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  1. Prof Errata

    Progress Reports

    ah ! good news indeed ! I hope now that the new version will come quickly…
  2. Prof Errata

    Progress Reports

    Does it mean a new version for TBL will be available soon - v3.3 - ?
  3. Prof Errata

    Last call for SCS v32 fixes

    An impressive listing of bugs of the RC8 - and the bugfixing which followed - has been collected until now, so is it possible that we’ll have a definitive version of SCS v32 very soon ? DavidW if you read me…
  4. Prof Errata

    Progress Reports

    Well done, jmaeq ! and thank you for your marvellous work. But personally I’ll wait the next version of the mod - if bugs are detected soon in the V2 - in order to send Minyae in my next BG2 game. I have a look at the dialogues and I’ve noticed they are well written, the fact too that Minyae isn’t a love affair too is an advantage in my opinion. Nevertheless, I think it would be interesting to give to our heroine the option of being a standard Mage class, because the Enchanter class Mage have a serious drawback, the forbidden specialization of Invocation; and so no magic missile available, a spell rather useful against the Mordies Swords… Nevertheless I can only congratulate you for your mod, persons like you are a boon for our little community. Merci encore !
  5. Prof Errata

    The Beaurin Legacy Overview and FAQ

    an excellent idea, go ahead !
  6. Prof Errata

    The Beaurin Legacy Overview and FAQ

    Well, is the Beaurin Legacy ToB part going well now ? And will it be released before the end of the year, I hope ?
  7. Prof Errata

    Version 7 of Tweaks Anthology Released

    well I hope to have a response one day…
  8. does it mean that we’ll have SCS v32 very soon ?
  9. Prof Errata

    Bugs and discrepancies in v.6

    it isn’t help much, I’m afraid…
  10. Prof Errata

    Version 7 of Tweaks Anthology Released

    Is Tweaks v7 the definitive version now ?
  11. Prof Errata

    Bugs and discrepancies in v.6

    Well, nobody can’t give me a little help about this subject ? I don’t think it’s a difficult thing to make clear at present…
  12. Prof Errata

    Bugs and discrepancies in v.6

    well Cam, remove this doubt from my mind: does it mean that an another version of cdtweaks will be released very soon, after the v7?
  13. Prof Errata

    BG2 Fixpack v11 Beta 4 Released

    sorry to intervene here, but well in the wake of all these remarkable changes here at G3 since these last days, will a definitive BG2Fixpack v11 be expected soon ?
  14. Prof Errata

    Other class profiles for Minyae, please ?

    But before to do these changes, of course it would be a good thing that the ToB part will be released, soon I hope. Jmaeq well the ball is in your court now…
  15. Prof Errata

    G3 Prepares for its 15th Anniversary

    nice work ! Thank you for your huge work Cam !