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  1. Is there another readme besides this one in the download?
  2. Does the engine count a natural 1 as an automatic failure like with thac0?
  3. This idea has been proposed before. It would make sense to have one repository for downloads, and one site for discussion, but communities are rarely built upon logic.
  4. If you have the drive space, there's an easy way to have a backup install with everything up to the problem mod (or multiple installs for different configurations). Ask if you need the instructions.
  5. P&P haste would literally age you by years, which for humans was a serious consideration. If you're not matching that, there's really no point in pretending either "balance" nor "PnP".
  6. I haven't looked in years, but IESDP may have the answers you seek.
  7. The game uses cheese as well. Countless bad guys have 18s in Str/Dex/Con for no reason. Davaeorn himself has two rings of cheese. Numerous superpowers have been handed out in this mod to counter player cheese. Cheese will never go away, and is delicious, but you don't have to eat it.
  8. It really is hard to add variety like that. Event X seems hollow if no one comments on it, but the guarantee of someone commenting every single time feels artificial. This is one of several reasons I could never write a successful NPC mod.
  9. That "feature" was one of the least appealing things about NWN expansions. It obliterated immersion when, no matter who your NPCs were, they'd always speak up when crossing certain points in a map. I can't recall all the instances in the BG series where this happened, like at the tanner's in the Bridge district, but it was jarring there, too. It would have been nice if they had inserted a randomized timer.
  10. No mods, no fixes. GPU settings allows for scaling. No one's lying; you're simply wrong again.
  11. Same. Didn't even have to use compatibility mode (Intel cpu w/integrated graphics).
  12. Isn't there a mod currently active at g3 that replaces double damage with unique effects differing by weapon type?
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