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  1. Well, my mod does not includes AB core components and as Grog also changed stores, certain items, 2da files and added spells, I do not believe my mod is compatible with AB. Grog's fixes, yes, those are actually recommended, but the core changes, those might cause some issues regardless of my mod or others. I suspect however (no testing) that if you install Grog's AB after my fixpack, there shouldn't be any issues.
  2. Yes, well, some of the items I made changes to were affected by Item Upgrade mod. Stoutward for example, I changed it a bit to make it more useful, but usable only by dwarves. Item Upgrade allows it to be changed into something else. But most important are the stores. Almost every store in the game was touched by my mod, so any mod that changes a store comes in conflict. As for Almateria, yes, she contacted me about a month ago after she released her restoration mod. I gave her all my files. Mostly some item fixes, but also some UB content which is further detailed on my thread at CoM. http://www.baldursgatemods.com/forums/index.php?topic=6803.0
  3. I may be absent, but I am not dead. Yet. As for my mod, back when I started working on it, there was only one mod (fixpack included) released for IWD1, Grog's Auril's Bane mod. At first I relayed my suggestions to him, so he improved his mod. The I started working on it, but as my Weidu skills were (and still are) absent, I made the changes in old Baldur dash style. When the fixpack thread was started here, I offered to merge the two mods, perhaps in a Weidu format, but it came to nothing (can't remember the details, maybe some bad blood between Chosen of Mystra and G3s boards). But as far as I am concerned, the offer is still on the table if someone has the time and dedication to draw a line between the 2 fixpacks and merge them. Then a few years ago Prowler offered to translate my mod into Weidu format. He did, but unfortunately he also failed to include all the files necessary for an area where I did changes (level 4 of Dragon's Eye) and when the player enters that area the game crashes. The only fix is to remove the faulty area file. Now enough with the story. For the question asked, my mod assumes that Grog's IWD fixes are included. Which means, not all the AB content, but just the fixes. I was planning on my making my mod compatible with AB content as well, but waited for Grog to release his revised content (he never did). For the list, I'd recommend not to use Item Upgrade with my Fixpack. Item fixes do not work with that. It might screw them both. It gets along just fine with UB, cosmetic changing tweaks and some components of the G3 Fixpack (dialogues, creature fixes, some of the item fixes). However a part of my mod basically included tweaks to existing items, adding description to some and changing some stores and containers to add previously unable to be found items (but they were in the database). That's the component which does not work with Item Upgrade and might cause conflict with G3 Fixpack as well.
  4. Barren being called a "she". I suspect he would be thrilled at such news.
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