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  1. The rewritten EasyTutu installer has completed its beta cycle and is now available for general download (as the default distribution) at www.usoutpost31.com/easytutu. The "Beregost fix" is integrated into this distribution -- no separate hotfix installation is required to get it. Comments / feedback are encouraged. Thanks.
  2. Hello - New EasyTutu versions (SoA and ToB) are now available for download. There's nothing revolutionary in this release -- I've fixed a handful of bugs that were reported over the past year, and I've also incorporated some new sound and video resources from the original Baldur's Gate game into EasyTutu. As always, full details can be found in the changelog. Enjoy.
  3. Hello - I've been getting a few reports of quests in which the journal entries don't get cleaned up (Unsolved -> Solved) at the end, and I believe that most or all of these issues can be traced back to BG1NPC modifications. It's not the most pressing issue in the world; but then, people are concerned enough about it to take the time to post. Here is an example thread.
  4. Hello - I forgot to mention two things: * The OSX archives have also been updated with all the new goodies. * If you are a fan of BG1NPC, you MUST use v15 or better with this release. This is due to an issue of my making, and has nothing to do with the BG1NPC folks (even though it might look it as v14 fails to install). I noted that on the EasyTutu page, but I had wanted to mention it in this announcement as well.
  5. Hello - I'm pleased to announce that a new version of EasyTutu is now online and available for download. This latest release finally represents what I consider to be a fully realized implementation of the Baldur's Gate game converted into the Baldur's Gate 2 engine. To begin, the conversion of the in-game journal to a Baldur's Gate 2 organized journal style has at long last been completed. Also exciting in this release is the changeover to Baldur's Gate 2 spells -- EasyTutu uses converted BG1 spells no longer. In addition, I am very pleased to note that the applicable fixes from G3's BG2 Fixpack have now been integrated into EasyTutu. G3's fixes, taken in combination with my own work over several months of careful testing, have really helped to create a very polished end product. With all of these features fully implemented, and with the complete redesign of the spawn system in a prior release, I can say that all of my primary goals for EasyTutu have been achieved. In order to help promote this new release of EasyTutu, I have prepared and exhaustively playtested a new mod, Hard Times. Follow the preceding link for full details and for the download. I'd like to extend a sincere word of thanks to everyone who participated in the recent EasyTutu beta and took the time to post feedback. Your reports enabled me to hone in very quickly on the issues which resulted from the changeover to BG2 spells and get them addressed. Thanks to your efforts, everyone who downloads this new release will enjoy a much more stable end product. The full details of everything included in this release can be found in the EasyTutu changelog. Enjoy!
  6. Hello - Amen! I've been enjoying my playthrough. At times it's a bit of a grind only because I know that I've set a release date that I'm trying to meet. But aside from that, I've been enjoying the ride. Keep your promise to yourself this time.
  7. Did you ever have a chance to finish your own playthrough?
  8. Hello - Ha! Sorry. I just happened to make it to the city in my playthrough. And, that file has been titled in EasyTutu for over a year now. Alboy tipped me off to the tavern rumors quite some time ago. I'm also curious about the change in general. The tavern rumors are supposed to be little rewards for buying drinks in town...if two thirds of the commoners are spouting the lines from this file, it sort of ruins things for the bar crowd. In any case, I'll settle for not blowing away the existing dialog resource. With that adjustment in place, I can buffer against the rest in the next release.
  9. Hi - Is there a reason you are compiling your own version of the Baldur's Gate tavern rumors dialog (_RBALDU.DLG) and then assigning it to city commoners? In so doing, you are essentially downgrading that file back to unsorted journal status, and I'd rather you didn't. At the very least, please consider compiling your own (non-existing) dialog resource, and then patching that onto commoners. You might also want to think about skipping the journal entries altogether (at least on Tutu -- although I'm pretty sure I read that BGT also uses an organized journal now).
  10. Hello - The approach I took with LMD is to separate the damage and the HP buff into two separate spells, both of which are cast by a cast spell effect from the main spell. The HP buff includes a self-targeted protection from itself which lasts the duration of the buff. Hence, damage an enemy repeatedly, but charge your HPs only once (until the buff wears out). Tested fine.
  11. Hello - I'll go on record as saying I am fairly shocked that Drizzt Is Not Stupid actually provoked this much conversation. FWIW, it does everything via fairly minimalist patching, so the odds of total compatibility are very high (short of conceptual incompatibility, about which I lack sufficient information to make a comment).
  12. Hello - Anything with a "hotfix available" postscript in the "Coming in the Next Release" section of the EasyTutu changelog is what you'll get from installing the hotfix pack. You are definitely much better off basing your install decision here on the actual EasyTutu documentation linked above rather than using a third-party guide, as the information in the latter tends to become stale quite easily (as was the case here). Yes...a good deal of patching here. As for why it's not in the core package: what Gorilym said, plus the fact that people who don't care about it (i.e., people who don't play with 3DA turned on) would rather not spend 1.5 GB on it. Nope. If you don't want kits for any of the NPCs, there is absolutely no reason at all to use EasyTutu NPC Kits.
  13. Hello - There's no clean way to fix this; I think the best we can do is to prevent a second casting from adding to the caster's HP. Making the victim immune would stop both, but it doesn't make sense as a different mage should be able to use VT on them. Plus, it also wouldn't stop the mage from using VT on another target. Larloch's shares this problem. I've already fixed that one so that you can only charge your HPs once per active casting. Vampiric Touch has another issue altogether: the amount of damage you do and the amount of HPs you gain are rarely equal. Plus, the Fixpack version does *not* do 1D6 per two levels as the description states -- you do some sort of sliding fixed damage deal. I'm tempted to change VT to something like 4 fixed dmg per two levels (an extension of Larlcoh's 4 dmg at level 1) in order to fix the damage done != HPs received issue, because there is evidently no way to keep the damage random and coordinate the two.
  14. Hello - spin632.spl (Deck of Many Things Mind Shield) - the charm immunity is duplicated in a second effect. Lacks disable display string effects for charmed, dire charmed, dominated, confused.
  15. Hello - Formerly capped at 20? Something other than 30 at any rate.
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