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  1. Nothing, then? I was thinking of trying to teleport to the area using the console to see if it would turn out any better, but as this is the BG engine (so, I assume, BG console "rules"?), and IWD content, I wasn't quite sure what to use. Also, in case the area somehow got corrupted (evidently, I have been to this area before, even if only to get the quest - unless there is another copy of it for this point in the game), I imagine I might try to re-copy it from my regular IWD installation, but I do not see a separate file there, so not perfectly sure what to copy, if anything... Finally, if it is a matter of a corrupted save file, would a save file editor be of any help? Thanks.
  2. Hmm, well, back again... So, installing the game after some trouble (as per this thread previously) and playing it on and off for a while, I have reached about the end of Ch 2: If anyone could suggest what the cause of this might be, and how to go about resolving it, I would be indebted. As usually, should any additional information be needed, please let me know. Thanks.
  3. Heh, where do you think the PoE got the idea from ? BG's, yes, the ingameclock is from BGs, it's in the left lower corner. The pendulum that is the pause button, has a tool tip, aka you need to keep your mouse hovered above it, exactly like in PoE. ) Hmm, funny I never noticed this before... must be because it takes hovering somewhat longer, so I guess I just never had the patience... In this case, what about the saves also indicating the real world date/time when they were made?
  4. Hello - saw this topic, and: Two ideas about things I've come across while playing, not sure to what extent they'd be applicable: 1. Time - while the game does seem to keep track of time (e.g., the saves all have "time stamps", indicating days and hours since the beginning of the game), there doesn't seem to be any way to check this in-game - to do so, I need to save, go to the saves and look at the last one I made. (In Pillars of Eternity, for example, hovering the cursor over the pause/unpause "clock" has this functionality). Thus, if some type of in-game clock (perhaps ideally, say, toggleable) can be added, I think it might be convenient. 2. The journal - you can sort the entries "by name" or "by date", however: if you make a save, quit the game and then start it again, the journal always reverts to "Quests, sorted by name". I personally prefer to have things listed by date, for example, so if it could instead stay "as left last time" between sessions, it might save a few clicks. In case there already exists a way to make these changes, I am unaware of it. Regards.
  5. Ah well... just the wrong disc, nvm. Seems to be working now... Thanks a million to both posters, you have been very helpful.
  6. Well - should have, at least the game generally seemed to install this time - although still with several "unable to find file" notifications in the very beginning after providing the BG2 installation path, however: now I am taken to a login screen (where it asks for the disk in the drive), with the disk in the drive, it doesn't seem to proceed, and there is no mouse cursor in sight (exiting with esc works, however). Any suggestions, please?
  7. Thanks - doing what I can, really... It must have been the "preferably" part that mislead me slightly, here... You download the appropriate archive(Windows binary) from the link above, extract that to BOTH BG2 and IWD games, run them without actually installing the mods("automatic update")... and hope that the update happens, usually it does without an issue like the above*, and then when you make the Icewind Dale in Baldur's Gate II -install, you also have to make sure it uses a weidu.exe that's updated to v24000. You do that by removing the setup-*modname*.exe from the mod, copying the weidu.exe from the archive to it's place and then rename is as the setup-*modname*.exe installing it(this is called "manual update"). AND NO, the weidu.exe is an OFFLINE program, it doesn't have an update online profile, "hello, it's made by the mod community", specifically by (in the past) Westley Weimer, the Bigg and todays by Wisp. with help and request from other contributors/modmakers. ... It wasn't either of those, it's that the install process(the retrieval of the games files) is ran the way it is, from a command line insert by a copy of the program from another directory. It works perfectly fine if done to unmodified game directories... yes, technically extracting a mod will modify the files in the folder even if you don't install mods into it. Like with the uninstalling of the Fixpack... doesn't remove the incompatibility as the renamed weidu.exe still remains in the game folder. That leads to the failure of retrieving the additional game files of the IWDinBG2. So, currently - try to update manually, or just to install from reinstalled original games?
  8. Actually, I had one mod - the fixpack - and uninstalled it prior to trying to install this one, but didn't reinstall the whole IWD game again, and I suppose it must have left traces wherever the installer is looking for them. Ah well, I guess I'll reinstall this too. (My BG2 was just reinstalled, so it should be completely clean at the moment). As for refusing to update, first suspect - AV, but I had it off - however, I had turned off the internet connection also, it might be that. Is it necessary to have a connection on for any other reason during installation, and would manual fixing be recommended, and if so, how to go about it?
  9. I don't know - if the first component is related to soundsets, why would it make the game unplayable as well? Also, as I mentioned one or two posts above, I am not sure if this is a full log - it could be, say, only the part after inputting the IWD path, or similar. At any rate, in the very beginning of installing the mod, the first few lines in the DOS window were something along the lines of "file not found", and then it went on from there. Not sure if this is logged anywhere.
  10. Well - here is the archive, let's hope all is in order (the forum seems to have relaxed a bit, but who knows...). IWD_in_BG2_debug logfile.7z
  11. I saw the topic, but it also said somewhere the mod should be "recreationally playable" as it is, so I was trying to figure out why it wouldn't install properly nonetheless. Yeah... so what, you just need to go through the options until you can choose to select a program to open it with, and set the program to be Notepad. That's what everyone has done. At least on newer Windows(xp, Win 7, 8, 10). You can open the .tp2 file this way too, to see the install text commands. Well - one way or another, I have succeeded to open it - it seems to be more or less the installation log I was looking for initially, even though I am not sure if it is the whole installation, or only a part; not the smallest of files, and I seem to be unable to post it here, perhaps because of size restrictions - any way to go about it, then, if it is not to be emailed (such as, say, uploading it to my profile or something similar)? Finally, what would be the .tp2 file, where to find it, and why open it? Thanks.
  12. It won't open, though, with Notepad... It is listed as a 'debug', not text file, thus "Windows cannot open file", etc.
  13. Unfortunately, even with supposedly "clean" installs of both games, the AV off and installing to a "clean" (new, that is) folder, I still get very much the same result - a 2.5 GB installation, and exactly the same error message as before, with the log file empty. Now, this time, looking a bit more carefully through the text in the DOS window, I see a reference to some file in the iwd_in_bg2\workspace directory called log.debug - in fact, it asks that it be mailed to G3. Shall I somehow send it, and if so, what would be the most convenient way?
  14. The installation issue, at least, seems to have been resolved. Solution, in case anyone runs into similar problems: As per the advice given here (post 9), there are 2 keys to delete, plus a hidden directory. However, on my computer at least, the numerical-named key and directory could not be found. Searching the registry for "baldur", though, found (along with some keys in 'Audio', for some reason), this key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{7af32ab1-cb97-11d4-9607-0050ba84f5f7} - neither in exactly the same location, nor with the same number, but there was a directory for it as well; deleting both seemingly fixed the problem (the game disappeared from the Add/Remove Programs list, and the setup opted to install). Now let's see how installing the mod will go.
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