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  1. so one of the issues i have with the vanilla romance is how long the timers are. so this component interests me so i need to ask: so if set it to 200 does that double the amount of time for the timers? or does it slow the timer down?
  2. seems there is something wrong with the ajantis alternative cross mod: Adding jastey's Ajantis's interjections into Alternatives Mod Compiling 1 dialogue file ... [crossmodbg2/tra/english/jasteyajantis_alternatives.tra] has 48 translation strings [CrossmodBG2/SoA/Interjections/alternatives/jasteyajantis/jasteyajantis_alternatives_interjections.d] loaded, 11673 bytes ERROR: No translation provided for @10003 WARNING: cannot verify action ~SetGlobal("C#Ajantis_CM_AltMal","GLOBAL",6) SetGlobal("C#AjantisRomanceActive","GLOBAL",3) SetGlobal("C#AjantisPCBrokeRomance","GLOBAL",1) EraseJournalEntry(@10003) EraseJournalEntry(@10004) EraseJournalEntry(@10005) EraseJournalEntry(@10006) EraseJournalEntry(@10007) EraseJournalEntry(@10008) EraseJournalEntry(@10009) EraseJournalEntry(@10010) SetLeavePartyDialogFile() LeaveParty() Enemy() Attack(Player1)~: Not_found ERROR: No translation provided for @10041 ERROR: parsing [tb#_compile_eval_buffer/CrossmodBG2/SoA/Interjections/alternatives/jasteyajantis/jasteyajantis_alternatives_interjections.d]: Not_found ERROR: compiling [CrossmodBG2/SoA/Interjections/alternatives/jasteyajantis/jasteyajantis_alternatives_interjections.d]! Stopping installation because of error. Stopping installation because of error. Stopping installation because of error.
  3. megamike15

    Gavin BGII:EE?

    so any updates on the bg2ee situation?
  4. any chance this will also be done for the tob beta. i would like to play it but i hear there are very bad bugs that stop people from finishing the game and crashing problems.
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