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  1. You are they are talking about the IR v4 Beta that Demivrgvs has provided to them, and not the one in the forums download section(which is actually a v2) ? AKA, you need to request the beta to get access to it and then download it... Thanks, Jarno, but I was also talking about the v4(I asked Demivrgvs for it and was trying to install it now). Any idea?
  2. Hi, everyone I've been trying to install IR and SR in IWD:EE with no luck. For what i've been reading in this and other forums I assumed it would work, since many users stated so. Do you have any tip/idea how to make it work? Thanks
  3. Me again. In fact, i'd like to try SR too, if you don't mind to send me a link too.
  4. Hi, I would like to try the beta version, could you please send me a link? I'd like to try it in IWDEE, do you have any advice about install order, compatibility with other mods, or other known issues? I'd be happy to help reporting anything I find on my own. Thanks
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