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  1. i dont change resolution id demo. there is a default resolution 640x480. i have 4.4.2 android
  2. #GamePath=/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/net.sourceforge.gemrb/files/bg2/ #CD1=/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/net.sourceforge.gemrb/files/bg2/data GamePath=/sdcard/gemrb/bg2 CD1=/sdcard/gemrb/bg2/data # CD2=<CD2_PLACEHOLDER> # CD3=<CD3_PLACEHOLDER> # CD4=<CD4_PLACEHOLDER> # CD5=<CD5_PLACEHOLDER> CachePath=/sdcard/gemrb/bg2/cache this is the path of the game: /sdcard/gemrb/bg2 i copy to bg2 folder not Baldurs Gate II Demo folder with subfolders but subfolders + the rest files - .exe
  3. i just copy all files bg2 demo (without .exe) to: /storage/sdcard0/gemrb/bg2/ here (not bg2demo folder but all files inside bg2demo folder) run gemrb - black screen and crash to desktop. /storage/sdcard0/gemrb/bg2/gemrb.log empty via tablet and windows
  4. I thought to firstly fires up the program itself, then choose the game ... my bgt have almost 6gb and copies itself 5h - i will download demo version.
  5. were can i found logs? /storage/sdcard0/gemrb/bg2/gemrb.log its empty (I looked him via notepad ++ application in tablet) before installing the latest version gemrb I have formatted the card, so i dont have bg2 files on it.
  6. i tried newest version - GemRB version 0.8.3-alpha1-debug.apk-2015-07-12 - black screen, 1-2min and craash to desktop. the same situation like those gem's http://sourceforge.n.../android/0.8.0/.
  7. Welcome, I'm trying to gemrb some time on the Alcatel One Touch pixi 7. gemrb versions: with this link http://sourceforge.net/projects/gemrb/files/Other%20Binaries/android/0.8.0/ - did not work (black screen and crash to the desktop). Version gemrb_11bfc23_20120711.apk 2012-07-11 worked. I put in it: Download gemrb override and scripts Date instalation location - default gemRB.cfg.sample renamed the file on gemRB.cfg I set in cfg: Gametype = bg2 Screen width 960 Scren height 540 GamePath =. / CD1 =. / Bg2 / data / CD2 =. / Bg2 / data / CD3 =. / Bg2 / data / CD4 =. / Bg2 / data / CD5 =. / Bg2 / data / (bg2 is the name of the folder with the game) I tried to insert a folder bg2 to: sdcard / app-data / here and sdcard / gemrb / here I wanted to play in: BGT, where bg2 is clean and bg1 has mods All the modes are of the type WeiDU and instal them in the order: Baldur's Gate II Fixpack Baldur's Gate Trilogy BG1 Unfinished Business BG1 NPC Project Widescreen Mod Bigger Fonts after turning gemRB - does not work crash to the desktop GemRB version 0.8.3-alpha1-debug.apk-2015-07-12 - I have not tried
  8. right, don't I think of that - Noob
  9. Welcome, The Widescreen Mod doesnt supports resolutions X - below 640, (i'm trying gemrb). My tablet has a native resolution of 540 x 960 - Alcatel OneTouch Easy pixi 7. Is there any way to set the native resolution or can I set higher resolution than the native? (I have no xperience with tablets) Thanks!
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    hello All threads i found are old in this case - NPC project still is not available for bg: ee android?
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