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  1. Hm, I've done some testing and it seems I only encounter an issue when using the "BigWorldSetup" program to install the mod. Installing the BG1NPC Project separately, even if using BWS for other mods, seems to be fine however. I think I've attached the weidu.log but I can't seem to attach the setup-bg1npc.debug. It seems the solution to my issue is to simply not use BWS to install the BG1NPC Project - I'm not sure if this is generally recommended or not, so my apologies if I'm treading familiar ground. WeiDU.log
  2. I seem to have an issue with the the mod within the last two days in which recruitable npcs are missing from their normal locations (except for the EE npcs.) Upon visiting Feldepost's Inn, every recruitable npc in the game (including the Candlekeep tutorial npcs) spawn all at once and spam their joining dialogue at me. I've had this issue when installing BG1NPC Project by itself and with other mods such as Unfinished Business. Any ideas?
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