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  1. May I also test IR v4.0 Beta (and SR and KR betas if possible)? I would like to start a BGT run and would love to see the new items, spells, and kit changes.
  2. I didn't know whether this should go under BGT or SCS. Selaad Gan (loupgar.cre) was basically unaffected by my magical weapons with +2 enchantment (have IR installed). When I checked his equipped items, he was wearing ringloup.itm which grants him immunity to all weapons except those made of cold-iron when he switches to werewolf form (shouldn't this be silver?). All other greater werewolves equip ringwolf.itm which grants regeneration. Would you be willing to change this so that at least he is affected by the sword of balduran or other items that affect werewolves? I didn't know the game supported items made of a specific material, otherwise, I would have changed his immunity to everything but silver.
  3. Did you decide not to add darts, throwing daggers, and throwing axes to the enchanted weapon list?
  4. You can relatively easily make changes like this yourself. I've been meaning to post a detailed explanation for how to customise Item Randomiser, but I keep getting side-tracked. I'll see if I can't get it done sometime (before v7, at the very least ). Whenever you're ready.
  5. The spell description for break enchantment is inaccurate in that it doesn't cure feeblemindedness (which is cured by a successful dispel magic). I haven't checked for curing sleep effects or confusion though (also cured by dispel magic). It does cure effects from curses such as the nasty curse I got from the deck of many things, so yay for that.
  6. How about an option to not have items randomized to the guarded compound, the mystery area in sewers of the temple district, and the twisted rune? I always thought these areas were bogus since there is nothing in game that compels the PC to visit any of these areas and I would like to just avoid them entirely without having to cheat some powerful item into my inventory. I would like to add Durlag's tower and Watcher's Keep to the list but that's because I lose the motivation to continue after the third level of these dungeons (and it probably would be asking too much).
  7. Is this a bug, or something legit but annoying? It's SR's Symbol of Weakness, I've made all others disease effects not permanent at player's request but this one seems to still be permanent. In theory I don't like disease effects to go away on their own but I suppose I'll have to make this too go away with a rest. A bit late, but I like having to cure diseases by casting cure disease spell or visiting a temple (and not by resting). Though temples don't have cure disease as their list of services, just restoration spells, which are pricey for not being level drained. I don't see what the big deal is. It really becomes a non-issue at higher levels when priest gain more spell lots.
  8. I would like to suggest altering Mass Cure to function more like an Elixir of Health. My party got his with a few disease effects that weren't cured with resting (thanks SCSII) and thought this spell would to the trick instead of just healing the party. Unless this is a pnp spell. I don't know why I associated it with curing diseases or the elixir.
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