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  1. In other words, I posted on the wrong forum. My bad.... I got Tutufix confused with the Fixpack. There are so many mods/fixes for BG and BG2 that they've sort of blurred in my mind. I can't wait until you guys combine all the fixes into one file. It'll make things soooooo much simpler. P -Khalaq
  2. It's nice of you folks to spend the time on a game we've all loved for years. I don't know if anyone bothers to say it, but I'm sure your work is appreciated by many. I've run into a snag, however.... I decided to reinstall BG1 (with TotSC) and BG2 (with ToB), and I tried to install Tutu. Did the Baldurdash preliminaries for both BG1 and BG2, installed Tutu, and then tried to install TutuFix (version 15). Tutufix crashed while trying to install the core fixes. ERROR: Failure("resource [_Narrat.cre] not found for 'COPY'") Bummer... ( Any comments/suggestions? -Khalaq
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