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  1. Hey there! I absolutely adore the romance pack that includes the ability to flirt with Sand. It adds a whole new layer of depth to his character that the original game had opted not to give him. I made an account here to offer to take up developing dialogue if Berelinde was not interested in continuing this project. I may not know anything about modding, but I do write for the Tumblr roleplay blog gloriousleadersand. If my version of Sand is acceptable and if someone is willing to implement created dialogue into the mod, I would love to lend my assistance! If this is not to be (if my Sand is not quite what we are looking for or if Berelinde wanted to continue this at a later date, or for any other reasons, all perfectly fine), then I do wish everyone involved with the Sand romance the best of luck. Feel free to contact me on Tumblr or send me a message here if there is any interest. Thanks! -Drackomancer
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