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  1. ScuD

    New engine

    Further style change has removed the sidebar div.ipsLayout_sidebarright { display: none; } Now I am able to see the forum the way I want it
  2. ScuD

    New engine

    Yeah, the style change did the trick. The only correction - it is ipsLayout_container, not ipsLayoutContainer
  3. ScuD

    New engine

    Is it possible to make the layout friendlier for 4K monitors? Please see the attached screenshots from SHS vs G3. About 50% of the view on the sides here is a background image for me. Also, the right pane with files and donations info is removable in SHS (marked on screenshots). Can you implement it here as well?
  4. After installing Randomizer's component 1300 "Randomise items -> Mode 2: Randomise with WeiDU. No items are lost: v6.1" NI reports the file AMMAYOR.DLG as corrupted. I doubt it is a bit issue though.
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