence, the timers are there before SCS installation and gone after installation. I'll post this on SCS debug forum. Edit: The version of SCS I had install was v26. v27 has the following bug fix: •Fixed a bug with the extend_script function that inter alia was breaking Kaishas' interaction with the PC. I'm not sure if this is the same problem that I had but I'll ask on the forum.
  9. I'm willing to be a guinea pig for you and use the beta. I just need instructions on how to install. Would you want me to install everything exactly like my log says (except with the beta of course)? Do I test it on my current game saves or start a new game?
  10. Oops. Apparently I don't have permission to attach a WeiDU.log file. I'll try to post the log using the spoiler. Sorry about this; it's a really long list. I don't understand why it is causing problems now. I've never had this problem before when playing BGT years ago. Is there a way to fix this or should I just wait until the newest version of BG1NPCs comes out?
  11. I have BGT installed and for some odd reason, Xan's love talks are proceeding one right after another. I just rescued him from the mines and as soon as my party headed outside he bombarded me with 4 talks in a row. Then once his flirts trigger, they fire one after another without pause. I'm not sure if other romances are affected since I haven't gotten out of Nashkel yet. I've attached my WeiDU log. I would like to know how to reset the timers so the romance proceeds normally. I chose the extended timer (1 hour 30 minutes between talks) during install. I'm not sure which mod is causing the problem. A quick fix so I don't have to redo my mod installation would be greatly appreciated. I'll disable the romance for now and pick up Coran to see if his romance has the same affliction.
  12. I've used the option for all three penalties (spellcasting, dexterity, and movement) for a BGT install. I also increase the speed of the game (forgot what the option is called in the configuration menu) from 30 to 40. It cuts off the end of dialogue in cutscenes, but you don't feel like you're crawling across the map. I also used SCS and SCSII along with tehbiggs 3rd edition attribute settings and gains every 4 or 5 levels (I like the idea of my characters getting more physically or mentally adept). In my experience, the movement penalties don't hinder gameplay. It isn't like my mages and light armored counterparts are racing to the dungeon entrance while the heavily armored fighters are struggling to make it five feet from the edge of the map. They lag behind somewhat, however I tend to explore every corner of a map. I thought the movement was consistent to what wearing heavy plate armor is like when compared with lighter armors. I could be exaggerating about fighters lagging behind, but my point is that I never thought it was so unbearable that I wanted to uninstall the component. The boots of speed are helpful in the sense that heavy armored characters can move to a companions aid more quickly in battle than without them. I generally don't use haste unless I'm facing dragons or the big bosses that were improved by SCS/II. By the time I find the boots of speed (thanks, item randomizer) I feel that my party has earned them through exploration and skill. Overall, I didn't see any negative impact from gameplay where I wouldn't use the movement penalty component so I would recommend that players give it a try before automatically dismissing the change as unnecessary. Happy Halloween!
  13. I believe it is due to a conflict between Sword Coast Strategems (SCS) and BG1 NPCs. Though since it's been a few days you've probably figured this out by now.
  14. So do you mean that when IR v3 is finally out of beta we'll be able to use 1PPv4 in conjunction and not have conflicts?
  15. There's a bug with the Solaufein encounter increasing the SolaufeinLike variable. If you refuse to sleep with him and do other actions that increase his like variable you can end up with SolaufeinLike = 4 (or possibly greater). This gives the "No valid replies or links" error when he tried to give you the fake dragon eggs to fool Phaere. I changed the variable to 3 and the conversation worked as intended.
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