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  1. So... I wondering, with the new siege of Dragon Spear expansion bing out would you think about making Delainy available for BG EE in that capacity? I know you're probably busy with other stuff and making this mod work for BG 2 EE but it would be cool to see. Side note, would it be possible for someone to find/repost the old portrait pictures for the character? I think all the old links and images are gone after the last couple of years.
  2. Hey, i got an account on this forum mainly to check out this mod and I was wonder a few things, A: Is this mod still in development B: If so are there plans to make it useable for BB2:EE my system speciffically the mac apple store version C: I couldn't help but notice many of the admittedly very old image links are down and I was wondering if I could find any image portraits that were or are planned to be used for this mod. Thank you
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