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  1. Just in case its important to SR or that you guys might know something about the subject, here: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/61870/specialists-may-need-a-dev-in-here
  2. Been long since I played a Monk, so dunno how they fare in comparison to a Fighter, I think Monks should have the best saves in the game, but they also have a decent magic resistance, so to counter the fact they are a powerhouse versus creatures that rely on magics and special abilites that allows a save, Monks should be a bit worse (compared to warrior classes) at AC and the amount of physical damage they can constanly dish out. Since the only thing Paladins lose when compared to a Fighter is Grand Mastery, and they get extra saves, protection from evil (very good and useful spell all the
  3. Things that mess with the .exe are cause for concern, me (and most regular users) can easily change anything through the override folder, but messing with the .exe is another story. Thought EE already had most convenience fixes included since it doesn't makes much sense having to install a 3rd party material to "fix" something that should never happen in the first place, like mirror image for example. On a quick research found this topic here: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/39966/mirror-image-and-fireball Dunno if EE 2.3 includes it or not, but then again I thought the modders (YO
  4. I assume it does? Never having tried the mod, what I meant is that it probably checks what game (vanilla/EE) it is and parts that would not work are already excluded from install options (Devas or the .exe fixes are candidates that come to mind). For the saves, its pretty much as Jarno says, more like a plead/request from my part, maybe you guys would be interested in "doing a full conversion" to a Fort/Reflex/Will, altough it encompasses more than just the spells since items/eff/cre (dunno what else) would need adjusting as well, nevermind compatibility with other mods.
  5. Hi! Seems that Spell Revisions interacts well with EET and EEs in general, I assume the installer checks what can and cannot be installed (Devas model) and that EEs already contain "convenience fixes" for mirror image/dispel magic/cure sleep. Also, I've been told by a certain someone who wont be named but lets say he is AN IMP , that SR "sort of" does a revision for saves removing polymorph and wands? Maybe you guys would be interested in converting the savings throws to a Fortitude/Reflex/Will model: https://s16.postimg.org/mqn8wcu11/Sem_T_tulo_1.jpg Thankfully half of the saves in the ga
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