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  1. Sorry,I cant test it out anymore.As said,I am not using 32 bit anymore.
  2. The fix didn't work btw.I have installed windows 64bit version now.... T_T
  3. Guys,guys! I don't think I even encountered this "mod support broken" error you are referring to. What I am getting is THIS (And I am using BigWorldSetup-bigworldsetup-e5455792c220 ) I would be extremely grateful,if somebody could help me out ;_; Its the strangest thing.I never had problems on my laptop,but I was never able to install BWP on my computer..in more than 2 years https://i.imgur.com/b7aSJC9.png
  4. @Jarno, Thats what I am doing.I am using the Big world setup ;_;
  5. Hi. I was trying to insteall big world project for both of the enhanced versions on my windows 10 pc,but it says it isn't supported.. I also tried running it in compability mode for win7 and xp perspectively,but still nothing. I have had disabled my firewall/antivirus/everything so it can't be that.Any idea,you guys?
  6. hi jarno.i wish there was a "thanks" button : - D thank you for the quick and thorough reply. "I have no idea about the EET's current state as it's not out of the beta and it's going to take a few days to get the official things out .. so what's the point in asking it even now." i am confused.do you mean that it is about to be released?i was not aware that it is new.i thought its around for years on end like all the other mods out there . "Besides, if you consider the so called big mods actually don't necessarily have the largest amount of content considering that they op you out " do you mean that the big mods are incompatible with lots of smaller mods and thus in the grand scheme of things i actually would be better off to install the small mods instead of the big mods(in regard to EE 1 and 2)?
  7. Hi! : - ) I have baldurs gate enhanced edition 1 and 2. I want the maximum number of mods possible,which one of these options should i choose(picture below)?Does the "baldurs gate enhanced edition trilogy" install both together?so confused... http://postimg.org/image/4l2j0u203/ Also another question.I would really appreciate if you could answer this one..What is the name of the mod i have described below?In any future installation i really wanna disable it (and any other mod that acts like it does) When I was playing baldurs gate trilogy with a tactics installation (the original game,not enhanced one), there was a mod that made enemies randomly spawn when you were taking strolls through the wilderness.On low levels it was dogs and wolfes,then bandits,then orcs and orc shamans.....Nedless to say,the mod absolutely killed the game for me.Like,seriously what the heck?You are taking a stroll through the wilderness and suddenly a group of OP orks spawn infront of you and one shot you and the only way to hold them off was to cast mass invivisiblity and run away... Last question:How much mod content does baldurs gate EE 1 and 2 have now compared to the original game?Have all big mods been converted?does it have atleast 60% as much quest and content mods as the original saga? Thank you guys,thank you very much for taking time and reading this ^_^ have a nice day
  8. Hi guys,no matter how often I tried,I cannot install it from the install.bat from the original installer,but the BWS seems to work fine,why is that?
  9. *bump* I think the problem is with imoen.is there something similar i could do with her that i did with the web spell?(overwrite folder copying and stuff)
  10. big world installation of bgi and ii(bg trilogy) heres the log i would be surprised if anyone has the patience to read it lol. i also am curious whether if the new bws setup is bugged or not,because,after 3 times of installation,sword coast stratagems and a load of other mods after it don't get installed. cheers~
  11. Hello guys I imported my BG 1 character to bg2,but right in the starting dungeon,when imoen is supposed to come out of the door and open my cell gate,she doesn't.I am using the tactical big world setup installation.Is there any way to solve this problem?(Make imoen come out of the door and trigger the script or whatevs...) I would be very thankful for any hint :-)
  12. hello.thanks,it worked for the web spell.i hope the spiders were using the same "spell"(i cannot test now whether spiders have turned bugfree or not),but in the case of it not working,what should i copy to where? thanks again :-)
  13. Hello Is there a way how I could change the web spell,from my big world installation?The current one slows down the game to a crawl,I will try to include a screenshot. ps:i have a similar problem with the friend spell.it seems to rise charisma per round,in an area,for everybody.
  14. Hello guys. Why are the Ai scripts so bad?my mages dont use their spells(only seldomly do they),they go instead kamikaze and attack the horde of monsters,armed with an iron dagger!I actually,I have to arm them with ranged weapons so that they dont get stabbed in their face,but even then they nearly never cast spells,preferring to throw darts....... and when the enemy comes close,they like to stand there around,instead of running away. Just why is the AI so bad?any way to fix it?or do i have to play in manual mode?
  15. Since my start was bugged anyway (No racial selection for my char),and the class seems to be OP,aaaand,i was like 10 minutes ingame I just cancelled it lol :-D. I went with druid shadow master this time,partly because it sounds cool,and i don't have to put up with npc druid shenanigans!
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