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  1. thank you for your quick response, Jarno ! Now I can keep going…
  2. Now I need a precision about the creation of items via Near Infinity (v2.1-20180615). In the Effects rows. For the line "Timing mode", no problem I put Instant/While Equipped -2; but the line "Dispel/Resistance" isn’t clear and I need a clarification : - Natural/Nonmagical (0) : ? does it mean now that the effect is dispellable ? - Not dispel/Bypass resistance (2) : does it mean that the effect could be vulnerable to attacks even with 100% RM ? and does it mean it’s the most preferable choice for the character otherwise ? Thank you for your help. NB : my mod have now 42 items…
  3. Now, I’ve used an old install of BG2ToB with a great quantity of mods, and I’ve removed the problematic boxes (mage/druid/thief). Now it works ! my dwarf fighter-cleric can now carry the 4 items without crash ! Well I think now the problem is solved, until the next release of my mod in a few weeks, which will have 36 items…
  4. classic BG2ToB, and it’s the only mod installed
  5. @Freddy: merci pour ton intervention; justement, j’ai décoché toutes les cases inutilisables de druide, de voleur et de mage depuis la création du mod, et les 4 objets sont enfin reconnus ! Mais…l’armure et le heaume crashent le jeu, mais pas les 2 masses…incompréhensible… @ : I’ve removed the unusable flags -druid/mage/thief - of the problematic classes and kits, and well It works at first appearance. But, if I’ve access to the maces without problem, the armor and the helm cause freezes and crash the game…incomprehensible…
  6. I use la version 2.1-20180615 of Near Infinity. Could you show me the problem with this file here with my mod installed, please ?
  7. Mmh, voyons voir…Having installed my mod, I’ve had a look at PEARMVAI.ITM. And well there aren’t weird characteristics. So Jarno I suggest you to install directly my mod and see if you find the source of the problems. I’m ready to translate the terms in English if necessary. NB : this mod have been created with Near Infinity.
  8. Dear Jarno, thank you for your word of encouragement. Well I haven’t progressed at all and I don’t know what is the cause of these bugs for these 4 items, it concerns only clerics characters and I’ve verified, the Fighter/Cleric too…I put here these 4 files, hoping that a good soul will solve these problems. Thank you by advance. NB : I’ve had 7 years of english studies at school, and I’m ready to do the translations if necessary. PEARMVAI.ITM PEHELMPS.ITM PEMASCEL.ITM PEMASHER.ITM
  9. Thank you for your quick reply, Temnix, but I have to precise one thing : in all cases I’ve created PCs in ToB, giving them a big sum (100000 GP) et put in the Waukeen Promenade (AR0700), at the Adventurers Market with the console. And well the things didn’t wok at all anyway…
  10. Well, I’ve recently made an install of my new mod - Emerson v1 - and I’ve encountered a few problems : I’m unable to give 4 of my items - an armor, 2 maces and a helm - to a cleric character - NB: It works with a paladin -…I’ve pointed meticulously all these items with NearInfinity, and I don’t know what is the problem exactly (the PEARMACI.ITM is recognized in passing). So is it possible that an experienced modder put an eye here and may give the solution to this thorny problem ? Thank you by advance. Here the 4 items : PEARMVAI.ITM PEHELMPS.ITM PEMASCEL.ITM PEMASHER.ITM Sorry the descriptions are in French but I’m ready to translate them if necessary. EmersonVF_v1beta.rar
  11. Thank you for your help, you two. Now my mod is nearly finished. NB: I’ve put in the descriptions of my mage robes in my mod allusions to the great Archimage Jasteya…of course you know who she is…
  12. I’ve created recently a new mod, a merchand called Emerson who sell 21 magical items (of which 4 magical robes) and I’ve an installation problem: after the 5th item I’ve an unexpected error message… I don’t know where is the problem, so I put here the main files and I hope that someone could help me. Thank you by advance. PS: this mod have been made with Near Infinity. PEROBELM.ITM SETUP-EMERSON.txt WeiDU.txt Robe de Protection Élémentaire.txt
  13. True, Jarno, but well I prefer to wait personally the SR v4, considering that the last alterations are within sight by now…
  14. Here the last of my mod, thank you to all the persons who have helped me. Kaya_v2.rar
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