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  1. they said the same thing about modules in nwn ee. and look at that modules broke with the December patch.
  2. what is the portrait's file name? so i can replace it with the one used by Artrastrophe.
  3. they should be. i remember his romance factoring into weather he turns on you or not during the new final battle.
  4. we got a patch in december. it broke fan module scripts. after the last patch broke area transitions. this is ridiculous the whole point of the ee was for it to be compatible with all the old modules. but they broke them by switching to a new format apparently and may have not even realized as only me and two people bring it up. and before you say " just play diamond" i can't it does not run well on my laptop so it's nwnee or bust.
  5. the remasters of daggerford and moonsea gave people hope that the dlc were gonna be great. the newest one just feels like a cash grab and should have been free. so unless it was made by Ossian Studios don't bother is what i'm getting at.
  6. it does not help that the last big nwnee patch broke fan modules and the most recent premium module is a buggy mess.
  7. friendship mods for characters that still dont have one: jan, anomen, nailia, edwin, jheria, and the ee npcs afew more quest mods to make tob feel less linear.
  8. so one of the issues i have with the vanilla romance is how long the timers are. so this component interests me so i need to ask: so if set it to 200 does that double the amount of time for the timers? or does it slow the timer down?
  9. seems there is something wrong with the ajantis alternative cross mod: Adding jastey's Ajantis's interjections into Alternatives Mod Compiling 1 dialogue file ... [crossmodbg2/tra/english/jasteyajantis_alternatives.tra] has 48 translation strings [CrossmodBG2/SoA/Interjections/alternatives/jasteyajantis/jasteyajantis_alternatives_interjections.d] loaded, 11673 bytes ERROR: No translation provided for @10003 WARNING: cannot verify action ~SetGlobal("C#Ajantis_CM_AltMal","GLOBAL",6) SetGlobal("C#AjantisRomanceActive","GLOBAL",3) SetGlobal("C#AjantisPCBrokeRomance","GLOBAL",1) Erase
  10. so any updates on the bg2ee situation?
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