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  1. Well the problem is solved now. IM10_Simd0_v1.5.rar
  2. Well, I have to give some explanations. I’ve tried all the possibilities of coding, and there are only 2 things which appears: the vampire appears in daylight (!) or no encounters at all…I’ve made researches, asked an help here and there, and well I’m unable to see where is the problem…I’ve put precisely your line of code and the vampire appears in daylight…this problem drives me nearly crazy, but I’m an obstinate guy and I’ll solve this problem once for all. And if you could help me, I would be happy. Thank you by advance. IF Global("D0IM10","GLOBAL",0) Global("chapter","GLOBAL",2) TimeOfDay(NIGHT)
  3. Well, I’ve found the origin of my problem, it was the last line of the tp2 which put the script in the cemetery; I’ve modified it : EXTEND_TOP ~ar0400.bcs~ ~d0im10/et_area.baf~ Now it works The 2 protagonists appears ! But a vampire in daylight, it’s not correct ! So I need to have the correct lines of code which place the encounter during the night, from 22h to 5h in the Slums. Thank you by advance. IF Global("D0IM10","GLOBAL",0) GlobalLT("chapter","GLOBAL",2) THEN
  4. well, nobody here could give me a little knack for this mod ? I need only a line a little line of code which activate the encounter between 22 h and 5h…Thank you by advance.
  5. Well, I think there is something that could help in the finalization of this mod : the mod Zalnoya and the Shadow Thieves - available at SHS - which activate an encounter with a vampire the night in front of the Copper Coronet. I think that a comparison with this mod would be useful in order to obtain a definitive version of this one. So, Jastey, Mike 1072, Gwendolyne, if you read me…Thank you by advance.
  6. thank you for your precious help, Jastey. Well, I haven’t planned the EE compatibility - BG2EE isn’t translated yet in French - , but if you know how to proceed, go ahead.
  7. comme d’habitude, l’affreux jojo de ce forum met son grain de sel…Well, thank you for your precision, Jarno, it could be a precious help for Jastey.
  8. Dear Jastey, thank you for your response. I give you here my reasons for this modification : 1 - in order to not meet early the terrible Bodhi, of course, and to not speak with this creature - the encounter had to be activated at the Chapter 3 : GlobalLT("chapter","GLOBAL",3), and I think it would be more intesting and logical to put it in the Chapter 2 - . Well, the Slums has seemed me a good place for this encounter, being disreputable, but others could be used 2. Ask to SimDing0, I am not the creator of this mod - GlobalGT("Deactivate0801","AR0800",0) 3. By night, of course, the vampire are nocturnal hunters et_area.baf setup-d0im10.tp2
  9. Well, thank you for your response, Jastey ! So I’ll wait patiently until the week-end.
  10. Really, nobody ? Well, Jastey, if you read me…
  11. Well, nobody could help me please ? I think that the work could be made quickly in my opinion. Thank you in advance.
  12. Well, does it mean we’ll have a definitive version of SR_v4 soon ?
  13. Bien. So is it possible to have a definitive correction please ?
  14. Well, I’ve encountered a problem when I’ve modified the IM10_Simding0 mod : having decided that the encounter is now situated in the Slums instead of the Graveyard - Chapter 2 AR0400 by night - and I’ve modified some lines of code. But the encounter isn’t activated ! I think it’s only a little problem, being not accustomed to use the IE programming language. Well I hope that someone will be able to solve it. Thank you by advance. IM10_Simd0_v1.5.rar
  15. I’ve noticed myself recently these graphic anomalies about SR v4_beta 18- 5 for the arcane list and a handful of divine spells (Gust of Wind, etc) - so is it possible to have in a near future fixes for them, fully integrated in the mod ? Without to make a new version, of course (SR_v4_beta 18.1 for example). I think it could be made quickly by experienced modders. Thank you for response.
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