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  1. Thanks, I'll give it a shot. Is there anyway to backup the install before making the change? Would making a copy of the dialog.tlk help?
  2. Will the restored exp cap apply in my current game, or do I have to start a new one to make it work?
  3. I am currently playing a TuTu game and am in Chapter 3. In addition to TuTu and TuTu Fix, I have several other mods installed (Finch, Indira, BG 1 NPC Project, Grey Clan, Secret of Bone Hill, Yacomo's world map and TuTu Tweak Pack-installed in that order). When I installed TuTu Tweak pack, I selected the "remove experience cap" feature. However, I am having regrets regarding this tweak. My question is whether I can uninstall this feature without messing up my game. As indicated above, I installed the Tweak Pack last, so, based on my very limited knowledge of WeiDu mods, I think this shoul
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