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  1. Artemius I

    Now-a-days I don't have any CD reader on my laptop

    You could buy an external CD driver. The GoG version is an add-on to the EE so you can only get both, not one or the other. Personally, I think the EE is overall vastly superior, but as a modder I'm biased.
  2. Artemius I

    EE/EET Mod Setup Tool

    What do you know, turns out she's just bullshitting again. https://www.gibberlings3.net/forums/topic/14002-tob-news/?do=findComment&comment=267219
  3. Artemius I

    EE/EET Mod Setup Tool

    This is why we don’t like the way Roxanne does things.
  4. Artemius I

    Bug and Typo Reports

    Post your weidu.log?
  5. Artemius I

    Bug and Typo Reports

    [evandra/scripts/bgee.baf] PARSE ERROR at line 46 column 1-37 Near Text: ) [ChangeStat] not found in ACTION.IDS [evandra/scripts/bgee.baf] ERROR at line 46 column 1-37 Near Text: ) Parsing.Parse_error ERROR: parsing [evandra/scripts/bgee.baf]: Parsing.Parse_error Stopping installation because of error. Stopping installation because of error. You're still getting the same error? Are you sure you're playing on v2.5?
  6. Artemius I

    Bug and Typo Reports

    The mod only uses ChangeStat to set experience values so you could use AddXPObject instead. It just adds experience to the NPC rather than setting it and shows a 'X has gained Y quest experience points' in the message box.
  7. Artemius I

    Bug and Typo Reports

    DERATS (Deratiseur's kitpack) is probably fine and shouldn't have been the cause. Vlad's Compilation... it's likely not the issue but since the modder is a raving EE-hater and also admits to not using other people's mods I wouldn't put it past him to happily override the ACTION.IDS file (which would be an incredibly stupid thing to do) and not care in the slightest about compatibility with other mods. I wouldn't install it on EE. It's not made for it. EDIT: Btw, you should revisit the download sites of your mod selection after you've updated. A lot of the mods listed will have been updated since years ago when v1.3 of EE was the latest thing.
  8. Artemius I

    Bug and Typo Reports

    Correction - I did not use ChangeStat in the earliest versions of Sirene-BG2. I used another action that was available in non-EE, which is probably why it didn't cause issues. Updating is free and is easily doable using whatever client you bought the game on - GoG, Steam or Beamdog.
  9. Artemius I

    Bug and Typo Reports

    You know there's something really weird here. How can you possibly have Sirene-BG2 installed then? I used the ChangeStat action in that mod too. Edit: Try uninstalling 'VCV10', whatever that is, and 'DERATS_KITS'
  10. Artemius I

    Bug and Typo Reports

    ChangeStat does not exist in versions before 2.0. You'll need to update, which will unfortunately reset your game to an unmodded state, or the scripts will need to be changed accordingly to make it backwards compatible.
  11. Artemius I

    Bug and Typo Reports

    That's not it (the version is displayed in-game on the opening screen). I'm going to take a look at your mod selection and figure out which idiot mod overrides the action.ids file.
  12. Artemius I

    Bug and Typo Reports

    Is your game up to date? It has to be v2.0 or above, since that's when the new actions were added to the game.
  13. Artemius I

    Bug and Typo Reports

    Looks like you're missing the ChangeStat action in the action.ids file. I've seen this issue a lot with pre-v2.0 versions of EE.
  14. Artemius I

    Adding Additional Content

    If I am going to add my crossmod to the pack then I'll probably remove them from my own respective NPC mods or ensure that the two won't both be installed. It probably makes no functional difference but I'm extremely picky about redundancies and would rather make sure only what's necessary is added to the game.
  15. Artemius I

    Comments on the Developer Diary

    :cries: While this is very depressing I can't say it was unexpected. I do appreciate that you've managed to stay in touch with the project for this long.