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  1. Hey Cewander, only four years late, but I have to thank you for trying the mod out! Maybe some day I'll have time to look at this stuff again...
  2. Sorry to be away for so long. I see a post from this year which makes me both happy and sad! Sad because I don't think I can ever realistically promise to finish this mod. My conclusion long ago was that a completely automatic conversion of IWD1 content to the IWD2 engine is impossible. The rule set is just too different to the point where even the game dynamics are different. Enemy AI has to be re-crafted to use new spells and so on. I think where I really got bogged down was when I was trying to re-create the first enemy mage you run into in the tombs, and I couldn't figure out how to
  3. Great feedback Raffin, thanks! I need to get back into modding this stuff. I'm running Vista-64 so it will be interesting to see how all this works. I pretty much left off work on this right after you enter the last tomb at the end of the Vale (Cresselack?). Things will get impossible when you get there.
  4. Hi Cewander, You want to edit the file: IWD1Tutu/iw12/configuration and change the source and/or target directories to whatever you used for installing the games: ~source~ [ ~C:\Program Files\Black Isle\Icewind Dale~ ] ~target~ [ ~C:\Program Files\Black Isle\IWD1tutu~ ]
  5. Yikes! I've not seen this. What do you have installed? I think I have everything up to and including "Tales of the Lure master" on mine.
  6. Yes, you bring up a good point. I was going to try and stick to 3E spells as per IWD2, but contact other plane is a little different. I forget how that one works into the plot, but doesn't it give you some useful information? I'll look into it, it's probably a good idea to keep it as a spell or make some special scrolls.
  7. Well, I'm amazed you went that far. I gave up at Myrkul and stopped there, but I know this is where the conversion breaks down. I'm going to see if I can do something a bit more reasonable with the autoconverter. Otherwise I have to do everything by hand. Quest experience will go up, and though tough guys will give a lot more. I wish I had the lesser shadows cursing on hit, this doesn't seem to happen. Also, the weights should petrify and the ghouls should do something (disease?). I'll look into it. It might be the listen skill that gives the monsters more awareness. I'm not s
  8. I'm working on the XP balancing. It's very easy to overdo it. It's also kind of odd to get a lot of XP from killing skeletons. The IWD2 approach was to send horde after horde of low levels things for you to kill and do most of the XP pumping through quest rewards. At least that's what it seems like. I have to choices: pump up the XP reward for quests or pump up the per creature XP (but keep the rest spawns low XP to avoid easy exploiting). I have to do one or the other, or maybe a little of both. The other odd thing I'm noticing is that the monsters in IWD2 seem to have a longer r
  9. Well, right now I'm a one man team. Progress will be slow I'm afraid. I unfortunately can't do automatic conversions the way BG1tutu can. Now, perhaps your interested in helping on the development end? I can give you some tips on how to tweak things if you want to try them. The problem I have is that I've played through the first part of IWD1 too many times, and it's just painful to do it again. I'm hoping I'll be able to tweak the experience levels and get it right for one last time through. Kresselak's Tomb is where the work is needed now.
  10. I'm playing through IWD2 now to remind myself what the level progression is like. It's not too hard to install IWD1tutu in a seperate directory, though it takes a lot of disk space (I think I can see a way around this), still, if you want two installs let me know and I'll give you the details.
  11. Oh, well that explains your opinion about difficulty: I thought it was kinda easy as well. A lot less goblins at the Kuldahar pass, for instance. Could be because I hadn't reached for level 2 just yet back then. I just started an IWD1 game so I can make some comparisons. I think my party reached level 2 at about the same time as IWD1tutu or maybe slightly sooner. The rogue/bard types hit level 3 some time in the pass, and the cleric hit level 3 in Kuldahar, so things are definitely slower for IWD1tutu after that (I was at level 2 for most of the Vale I think). It'll be a lot of work, su
  12. Excellent! Thanks for playing through so far! I haven't yet gotten through the vale. I think the early creatures are a bit easy. The tough monsters you're hitting in the main Vale dungeon are ones converted the "old" way. That is, they're way too tough (they use Weimer's heuristics for conversion which leads to some seriously over powered monsters). I finally decided that you couldn't do an automatic conversion in any satisfying way which means a fair amount of custom work needs doing. I'll see what I can do about the sluggish xp growth. I agree that something has to be done. At
  13. Okay, I'm playing through again. So far I think Old Jed was the only problem, but it's hard to tell since I fixed the problem (this will cause an area crash for areas with CRE's that have no levels in IWD1). The game is pretty easy for a party of 6, at least for the Easthaven areas and the Kuldahar pass. My party made level 1 about half way through clearing the pass. At least things seem to work okay, tuning can come later.
  14. I'm thinking this should really be template based, that is you could specify a template like "townperson" "level3ftr" or something which would set basics (levels, feats, classes, attributes) and then you could overload specific values. The other thing would be to leave something subject to automatic conversion from the original IWD1 resource (scripts etc). I'll have to look into this some more.
  15. Sorry about the confusion. I couldn't figure out how to get the installer to change permissions automagically. I'll have to see about doing that. I figured out the problem with "Old Jed". Turns out he had no levels in anything. I'll have to figure out why the code is letting that happen.
  16. Well damn.... I can't seem to get into see "Old Jeb". I get an error in CRuleTables.cpp (i.e. entering area AR0014.ARE crashes the game). The ARE and CRE check out okay in DLTCEP. I could try deleting things from the area until it works and maybe debug that way. Anyone have any ideas?
  17. I'm not sure what you mean. I haven't figured out how to change the startup screen, though I think something could be done with a little photoshop magic and some file converting. All the transition screens are from iwd1, so that helps a little bit with the "immersion". The music is (or should be) from iwd1 as well. I think I had all this working. I can't remember whats in those bik files (the big download), but I think those are the movies. So, in short, there are some things which look iwd2-ish: the initial game load screen and the load icon which fills up between transitions. Th
  18. Ooops! Yes, user name is "iw12" (without the quotes). I'll update the page now. I highly recommend going back to a vanilla iwd1-HoW-ToTLM and iwd2 installs with the patches. At some point I'll see if I can make a version that works with iwd1 but without HoW and ToTLM. I doubt the code can handle mods very well.
  19. Uploaded the latest thing I have bumping the version from beta1.01 to beta1.05 Updated the "Open Beta" page with a bit more info on how to install.
  20. Here's an open thread for anything I can think of about the current beta. Please post any issues (and if possible solutions) you find. I'll try to respond to what I can. I'm hoping I can upload something more recent, I'm not sure what made it into the last beta.
  21. Update (20Aug10) Okay, here are some links to all of the files, the directions below should still apply: IWD1Tutu-biks.rar IWD1Tutu-beta1.05.rar IWD2Patch201.exe how142eng.zip [12Nov08: beta1.05] Please note that this is pretty rough. It might ruin you iwd1 and/or iwd2 installs, so if you have any save games you care about, you might want to copying them somewhere. The safest thing to do is to copy the chiten.key and override folder to somewhere else on you disk. If you have any mods installed for iwd1 and/or iwd2, uninstall them! This mod probably won't work
  22. Sorry, work has hit me pretty hard. That and I decided to play PS:T all the way through ;P Anyway, I'm ready to launch in again. I'm pretty close to an incremental release. There's still so much to do, but I have gotten a lot done. And yes, I think a translation would certainly be possible if someone is willing to do it -Fred
  23. I'm working hard at it! A lot of sweat over the last week or so. A lot of infrastructure and bug fixes.
  24. Wow, it's been a long and interesting past week. I've fixed and added a lot, and I'm hoping to get another beta out, but there's still a long way to go. The really good news is that I think I may be getting close to farming out some of the work. I've been approaching this by a CRE modification system that lets you select an existing IWD2 CRE and script in a bunch of changes (AC, HP, CR, Spells, ITM's, etc.). I think most of the work for this mod will happen here. It's a fledgling system so far, but it's promising. I want to extend it to ITM scripting as well (adding/removing abilities
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