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  1. Here is another mystery for anyone still feeling like playing BG2 Detective: My Level 8 Cleric, imported from BG, has saving throws that the wiki says he should: 7/11/10/13/12 When I level up to 9, according to the wiki, my saving throws should remain the same. And yet, when I level up to 9, they do change- and even weirder, some go up and some go down. The info panel says death "reduced"by -2 and polymorph by -1. Spells reduced by positive one. And indeed, looking at my new totals, they are 9/11/11/13/11. Surely leveling up should never cause a character to get weaker, right? My best guess is that, since this is the character's first level up in BG2, I'm tapping into a modded saving throw table- but why? If SCS or SR or Tweakpack make changes to PC saving throw tables, I don't see it in the documentation.
  2. Right? If you don't want to dual-class a human character, you can just... not dual-class them. Not sure why it needs to be a component.
  3. You are right- I uninstalled this component and Imoen was able to dual-class again. I don't know why I had it installed in the first place- must have erroneously assumed it was an option to expand DCing. Thanks so much to you and everyone else willing to help out this poor noob.
  4. Would be glad to- are there instructions somewhere on how to do that?
  5. Her stats are unchanged- 18 DEX and 17 INT- and indeed I think I have the component (from Tweakpack I think?) that abolishes all stat and race requirements for dual and multiclassing.
  6. Wondering if someone can help me figure out what I'm doing wrong. I imported my PC from a just-finished BG:EE run and am trying to start a modded BG2:EE run. I'm using SCS among other common mods, like Tweaks, and have the Improved NPC customisation and management component turned on. Imoen begins at Level 0, as she should be, and I get the prompt that I should level her until I can't anymore, then Dual Class her. However, after leveling her as a Thief up to Level 7, (mere 40K XP), the Dual Class button is greyed out and I cannot switch her over to Mage. Would appreciate any help. Minsc and Jaheira level up just fine to my PC's level.
  7. Thanks so much for all the work you've put into this. Can this be installed while we have saves running with the previous version?
  8. Thanks so much for your help. I am going to use the mods you suggest (including your shameless plug!) as well as Ascension. Fingers crossed.
  9. Thanks very much. Do you know if Item Revisions is similarly compatible/balanced with SCS? Any other mods you'd recommend for a "vanilla-enhanced" playthrough? I am really just looking for the traditional BG-BG2 experience, with some added challenge and whatever fixes, balance improvements, and quality of life improvements the community has crowdsourced over the years. SR and IR struck me as in that spirit but I really don't know. I have never played IWD so I don't know what to think about those spells.
  10. I have BG: EE and BG2: EE. Really want to use this mod and many thanks to the creators. Curious though: is it compatible with/balanced for Spell Revisions and Item Revisions? I have seen reference to it working with SR, but is that in the sense of "the game won't crash" or the challenges of SCS being designed with SR's changes? I have seen less mention of how IR fits in with SCS, and I'd like to know if I'd be wrecking my game, ether directly or balance-wise, if I adopt that one too. Appreciate any help anyone could provide!
  11. This was very helpful. Thanks very much for your replies, Mike and Doctor. I will probably forgo Ascension then.
  12. Hi, Planning to do a big run starting with BG:EE and into BG2 and TOB EE. Would love to take SRv4 for a spin. If you can send me a link to the beta I am happy to try it out and report back what I'm seeing. Thanks.
  13. Hi, PoE has rekindled my love for the BG series and I am returning to them after many years- I want to do a full run from BG to ToB. Long since lost my discs so I picked up the EE versions of both and want to really dig into mods this time, and SCS looks fantastic. I am a bit bewildered however and would appreciate some help: If I have the EE versions, do I need any version of the fixpack, for BG or BG2? For the tweak pack, I dl'd v 16 and it prompted me to pick a game folder. I picked BG:EE and installed a bunch of stuff but a lot of BG2 options were not possible- do I need to run the installer again now and point it at the BG2 folder and do it all over again now? I really like how Spell Revisions looks and what it says it aims to do- is that compatible with SCS? Is SCS balanced around the SR changes, or would it throw things off kilter? Same with IR? I really like the ideas behind Ascension and Unfinished Business- can I run those with SCS, SR, IR, Tweakpack? If all these things do work together, what is the order I need to install them in? Sorry for all these questions... I know some aren't strictly SCS-oriented but SCS seems to be the biggest overhaul that everything else has to revolve around. Appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks so much for putting a ton of work into what appears to be a great mod!
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