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  1. ah its so sad, i just made a quick look and it does seem that they arent planning much room for modding at release . We'll see how it turns out, I dont think its a huge deal at release but for longevity it is.
  2. Yeah I think you misunderstand me too but its hard to put every relevant ideas in a single post, a discussion like this is actually necessary to put all perspective in light. I'm actually against powergaming, I hate to be able to do it, and if something is too strong I would advocate to nerf it to a satistisfying level. What I meant was more about making every classes to have as many fun unique abilities ratter then making many kits with few perks each. (that was the original post though it evolved quite a bit) With that in mind, we have started to discuss about ways to make player's choices during leveling process vs at character creation, which I find very interresting, one could build a rogue with many different abilities or have fewer abilities but stronger focused ones etc...theres quite the possiblities here.(using HLAs system) Alternatively, an idea I like is making kits with some leveling options like above, and giving a re-spec ability usable in town or something like that. so when I feel my rogue to go assassin mode for the next trip, I re-spec him to that, and when I feel like playing him as a swashbuckler, I switch to that.(Mix of kit + HLAs + forced dialogue system) This game is quite long, which is a good thing, but havent you ever get bored during gameplay telling yourself ''it would be cool to switch my kensai for a berserker for a while''. Then you might even restart your game to play those then get bored again etc...I dont really see rpgs like the way I used too, sure you start as a whelp and end up godlike, but what good is there to be limited by your initial choice? Challenge? This game is challenging enough for a rpg imo even more so with ascenssion/scs etc, if you dont prebuff like mad before a tough battle ''you should not know is coming'', abuse re-loading, and dont cheese then I think non metagaming plays are quite challenging, playing it in a non rpg way is the player's fault and his own problem, nothing can fix this . That my rogue is an assassin now or a bounty hunter later doesnt matter that much(its still a rogue) in terms of challenge imo, it would enrich gameplay, which is fun (to me). Powergaming is NOT what I have in mind, but more alternatives to gameplay for each classes during your/my game! Anyway in the end if such a mod is ever made, no one force anyone to use it but I would . I'm looking forward to Pillars of Eternity (coming in March?). Might work on modding this one if it turns out good. Another reason I dont feel like learning to mod bg2 just yet. We'll see
  3. Yeah thats the one I'm using. Didnt know you were the one beind the resurection, not surprised I almost finished SoA with it and I cant see myself playing without it! You might think I'm crazy but for sport I use 6 sec (1 round) per spell level. But I got a house rule, I cant memorize the same spell twice, unless I got no new spell to memorize. BTW sometime spells get stuck and wont recover.. The likely thing that happens is that you gain a new level and the old memorized spells get replaced by the new ones, as after everytime you rest, there's a fixed number of spells per the level after it, so any gained after will need a new rest to recover/gain. Well until you get the Wish -spell and then you don't ever need rest. 6*9=> 54= 9th level spells recovery time, now the time stop lasts for 3 turns which is 3*6 seconds = 18... 54/18 => 3 --- I will warn you that the ToB can be quite hard for you, cause the game has Time Stop spell, and if the enemy mage has a certain amount of them about 4, he can extend the time the stop is in effect indefinitely if he recovers the first before he has to use the last, he'll time lock you and you are kinda dead as the AI will never stop using the Time Stops, I wrote this warning in the thread and readme by the way... ok i misunderstood the part ''So, I'll warn against time limits that are less than 40 in the 9th level mage category.'' I thought 54 was over 40 and I'd be fine but I didnt know they would get 4 time stop memorized...Oh well no big deal.
  4. Yeah thats the one I'm using. Didnt know you were the one beind the resurection, not surprised I almost finished SoA with it and I cant see myself playing without it! You might think I'm crazy but for sport I use 6 sec (1 round) per spell level. But I got a house rule, I cant memorize the same spell twice, unless I got no new spell to memorize. BTW sometime spells get stuck and wont recover...idk why its quite far in my install, like just before Item Randomizer and lvl1npc. yep thats what I feel would be the best then, so cooldown is possible, great! I'll take a look thx! Another idea that come to mind is re-spec, I'm pretty sure that one is possible too lol, suppose fighter has 4 kits(including true fighter) and I add an ability that trigger a dialogue that ask me if I want to change kit so when I feel like playing a tank I ''spec'' to one, put apropriate equipment and when I feel like playing a 2h powerhouse I switch to a proper 2h kit? Could be quite satisfying gameplay just there to me. I ask because there is a greater plan growing in my mind, some cross between bg2 and wow...and it look so possible that I'm almost tempted! we'll see I'll give it some more thoughts, modding is fun but so very time consuming heh. Thx all for your enlightening answers
  5. Of course. Just look at the table. It has minimum and maximum level figures, the only thing is, you can only have 24 abilities, which kinda crowds the table a lots. Next stop, the 4 part tutorial, part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4. I'm currently using igi's spellsystemadjustment mod(for the 1rst time) which make my spells have a cooldown depending on the level of each spells, would it be possible to give specific spell or HLA or innate abilities a specific cooldown individually? ala WoW? instead of ''once per day'' I would favor ''use x ability once per x sec/min. For example make it so you cant choose the same ability multiple times but once you get it you can use it every x sec/min/or hour etc..mmm now that I think of it if I saw some innate abilities with infinite use and I know KR make it so you cant be enraged again for x rounds so i guess it is totally possible? indeed! obviously I have no idea what this is all about lol, but I get it that everything I'm(we) thinking so far isnt impossible to implement somehow.
  6. sorry I thought you were expanding on Subtledoctor's post and got confused. Ok, but is it possible to allow some HLAs to unlock only at higher levels? To avoid low level fighters from having the option to get whirlwind for example? Man I'm almost tempted to learn how to mod it but I must not.( when i do i tend to get obsessed and its not something I want in my life right now lol) I find this idea very interesting though. I feel it could open a world of class customisation. The forced dialogue might do it even better if I get what you mean, you could force a dialogue on level up and choose if you want say 1 more rage/day vs 1 disruptive strike/day...etc? Ah anyway when i think of it, the next nightmare would come from the AI that I guess would need intense scripting to work with it : /
  7. Hmm, I would suspect that, it might be better to make all the kits and base classes to be equal at level 1, except a few item restrictions(for kensais etc), and then allow the kit to dictate the specialization on how those skills are used(and HLAs).So a fighter gets rage(+damage), defensive(+AC) and offensive(+thac0) -stances... and the bonuses are dictated by the kit, so barbarian/berserker get's x2 bonuses from rage and a few temporary HPs/damge resistance, while less bonuses on the two others, Kensai gets *2 offensive stance and damage bonus, while less from the two other forms, and Wizard slayer gets elemental bonuses(?) to all the stances, but less of to each. And the pure fighter gets the half way from each of the styles. So basically what the Kit Revision already does, but add in the lesser versions of the other styles as an optional stances. That is indeed very interresting. So basicly its possible to convert HLA system closer to ''feats'' similar to 3ed+, then make every classes perks an ''HLA'' so one could choose how to build his class instead? With some kit only feats like improved rage for berserker/barb and so on? Wow...that would be quite the deal imo. Sad thing I'm afraid I dont have the will to learn to mod this game, even though its the best game ever, I know how much work is involved in modding from having done it on other games, it doesnt even look that ''modder friendly'' either so best I can do is throwing my 2c, I'm just too late to the party! Its fun to discuss concept possibilities within IE noneless. It really feels open for many things, it doesnt seem as limited as I 1rst thought. I'll go take a look at Wolpak's work, see what he's up too. thx!
  8. Well I,m not a big fan of multi-class and dual class in general. I only wish that every single class had more tactical options fitting their role. And kits should expand a particular aspect for the class while reducing other ones without removing them completly. Another example would be Fighters I wish that Fighters would be a cross of KR fighters/wizard slayer/berserker with disruptive magic abilities/day, Raging abilities, Called hits, stances etc.. KR is so close to what I have in mind, its just that it split all cool abilities across multiple kits instead of making vanilla fighters having all of them, and making kits just either improve on some at the cost of others. For example Wizard Slayer could have more disruptive strikes/day with better power like 60-80% but reduced Rage power and Called hit/day progression. Something like that. Actually disruptive strikes could be another called hit option, instead of pinning or disarming, disrupt caster. Again more tools for each classes=more fun. If mages would have a limited amount of spells/school and specialist mages would be limited to their school only, I guess everyone would think how cool it would be to have access to almost every spell in the game whatever the mage class/kit they choose, cool thing that its actually the case . I feel the same about other classes right now, just that instead its all spread out into each kits, which imo is sad. Anyway whatever the outcome KR is better then vanilla in every way. I can only wish for it to get even better, which is subjective to anyone Cheers!
  9. Well, yeah, cons are none, as in, the character is way too overpowered to actually function as anything else than a pure power house. You don't need delayed fireballs, you got traps, your melee damage is close to any fighter that's not hasted, and if you decide so, you can backstab multiple times. As in, go invisible...Your thieving skills, well you loose none, so you have everything at the end of the game basically. Now, I know something is off with balance if you get all those. Now of course this doesn't say that there's no merit in giving the classes more flexibility, but it should come with some cost. Yeah I only meant to show a picture of what the rogue (in my example) could look like, obviously it wasnt set in stone. I'm sure a ''swashbuckler'' that can backstab, have utility traps, dirty tricks, can use poison/day and paralytic toxin/day etc does look more like an actual complete rogue concept. Dmg numbers can be debated in testing. I like having more tools. Rogues are squishy and even with good AC they cant take much dmg and will never replace a fighter spot in a team. Again numbers can be debated, with IR in mind and armor starting to get dmg reduction based on how heavy they are this seem even more true, fighter can stay in melee, rogues can risk going melee for a short period and if/before it gets hot move out. Then when it comes down to kits, improve 1 or 2 aspect and nerf 1 or 2 others for flavor's sake. Nerfing thieving skills suck imo. Idk for example bounty hunters traps do more damage/effect last more rounds but they have less backstab multiplier and poison/day/or dmg etc... I actually like this idea for a true class ranger. Backstab x2, Bow mastery, Animal companion, few unique spells - there you have it. Yeah you get the point
  10. Well i might be older then you are actually...I'm 33 English being my secondary langage...I get it that you do not agree with me! lol. I wish I had not evolved too somehow...but I did with the consequences that come with it. : / And if you look at what is being done here you can clearly see that they feel +/- the same, knowingly or not, otherwise they wouldnt try to add called hits and stances to fighters etc... I played WoW for a while and although I'll probably never play it again, in terms of class/spec(kits)/abilities, every classes/spec was fun to play and had different feel, Modders could get very good results by letting them be inspired by it. Every classes had around 30 abilities too...warriors would not be right click and be done. Just look at druids in wow and imagine it here Restoration druid = healer druid with good regeneration spells Feral Druid = change in cat form(panther) and get rogue like skillz (stealth, bleeding damage etc) Guardian Druid = change in bear form with good abilities to tank The thing is that every of those spec could do the others spec's job, but just not as good. Even if bg2 is my all time favorite rpg, it certainly isnt because of the DnD 2nd ed rules, more because of the setting(Forgotten Realm, epic story, many different enemies, quests that feel important to do) The past 15 years has done some very good things imo. Serioulsy grew-up-with-touchscreens kid haha...man you can't be so far off, I'm not even on facebook, twitter, and I never downloaded an app on my phone yet... But don't worry I dont get offended on internet posts anyway...you actually made me laugh thx!
  11. First thing first I'd like to express my gratitude for modders like you who keep enhancing this epic game that seem to never get old from all the work you guys been doing through all those years . I decided it was time for another playthrough recently and looking at all the mods I could get, this one slip past my radar unfortunatly : / . I use SR SCS and many others. I'm now in 2/3 SoA and something strikes me as obvious, as a gamer I have evolved and expect as much cookies as can be to play a game. It's 2015!! So that being said, why stick to ''kits'' !! TO THE POINT ------------------- why isnt a class a combination of all these kits you have done ratter then split all cool stuffs in 3-4 kits...I mean when i'm looking at them kits I want them all (almost) Lets take a look at what its like on paper! Rogue Cons; NONE Now thats a complete class!! It doesnt even strike me as OP...just a complete fun class as of today's standard with many options to get the job done. I would do something like that for all these classes Merge Fighter(yours) with berserker and wizard slayer! Merge kensai and barb! Merge all Ranger kits (only Cons i would get is limited to studded leather armor)(man how cool this class would be all of a sudden...who doesnt want a ranger master of bows with an animal companion, can cast some spells, dual wield, stealth and do some backstab etc..? I want it now! plz) Merge all Pally kits Merge all rogues(as in above example) Anyway thats my 2c ,I know how to mod (not bg) and how much work it can be, and since learning how to do it is the hardest part generally, i dont really feel like learning to mod this one. I can only wish experienced modders look at this idea and make a mod or submod of it! balanced wise, there is so much mods to make this game harder I dont see the problem here, one can only do so much in one round anyway. Cheers keep on the great work!!
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