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  1. Well, I’ve found the origin of my problem, it was the last line of the tp2 which put the script in the cemetery; I’ve modified it : EXTEND_TOP ~ar0400.bcs~ ~d0im10/et_area.baf~ Now it works The 2 protagonists appears ! But a vampire in daylight, it’s not correct ! So I need to have the correct lines of code which place the encounter during the night, from 22h to 5h in the Slums. Thank you by advance. IF Global("D0IM10","GLOBAL",0) GlobalLT("chapter","GLOBAL",2) THEN
  2. well, nobody here could give me a little knack for this mod ? I need only a line a little line of code which activate the encounter between 22 h and 5h…Thank you by advance.
  3. Well, I think there is something that could help in the finalization of this mod : the mod Zalnoya and the Shadow Thieves - available at SHS - which activate an encounter with a vampire the night in front of the Copper Coronet. I think that a comparison with this mod would be useful in order to obtain a definitive version of this one. So, Jastey, Mike 1072, Gwendolyne, if you read me…Thank you by advance.
  4. thank you for your precious help, Jastey. Well, I haven’t planned the EE compatibility - BG2EE isn’t translated yet in French - , but if you know how to proceed, go ahead.
  5. comme d’habitude, l’affreux jojo de ce forum met son grain de sel…Well, thank you for your precision, Jarno, it could be a precious help for Jastey.
  6. Dear Jastey, thank you for your response. I give you here my reasons for this modification : 1 - in order to not meet early the terrible Bodhi, of course, and to not speak with this creature - the encounter had to be activated at the Chapter 3 : GlobalLT("chapter","GLOBAL",3), and I think it would be more intesting and logical to put it in the Chapter 2 - . Well, the Slums has seemed me a good place for this encounter, being disreputable, but others could be used 2. Ask to SimDing0, I am not the creator of this mod - GlobalGT("Deactivate0801","AR0800",0) 3. By night, of course,
  7. Well, thank you for your response, Jastey ! So I’ll wait patiently until the week-end.
  8. Well, nobody could help me please ? I think that the work could be made quickly in my opinion. Thank you in advance.
  9. Well, does it mean we’ll have a definitive version of SR_v4 soon ?
  10. Bien. So is it possible to have a definitive correction please ?
  11. Well, I’ve encountered a problem when I’ve modified the IM10_Simding0 mod : having decided that the encounter is now situated in the Slums instead of the Graveyard - Chapter 2 AR0400 by night - and I’ve modified some lines of code. But the encounter isn’t activated ! I think it’s only a little problem, being not accustomed to use the IE programming language. Well I hope that someone will be able to solve it. Thank you by advance. IM10_Simd0_v1.5.rar
  12. I’ve noticed myself recently these graphic anomalies about SR v4_beta 18- 5 for the arcane list and a handful of divine spells (Gust of Wind, etc) - so is it possible to have in a near future fixes for them, fully integrated in the mod ? Without to make a new version, of course (SR_v4_beta 18.1 for example). I think it could be made quickly by experienced modders. Thank you for response.
  13. Well, my dear Doctor you have persuaded me about the use of SR_v4 in my next BG2 games, but I hope that nevertheless all these aesthetic bugs will be removed once for all in a near future - beta 19 ? -. And feel pity for the poor Illasera, she has acted as spell target for my sorceress…her demise have been horrible, ha ha !…and I’ve tried to eliminate her with others spellcasters, it has well worked, these new spells are well thought out.
  14. I see. Well I’ve downloaded SR_v4 beta 18, and created a sorceress in a ToB session in order to see the changes of the arcane spells : they aren’t not bad at all and perhaps I will try a BG2 game with this new mod in a near future. But I’ve noticed that 5 arcane spells have a green background, do you think that these graphic annoyances will be deleted soon - the end of this month - in the next version of SR_v4 (beta 19?)? And if it’s the case, will we have once for all the definitive version of this mod ? I hope it will be the case, with a new readme and the last fixes. PS : if you have s
  15. Well, I need that someone help me for the traification of a precise mod, the IM10 created by SimDing0 put here. It’s a little mod, so I hope that an experienced modder could implement it. Thank you by advance. IM10_Sim.rar
  16. Here the section of the SR tp2 file. What Have to do now ? /*------Spell Revisions------*/ BEGIN @9996 DESIGNATED 0 REQUIRE_PREDICATE (ENGINE_IS ~soa tob~) @8996 // ~This mod is designed for the Baldur's Gate II engine and will not function on other games.~ INCLUDE ~spell_rev\shared\cre_spell_immunity.tph~ // function used to make creatures immune to certain spells /* ----Various---- */ // Scroll Of Restoration: no longer needed since addition of spellbook fixing code in v3 // adscroll.itm still copied over in case someone wants to CLUAConsole it for use o
  17. Thank you for your response, Subtledoctor, but the problem is that SR_v4 is slow to be finalized, and well SR_v3.1.03 functions well until now, so I prefer now that the present available versionof SR in the G3 download section have to be used. I hope that my proposal for my mod will be implemented quickly, because I don’t think it would be difficult task to do for an experienced modder. Thank you by advance.
  18. Well, I’m really happy to see that SR v4 is going now, and I can only congratulate the modders here for the seriousness of their work and especially you, Bartimaeus. But well do you think now that you are near of the end, that SR_v4 will be released soon ? If you could give us a sure answer, not only myself but most of the BG players here will be satisfied.
  19. Well, I need to have a little help from experienced modders here for my mod, Kaya_v2 here. I have precised in the read-me that Spell Revisions v3.1.03 is mandatory before the install of my mod, but I’ve decided otherwise and I hope that someone will help me with some additional lines of code : what I wish is that the install of Kaya v2 now checks at the beginning if SR 3.1.03 is installed : - if it’s the case, no problem -> installation as usual - if SR isn’t installed, there is no installation and a message is sent showing that SR 3.1.03 have to be installed before this mod
  20. Cher Freddy, J’espère que tu n’as de pas difficultés ces temps-ci. Bon, as-tu lu mes posts sur le forum G3 ? Car je pense qu’il ne faudrait que peu de ton temps pour achever la tra-ification des 2 mods IM10 - Kulyok et SimDing0 - que j’ai traduits, or il me faudrait que ça soit terminé définitivement pour que je puisse lancer une nouvelle partie de BG2 et voir si les objets du mod que j’ai créé - Emerson v1.2.5 - ne déséquilibrent pas le jeu. En espérant une réponse positive, Amitiés Couroniennes PROF ERRATA
  21. Well, after having proceeded by trial and error I’ve finally the mod responsible of this bug : the mod MRAN, which place in Lonely Wood a NPC, Anurgath, who permits to the team to return to Kuldahar after having paid a sum. I think personnally it’s a quite simple script problem, which cause the silence of Hjollder, and could be solved by modders who know well the IE language. I hope that this problem could be solved. Thanks by advance. 3_MRAN.rar
  22. Well there is someone able to help me ? I think it’s only a small detail in the whole install…Thank you by advance.
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