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  1. The soundest was a good choice. It fits him perfectly. Oh, that is great news! He is really going to love it in BG2. How exciting!
  2. Oh, I forgot to mention the voice acting. It is very well done! Seriously, the recording is phenominal. It sounds really professional and if I did not know better, I would think it was actually recorded by BioWare. Every time I hear Vynd talk I am seriously impressed.
  3. Ouch! Major burn there. Right to my male dwarven heart. Rejection hurts! But that's okay. I'm a dwarf. I am resilient and awesome. I know it takes a bit for people to warm up to me. Shrug it off. I'll wear him down! Then I got to the conversation about potatoes and I so wanted to give him a hug. But knowing how prickly Vynd is, he likely would have stabbed me. In the chest. Again. Only with a knife this time instead of words. Then there was the conversation about flails. And this is where I realized I loved him and I still mean nothing to him. Sigh. I guess he just isn't ready to be loved yet. Likely he thinks I will be out to kill him at same point. So I can be his friend. In the end he'll realize that I mean him no ill will and though my life span is only half of his, I'll be around to darken his doorstep the entire time. In all seriousness, I love this mod. I have not loved a mod this much since Nathaniel for BG2. Vynd is such an interesting character. Talkative too, which I still find surprising. He does not seem like the type of person to talk much about his past. Maybe I really am wearing him down! I think what I love most about the mod is that I do not have to handle Vynd with kiddie gloves. I have yet to tell him to stop talking to me, so I do not know what would happen in the long run; but short of that, I can say pretty much anything in the dialogue options and he takes it like a champ. This is a brilliant friendship mod. Thank you for making it! Any plans to make him available for BG2?
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