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  1. Yeah, I saw that when I was reading over the material. The one comment in particular where you make an allusion to her needing a backrub because she does all her work on her back gave me a good chuckle. I was expecting her to turn around and slap the pc across the face! As for the rivalry thing, I'd like to see what happened if Salomeya encountered a pc just like her, or a pc who isn't cruel like her but can give back as much as Salomeya dishes out. Not expecting anything to come of it, just amusing speculation. I think your mod is wonderful as-is. To put the thread back on-topic: Rizdaer is awesome.
  2. Apologies. The above post was me. -_-. To edit my original post, Salomeya is clever enough to be able to top a pc as well, so it would be quite an interesting little battle of wills going on.
  3. I voted for Rizdaer. Even though he is a good choice for 'evil' characters to romance, I think he is just as good a choice for 'good' characters to romance. My chaotic good Drow bard, Talffyn, got along with him quite well, I'd say. She has a type of quiet, unobtrusive affection that is perfect for drawing him out of his shell. He may have more difficulty sharing how he feels and having deep, meaningful conversations than say, Jaemal, but what can a person expect for someone raised in Drow culture? The fact that he was able to allow himself to get close to a PC is a pretty amazing transformation, I think. Jaemal is a wonderful romance as well, and I enjoyed every aspect of it, but I guess i'm just more drawn to the more sullen, quiet, brooding types myself. XD Diriel...urg. No way ever would most of my PC's go near someone like Diriel. Even my evil PC's were so angry at his manipulation that they plotted his destruction after that certain event at the tree. Though I don't make a habit of playing male PC's, I voted for Peony as my favorite female to romance, just because of her bubbly, spontaneous personality. It really set her apart and made her unique, in my opinion. Jaemal's male romance is just as awesome, of course, and Salomeya, well, I didn't even bother with her romance, to be honest.
  4. Ye gods, my own ineptitude pains me sometimes. The above post was me.
  5. *Viciously rips the last specially marked pack of Cornflakes in the entire store away from a small child, rips it open, and madly rummages through in order to find the hand-stamp* ...What?
  6. IIRC BigRob hoped that Aklon will be ready sometime this year. Maybe beta testing will be soon, tho, huh? We can hope! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yes, yes, we can certainly hope.... *paces back and forth until a trench is carved into her floor*
  7. I get the feeling that this particular monk is going to be mobbed like Orlando Bloom dropped shirtless and sweaty into the center of an all-girl high-school when he is finally released. FIRST IN LINE!
  8. *Eyes glaze over as impatience builds* Becoming a beta tester for this particular mod would carry the joy quotient of, say, finding out that an obscenely rich relative you never knew you had suddenly got penned in the dead book and left all of their earthly posessions to you. Note the subtle hint in above sentence.
  9. In answer to that question, yes, you will be able to dance with Aklon (that flirt's already written). Currently I'm attempting to write some solo performances for the underdark (Drow females need their entertainment, after all) and have got a few more to go before I'll be done with this one. More as I write 'em. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Gotta love a thorough modder...BigRob just keeps the goodness rolling in...
  10. *Sings* I...wanna rock and roll all niiiiiiiiiight...And party every day!!!!!! Hmmm...80's rock is nice....but could you imagine Aklon as a metalhead? Or nerdier yet, a powermetal head? I can see him banging his head along to songs involving slaying the dragon or anything written by Tolkien... \m/
  11. That response was mildly entertaining. *Wonders what Aklon looks like dancing and leaves the cookies with the trainer....then wonders how a person can dance for days on end without collapsing from either dehydration, heatstroke, or exhaustion *
  12. *pokes head through the door of Aklon's house* Yoo hoo! Anybody home? Er.....I'm a Girl Scout and I'm selling cookies! Yes, that's it...He'll have to appear now! Nobody can resist the allure of Girl Scouts and their Thin Mints!
  13. That would be.....quite lovely.....
  14. *Tears up the Missing Persons Report she was filing* Um...Yeah! I wasn't worried you were gone at all!! Yup, I trusted you from the very beginning..... eheheh....
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