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  1. Thanks CamDawg! subtledoctor I haven't checked out Scales of Balance but I'll be sure to take a look.
  2. I was wondering, would it be possible to set specific stats to a minimum? I wouldn't mind setting STR, DEX and CON each to have a min of 14 for example.
  3. I think there is a much higher chance for success porting IWD1 to the BG2 engine. I like the IWD2 engine the best out of all the IE engines, but it is different enough to foil automatic conversion.
  4. Hey Cewander, only four years late, but I have to thank you for trying the mod out! Maybe some day I'll have time to look at this stuff again...
  5. Sorry to be away for so long. I see a post from this year which makes me both happy and sad! Sad because I don't think I can ever realistically promise to finish this mod. My conclusion long ago was that a completely automatic conversion of IWD1 content to the IWD2 engine is impossible. The rule set is just too different to the point where even the game dynamics are different. Enemy AI has to be re-crafted to use new spells and so on. I think where I really got bogged down was when I was trying to re-create the first enemy mage you run into in the tombs, and I couldn't figure out how to do a good job of it. Anyway, hope is not lost, but it's very well camouflaged -Fred
  6. FredSRichardson


    I recently got this great deal from Atari: all BG/IWD games + ToEE. I was thinking I would try to resurrect the mod in what ever version I had to see where it was. I'm starting to remember some of the serious issues. IIRC, the conversion work would require a lot of "by hand" AI scripting and re-designing of characters and even some areas. I am interested in useful tools for doing this work, but I did get bogged down in doing the redesign. Anyway, I'm interested in looking again to see where I left off with this so long ago. With a clear vision of what's needed to complete this mod, I might be able to assess whether there's any chance of getting it done.
  7. I updated the link information on the open beta page. Note that I only have the beta installer itself there and not the other files. I'll try to get those up there too (except for the biks file which is huge). UPDATE: All files are available there. Google Docs is great now that I can upload big files.
  8. Yes, any kind of port would be voice acting only. Everything would have to be done by hand. Not much chance of DA to BG2 for that matter. DA has the advantage of a better toolset.
  9. ROFL! Yes, you've got me pegged. I haven't found it in me to pick this up in quite some time... I think it would require a remarkable amount of work. Though I have to see if it's possible to create "the hand" with the DA tool set. There is a really good mages tower in DA. Almost all the monsters are lacking (except maybe orcs and goblins).
  10. I've been really impressed with Dragon Age. It had a lot of the IWD feel and it had me thinking. Would a conversion of IWD1 to DA be possible with their tool set? Granted it would all have to be done by hand, pretty much only the voice acting would be preserved. Oh yeah, all the monsters are missing to, no bone golems. Hmm...
  11. I'm afraid I haven't played IWD2 (or IWD1) in a long time. I made all the code available if anyone wants to play around with it. I was running into difficult issues with some of the non-generic NPC's (the generic ones were manageable). The mod needs a lot of work to be enjoyable. For example, some of the IWD1 tactics don't work as well in the IWD2 engine. I think the beta testers had the same experience I did. The mod works up to some point in the first act, and then it's unplayable (the opponents become impossibly difficult). -Fred
  12. Great feedback Raffin, thanks! I need to get back into modding this stuff. I'm running Vista-64 so it will be interesting to see how all this works. I pretty much left off work on this right after you enter the last tomb at the end of the Vale (Cresselack?). Things will get impossible when you get there.
  13. I can no longer serve the files I had up on my server. The movies are quite big (500Meg or so). Does anyone know a new permanent home for this? If not, I'll use Google sites and just serve up the mod itself with directions on how to make the movies.
  14. Hi Cewander, You want to edit the file: IWD1Tutu/iw12/configuration and change the source and/or target directories to whatever you used for installing the games: ~source~ [ ~C:\Program Files\Black Isle\Icewind Dale~ ] ~target~ [ ~C:\Program Files\Black Isle\IWD1tutu~ ]
  15. Hey Cewander, It's great to hear from you! Sorry I've been so inactive on this project. I've been distracted by work, some newer flashier games and Diablo II (so oddly addictive). I also have a recent computer death to deal with (but I think/hope the drive is fine). I promise to give it another go, if I can convince anyone to try playing through it more than once -Fred
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