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    New engine

    Further style change has removed the sidebar div.ipsLayout_sidebarright { display: none; } Now I am able to see the forum the way I want it
  2. ScuD

    New engine

    Yeah, the style change did the trick. The only correction - it is ipsLayout_container, not ipsLayoutContainer
  3. ScuD

    New engine

    Is it possible to make the layout friendlier for 4K monitors? Please see the attached screenshots from SHS vs G3. About 50% of the view on the sides here is a background image for me. Also, the right pane with files and donations info is removable in SHS (marked on screenshots). Can you implement it here as well?
  4. Don't understand what you mean by this Never considered myself as a "Vlad supporter" (the irony, yeah?) But I've got answers to my questions, thanks.
  5. All right. Didn't expect that much hostility against TS. After all it was horred the plague who made it compatible with BP and megamod install in the first place and I personally never had any trouble with it. Never played any further versions or - God forbid - "Vlad's Compilation". But whatever, I guess times have changed.
  6. A few items worth mentioning: Is anyone aware if Tortured Souls is being updated for EET? Probably the most interesting mod I'd love to see in EET in addition to what is there already. Item Revisions is beta 15 now - and I believe BWS still downloads beta 10. Also it looks like there's an "Item Revisions Revised" basing on the IR forum - is it an option for EET Megamod install? Soundset mods, in particular Alternate Xan soundsets. I'm pretty sure they should be compatible with EET, but they are not mentioned on the official mod list.
  7. @subtledoctor, again, not too many werewolves in the game. But there were quite a lot of gnolls in BG1.
  8. There are a few vampires in SoD, but they are not too personal for Minsc. A few gnolls at the crusade camp. But IIRC there are very few gnolls in BGII, so changing the racial enemy would probably be not a bad idea.
  9. Well, unfortunately I can only rarely read forums and post, and expect even that time to shrink very soon But be ready that people won't like a simple list of campaigns. People are too fastidious these days.
  10. @K4thos: Can you do it then? I personally like it more than existing BG2 or BGT, really adds some freshness. And making it with lighter colors than SoD will help too.
  11. Is it possible to do something that Beamdog has done for BGIEE/SoD? Switching the game and screen by clicking on a big icon on the right. I understand that may be too difficult to implement.
  12. Awesome! Thank you for your work David!
  13. I still get v2 when I click the download link.
  14. I remember ioun stones worked well back in the days. Maybe none other mod ever edited them At least that's an archive with only ioun stones
  15. Please check this - it's an old mod with ioun stone animations. And flaming swords initially came from 1PP.
  16. I still don't understand why you should change or delete them. They are mod items, you are not modifying any other mod items like Questpack or Aurora.
  17. Have I missed something? I see only 37 ITM files in 1PPv4, 2 of which are elven wings, 6 - Chloe's swords, 20 - herbs from originally a separate mod. I wouldn't call the rest 9 items as "a lot".
  18. The file was fixed by me long ago and incorporated in FR-RoV. I do not see the version of FR-RoV in this WeiDU.log which leads me to believe an outdated version is used. The latest FR-RoV version is 7.2 and located here.
  19. As these fixes are up-to-date in comparison to BWP Fixpack I'd recommend removing the folder "BiG World Fixpack\item_rev" after unpacking the fixpack. After applying the fixpack apply fixes from the first post of this thread.
  20. Do you mean that IR .TPA files are now bigger than 1M? I'm pretty sure you've misunderstood me
  21. I think that's because DELETE_ITEM_EQEFFECT did not exist at the time of this component creation
  22. Could you please also post the fix for the IR 3 beta so we can install the component without the need for this fix on fresh installations?
  23. Another suggestion I have. The "Disable Portrait Icons Added by Equipped Items" component - may it be better to just DELETE_ITEM_EQEFFECT 142 instead of changing probabilities? Is such an approach correct?
  24. I have noticed some time ago that A#AMNM.CRE is somehow malformed and in megamod installations is totally corrupted in the end. I've made adjustments to the file to avoid that. Attaching changes here. bg2_tweaks.zip
  25. GARLENA.STO, PPUMB01.STO, SAHPR01.STO are getting corrupted after installing the "Store Revisions" component. Easy to reproduce - install on ToB with fixpack (or even clean one).
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