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  1. @Angel Can this be made compatible with EET?
  2. Just tested (installing Lefreut's UI first, then SCS) and now it installs fine. And also the fine tune button is perfectly visible now too. Very nice!
  3. @DavidW There is discussion that GUI overhauls should be installed early in the order nowadays so that mods such as yours can patch them properly. Well, rc10 throws an error if installed after Lefreuts UI. I accidentally deleted the test folder before getting the message but it was the "initialise" component failing with an error about bams.
  4. I know someone has mentioned an incompatibility with Lefreut's enhanced UI (BG1 variant) already, but I just wanted to point out that I don't see the difficulty widget in the UI at all, using Lefreut's "main" version of the UI. Link: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/61571/mod-lefreuts-enhanced-ui-for-bg1ee-bg1ee-sod-bg2ee-and-eet/p1 The difficulty slider works though. An oversight in the text is that it mentions the widget in special abilities still.
  5. I think this should be added to the bg:ee part of the eet compatibility list: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/65891/v1-97-aura-a-gnome-artificer-npc-for-bg-ee-sod/p1
  6. Thanks so much for this mod! And she's romancing Edwin? That's awesome. Can't wait to try this.
  7. Is this planned to be added?
  8. That is amazing! Much better approach imo.
  9. That sounds very interesting. Anyhow thanks for taking it into consideration for the future.
  10. Yes I understand. But since you say yourself that you would have preferred to put the options somewhere else, you see my point about the hackish nature of the widget. Principally, it doesn't make sense to have something hackish as mandatory. Hence make it optional by a component? Again, it can be there by default with an optional component to hide it. Everyone wins from this.
  11. It's not about the effort to click it really. But rather (for me at least) that it screams "mod!". And also to put a "widget" in the special abilities area seems a bit hackish. Versus having the AI tied to the difficulty slider which is very lean and integrated. I mean it's not a place for those things, and as far as I know (I might be wrong) scs is the only thing doing this. It reminds me of those fallout 3/nv/4 mods where you get like a radio for adjusting the weather and etc. Not very lore friendly. I agree with you that an item would be worse, but both are almost equally immersion breaking. And about components, scs already has a bunch of them and I can't see how this type of component could be hard to maintain?
  12. On that note, it was never actually explained why we can't have a component controlling this? An idea is to have it installed by default, for the reasons @DavidW already outlined, but to have an optional component that removes it (but still having it accessible by the console).
  13. I understand. But tell me, are there any reasons why this could not be the other way around? As in it's hidden by default and you activate the widget via the console? I mean, the only ones that will want to change settings like those are people that knows about the console, anyway. Meanwhile, more casual or new players could possibly be a bit confused by the widget. Also, the immersion people don't have to even see it. And if they want to, they can also just as well enable it in the console.
  14. I know this already. But this requires using the console which is even more immersion breaking. @DavidW What do you think?
  15. @DavidW Can you make the "difficulty widget" an optional component? The reason is immersion. No other mods add such things in the special abilities without having it optional. It's obviously individual, but I myself prefer not to be constantly reminded I'm playing with this or that mod. One could also argue that the new system of integrating the AI into the difficulty slider makes things more immersive, which is great! But that makes this "widget" stand out even more. It's a fine feature for sure, for those that want it, but I see no reason it should be mandatory?
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