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  1. Is there another readme besides this one in the download?
  2. Does the engine count a natural 1 as an automatic failure like with thac0?
  3. P&P haste would literally age you by years, which for humans was a serious consideration. If you're not matching that, there's really no point in pretending either "balance" nor "PnP".
  4. Isn't there a mod currently active at g3 that replaces double damage with unique effects differing by weapon type?
  5. For myself (and I have), I would code it as an unobtrusive dialog option, that equates to "skip sod".
  6. I played through it once, and that was enough. Thank odin for console commands.
  7. I don't understand this question. All the involved variables are integer. Ard got me, but yes, I meant literally "GLOBAL" in the script instead of a fixed modder-written number.
  8. So this is like IncrementGlobal but able to use a GLOBAL variable instead of an integer?
  9. I haven't tried modding all of the 2das yet, but if they're just pointing to a different IDS file for the limit, can that 2da be appended and have it work?
  10. Ah, the old "break it if doesn't need to be fixed" dev tactic. My guess is that the summoning limit is not based on Gender (obviously), but instead got (re)hardcoded for some unstated reason. Thank god for mods.
  11. When you say "make the BGT-weidu", do you mean "to make the BGT conversion mod itself", because I was playing BGT years before I finally got TotSC from a sale at GOG in 2013. I think I answered my own question. Nevermind.
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