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  1. ok, let me explain if you install a mod created for the classic edition under EE, if it use a foreing translation like german or french, you must use handle_charset in your tp2 or they crash this is normally not require for a mod only in english, because most english character display the same in the classic edition and in the EE but some english translation use character outside the range of character that display the same in EE and in the classic edition ( i m clear ? ) so for those mod you should use handle_charset for the english translation too, or they crash under EE the g3annivers
  2. This litle mod is so great, thank you for the update. But could you check the file setup.tra : in the v9 version it did contain some ASCII caracters that are strangely converted into UTF8. may be it's harmless now, but some of those caracters had given me problems on EE.
  3. The mod was updated recetly by weigo it's a typo in cheat_var.tph
  4. This mod completely ruin the challenge (and it's one of the great aspect of BG2) , your implementation or tobex one, are fair
  5. Sure, but Beamdog didn't translate BG2EE to langage that where supported by the original baldur's gate. So there are stiil player that are playing the classic version for good reason (even if i must say that EET is more stable, easy to mod, and very difficult to crash, than BGT) Just overwrite the original file ( that way it's very easy to update the original mod) and why no keeping the compatibily with BG2 ( copy the pvrz file on EE/EET and use handle tileset on ToB)
  6. Please don't. We already have enough haste with TTDz, no need to create more of it. TTDz should never exist in the first place, all updates should be just integrated inside TDDEE mod leaving old one intact. I've asked Ikki to create github repo but he didn't do it. kudo for TDDZ, but i agree with alien, there is no reason to patch the file on the fly. Now we have two mod that are frozen ( TDD and Weimer-TacticsMod ), because changing them will break TDDz and Tactics2_for_EE. And TDDZ and Tactics2_for_EE are very difficult to edit
  7. I didn't try the custscene (or more funny fighting faldorn) with a dead charname, but most of the time, your party member speak for charname if he is dead. Moreover the engine carry the body of charname during most area transition, and sometimes your team member must get tired and let charname body drop, and he probably get eaten by wild animals (it's not a surprise if the resurrection fail if the body is missing) But K4thos don't remove this component, let the player reload a little latter if there is a problem, without this component you must reload anyway if charname die
  8. It's the same behavoir than in BG2 classic with tobex : if you travel between area, inexpected result may append (sometimes a crash when resurrecting the main character, and sometimes he resurect in a different area than the party (very funny when there is a party require flag ) Just add a warning that charname must be resurrected very fast, and let people travel with a dead charname at their own risk I alway's considered that lore friendly, the bhaal essence may take some times to fully ascend descend, but the more you wait, the more unexpect the success ...
  9. Be sure to have the last weidu version for you setup-stratagems.exe, if not weidu will overwrite it with one of the other setup-mymod.exe Step One: Download Explorer Suite and install it. Step Two: Open CFF Explorer. On the start menu, it will be under "Explorer Suite". Step Three: Click on File -> Open, and direct the program to your setup-stratagems.exe Step Four: Click on the "+" by "NT Headers" if it's not already expanded, then click on "File Header". Step Five: Don't be intimidated by the table; click on the cell under "Meaning" and across from "Characteristics" that says "Cli
  10. Nothing I always have memory error when installing SCS with EET and a lot of mods, because it seems stratagem use more than 2Go of memory There are 2 solutions, you must install smarter mage and smarter priest manualy and quit weidu inbetween (but it's boring) Or enable the "large address aware flag" (only on setup-stratagems.exe) that allow weidu to use ut to 4Go of memory, and i can install everything in one batch To enable this flag you need a program like ExplorerSuite
  11. If i had to guess i would bet on a SCS issue : the poster install everything available and the only component missing in his weidu.log is smarter priest. Because it probably failed to install in totality with an "out of memory error" = install broken
  12. Hello DawidW I m seconding alien wish : with EET and some mod the install time of Stratagems is important ( some hours ), and give sometimes "out of memory" error K4tos seems to have find a way of reducing memory usage using LUA I don't know if it is applicable to Stratagems but it (quoting K4thos) "call lua.exe from within weidu to handle all regexp stuff for BAF and D files during installation"
  13. I have had this error but during the installation of stratagem at the end of the install The only workaround for me was installing the mod in two step, and not in one go. Weidu seems to fail when dealing with two many file And for EET, one solution may be not installing to many mod in BGEE, but converting them to native EET support
  14. I have it installed on EET without conversion, and Cromwell is doing his job it's missing HANDLE_CHARSETS, so you must use english, or add it to the tp2 with iconv
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