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  1. I don't know, why SoS should not be compatible with I4E.
  2. I wrote a small tool and function to alter the searchmap bitmap files. For Baldurans Seatower I made a new practical tool for an old problem. It was always a problem to edit searmap files, because you could only overwrite the existing file. When two different mods edit the same searchmap, it was always difficult to find a solution. Now I wrote a small tool and a function to solve this problem. The tool SRmap_modding_tool now compares the modded searchmap with the originals from the classic and ee version and creates a 2da file with all bitmap changes. The function is for the setup.tp2 file, which uses the 2da files to alter the existing bitmap with the changes. So two different mods can alter the searchmap file. Now a small instruction for mod authors: -First you need to use the tool to create a file that lists the search map changes. This you need to do once for your mod. -After that you include this "changes.tpa" inside your mod to patch the existing search map when the mod is installed. Put the SRmap_modding_tool in your Baldurs Gate installation. 1. Go into SRmap_modding_tool\area directory 2. Put the classic, ee and your modded/new searchmap bitmap in the fitting directory 3. Open the setup-SRmap_modding_tool.tp2 with an editor 4. Enter the names of the bitmap files without the extension in the lines filename_classic, filename_ee, filename_new ALWAYS //OUTER_SET areaname = ~AR1200~ OUTER_SPRINT originalfolder_classic ~%MOD_FOLDER%/area/original/classic~ //original unmodded searchmap folder from classic bg OUTER_SPRINT originalfolder_ee ~%MOD_FOLDER%/area/original/ee~ //original unmodded searchmap folder from ee bg OUTER_SPRINT filename_classic ~AR1200SR~ //original unmodded searchmap filename from classic bg OUTER_SPRINT filename_ee ~BG1200SR~ //original unmodded searchmap filename from ee bg OUTER_SPRINT newfolder ~%MOD_FOLDER%/area/new~ //modded searchmap folder OUTER_SPRINT filename_new ~AR8100SR~ //modded searchmap filename OUTER_SPRINT filename_changes_classic ~%filename_new%_changes_classic~ //filenames for the 2da files used by the mod OUTER_SPRINT filename_changes_ee ~%filename_new%_changes_ee~ //filenames for the 2da files used by the mod END 5. Save the file and start the tool. It will work a while 6. When it's finished. There are either two files "AR8100SR_changes_ee.2da" and "AR8100SR_changes_classic.2da" or if both files are identical there is only one file "AR8100SR_changes.2da" 7. Copy the 2da file from step 6 into your mod folder 8. Copy the alter_searchmap.tpa function to your mod functions. You find it in the SRmap_modding_tool\lib directory 9. Put following lines into your setup-mymod.tp2 INCLUDE ~%MOD_FOLDER%/lib/alter_searchmap.tpa~ LAF ALTER_SEARCHMAP STR_VAR path_to_2da_file = EVAL ~%MOD_FOLDER%/Ramazith/AR7238SR_changes.2da~ // full path to the *changes.2da file, e.g. ~mymod/bam/AR3700SR_changes_ee.2da~ areaname = EVAL ~AR7238~ // area name, e.g. ~AR3700~ END Enter your path to the 2da file and the areaname. For ee and classic differnces, you have to make a query with ACTION_IF
  3. @Jarno Mikkola Newer mods use your method COPY_EXISTING ~misc01.itm~ ~override/ctb.mrk~ // tell other mod that Check The Bodies is installed but older mods use CTB_Rule.bif files to detect CtB (same for Rot and SoS) so I made both checks. COPY ~Worldmap/map_mods_links.tbl~ ~Worldmap~ APPEND_FILE ~CtBEE/Worldmap/links.tbl~ PATCH_IF (FILE_EXISTS ~data/ROT-RULE.BIF~) OR (FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME ~rot.mrk~) BEGIN APPEND_FILE ~CtBEE/Worldmap/rot_links.tbl~ END PATCH_IF (FILE_EXISTS ~data/TDD-RULE.BIF~) OR (FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME ~tdd.mrk~) OR (MOD_IS_INSTALLED "setup-TDDz.tp2" "0") BEGIN APPEND_FILE ~CtBEE/Worldmap/tdd_links.tbl~ END PATCH_IF (FILE_EXISTS ~data/SOS-RULE.BIF~) OR (FILE_EXISTS ~override/sos.mrk~) BEGIN APPEND_FILE ~CtBEE/Worldmap/sos_links.tbl~ END @Mad Mate yes I can. They should be merged on github.
  4. @subtledoctor Only the part for old BG2 installation will biff files. The EE part doesn't biff anything except one dummy file to create CTB-Rule.bif as a marker for other mods.
  5. @Mad Mate Please download CtBEE from my github https://github.com/weigo87/CtB-EE.git Now the ids problems should be solved, because I changed the biffing routine. Only the tis and wav files will be biffed.
  6. Now I made a small test. The spell.ids file was biffed by RoT and CtB added some new lines and biffed it again at the end. Shout.ids was Shoutids.ids was in it#s original bif file and was changed correctly by CtB. Both files are working correctly. @Mad Mate Can you post your weidu.log file, perhabs we can find the problem. I think it's important for the game not to have too much different versions of mods. For example, if someone would make a mod with all big mods (BGT/EET DsotSC, NtotSC, SoS, TDD, CtB, RoT ...) it's much more easier to make it to all mods compatible, when we have only one version for the mods and not two different, with a lot of bugfixing during Big World setup. I think one big point of success for Baldurs Gate modding community was passionate commitment and that we always kept the modding easy. We want to have the game in best case for 20 more years.
  7. A lot of text here to read. Let's put the problems together in a few lines Thetyr Forest patch and Chores with fast forward are part of CtBEE The ids problem. We can add a line like COPY_EXISTING ~^.*\.ids$~ ~override~ in the biffing routine, so all ids files stay in override folder.
  8. Congratulations! For all who are unsure; SoS = Shadows over Soubar, the last of the big classic mods that was still missing for EET!!! (One question - The former component "Remorhaz walking speed adjustment" is now part of the single main component and will only install on english version of the classic game, not EE/EET, correct?) The former component "Remorhaz walking speed adjustment" will only install for BG2, TOB and BGT installations. REQUIRE_PREDICATE (!GAME_IS ~bg2ee eet~) ~Not for EET and BG2EE~
  9. I have updated the SoS Mod to be compatible with EET. https://github.com/weigo87/SoS-EE/releases
  10. CPU: Core I7 5820 Ram: 16GB GPU: GTX 970 System: WIN10 It should be fast enough. I tried on BGT and it works fine.
  11. I have a clean install of EET RC4 on a clean BGEE and BG2EE. When I start a new BG1 game and switch to the worldmap, I have a CtD. I take a look on the worldmap.wmp file in NearInfinity and it looks fine. The Sod worldmap Bgmap.wmp works. I have started a SOD game and the worldmap has no problem. I also tried my BP-BGT-worldmap and it didn't work. But I think it's a local problem. Perhaps Roxanne can tell me where I can find the graphic cards log file. worldmap.wmp.txt
  12. I have the same problem with CtD when I switch to the worldmap My log file
  13. Happy Birthday CamDawg and I wish you all good things!
  14. // changes to mace proficiency; COPY_EXISTING ~iblun04.itm~ ~override~ WRITE_BYTE 0x31 101 BUT_ONLY_IF_IT_CHANGES // changes to correct item type "club" COPY_EXISTING ~blun01.itm~ ~override~ ~blun10.itm~ ~override~ ~blun22.itm~ ~override~ ~blun23.itm~ ~override~ ~blun24.itm~ ~override~ ~blun26.itm~ ~override~ ~blun27.itm~ ~override~ ~blun31.itm~ ~override~ WRITE_SHORT 0x1c 44 BUT_ONLY_IF_IT_CHANGES // changes to club proficiency; correct item type "club" COPY_EXISTING ~shille.itm~ ~overide~ ~skelclub.itm~ ~override~ WRITE_BYTE 0x31 115 WRITE_SHORT 0x1c 44 BUT_ONLY_IF_IT_CHANGES
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