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  1. I don't know, why SoS should not be compatible with I4E.
  2. I wrote a small tool and function to alter the searchmap bitmap files. For Baldurans Seatower I made a new practical tool for an old problem. It was always a problem to edit searmap files, because you could only overwrite the existing file. When two different mods edit the same searchmap, it was always difficult to find a solution. Now I wrote a small tool and a function to solve this problem. The tool SRmap_modding_tool now compares the modded searchmap with the originals from the classic and ee version and creates a 2da file with all bitmap changes. The function is for the
  3. @Jarno Mikkola Newer mods use your method COPY_EXISTING ~misc01.itm~ ~override/ctb.mrk~ // tell other mod that Check The Bodies is installed but older mods use CTB_Rule.bif files to detect CtB (same for Rot and SoS) so I made both checks. COPY ~Worldmap/map_mods_links.tbl~ ~Worldmap~ APPEND_FILE ~CtBEE/Worldmap/links.tbl~ PATCH_IF (FILE_EXISTS ~data/ROT-RULE.BIF~) OR (FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME ~rot.mrk~) BEGIN APPEND_FILE ~CtBEE/Worldmap/rot_links.tbl~ END PATCH_IF (FILE_EXISTS ~data/TDD-RULE.BIF~) OR (FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME ~tdd.mrk~) OR (MOD_IS_INSTALLED "setup-TDDz.tp2" "0"
  4. @subtledoctor Only the part for old BG2 installation will biff files. The EE part doesn't biff anything except one dummy file to create CTB-Rule.bif as a marker for other mods.
  5. @Mad Mate Please download CtBEE from my github https://github.com/weigo87/CtB-EE.git Now the ids problems should be solved, because I changed the biffing routine. Only the tis and wav files will be biffed.
  6. Now I made a small test. The spell.ids file was biffed by RoT and CtB added some new lines and biffed it again at the end. Shout.ids was Shoutids.ids was in it#s original bif file and was changed correctly by CtB. Both files are working correctly. @Mad Mate Can you post your weidu.log file, perhabs we can find the problem. I think it's important for the game not to have too much different versions of mods. For example, if someone would make a mod with all big mods (BGT/EET DsotSC, NtotSC, SoS, TDD, CtB, RoT ...) it's much more easier to make it to all mods compatible, when we have
  7. A lot of text here to read. Let's put the problems together in a few lines Thetyr Forest patch and Chores with fast forward are part of CtBEE The ids problem. We can add a line like COPY_EXISTING ~^.*\.ids$~ ~override~ in the biffing routine, so all ids files stay in override folder.
  8. Congratulations! For all who are unsure; SoS = Shadows over Soubar, the last of the big classic mods that was still missing for EET!!! (One question - The former component "Remorhaz walking speed adjustment" is now part of the single main component and will only install on english version of the classic game, not EE/EET, correct?) The former component "Remorhaz walking speed adjustment" will only install for BG2, TOB and BGT installations. REQUIRE_PREDICATE (!GAME_IS ~bg2ee eet~) ~Not for EET and BG2EE~
  9. I have updated the SoS Mod to be compatible with EET. https://github.com/weigo87/SoS-EE/releases
  10. CPU: Core I7 5820 Ram: 16GB GPU: GTX 970 System: WIN10 It should be fast enough. I tried on BGT and it works fine.
  11. I have a clean install of EET RC4 on a clean BGEE and BG2EE. When I start a new BG1 game and switch to the worldmap, I have a CtD. I take a look on the worldmap.wmp file in NearInfinity and it looks fine. The Sod worldmap Bgmap.wmp works. I have started a SOD game and the worldmap has no problem. I also tried my BP-BGT-worldmap and it didn't work. But I think it's a local problem. Perhaps Roxanne can tell me where I can find the graphic cards log file. worldmap.wmp.txt
  12. I have the same problem with CtD when I switch to the worldmap My log file
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