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  1. There are no NPC sorcerers. The AI is basically incapable of using sorcerers correctly and will simply cast the highest priority spell of each level over and over until they run out of casts.
  2. Korgan as a duergar? I'm fairly certain his interjections with the duergar merchants in the Underdark confirm that, whatever he is, he is definitely not a duergar. I think the mod implements subraces in a much more effective manner than other mods and if a bigger variety of subraces are added, it would be basically perfect.
  3. It's easier if you post the mod content so the specific code can be provided, but you can designate specific files for games by doing something like this: ACTION_IF GAME_IS ~BGEE BG2EE IWDEE~ THEN BEGIN COPY ~%MOD_FOLDER%/items/filename.itm~ OVERRIDE END
  4. Here's a premade macro (not by me, but I can't quite remember who did it) that will do the work for you. Make sure you actually have a lib folder (library, or make it whatever you want, just make sure the paths match) with the kit_strref.tpa in it or it won't work. INCLUDE ~%MOD_FOLDER%/lib/kit_strref.tpa~ LAF ~GET_KIT_STRREF~ STR_VAR kit_name = ~SHAPESHIFTER~ RET kit_strref END STRING_SET_EVALUATE kit_strref ~SHAPESHIFTER: This Druid is not called Shapeshifter because has access to a great variety of forms, but rather because of complete dedication to a single alternate form. This
  5. I don't post here often for reasons, but I felt it appropriate concerning this topic that I don't think I've seen brought up before. There's obviously a soft 'incompatibility' regarding this mod and Weimer's Item Upgrades, in that while both can be installed and function together without errors, there is the natural issue of design differences with revised items having completely different effects or, in some cases, completely redesigned. For example, Item Revisions changes the Armor of the Hart, which is used as an upgrade component, to a different .itm reference, which obviously raises
  6. I'd avoid level-scaling magic resistance because experience tables based on class is uneven unlike 3E. There's no reason a single-class drow thief should gain MR substantially faster than a fighter/mage. A flat 50% to match BG1 Viconia's seems like the right idea (her 65% in BG2 is completely silly).
  7. This definitely has the most potential out of any subrace mod I've seen just from the UI work alone. Will be keeping an eye on this. Just some critique for what I've experimented with briefly: The descriptions contain stats that I assume are directly from PnP like Bluff and Hide checks... I assume things like 'dodge' are supposed to be equivalent from AC, but I would remove the bits of information that aren't relevant in gameplay. Drow and Deep Gnomes: I'm... not fond of the RNG magic resistance. It just seems to encourage rebuilding the character over and over until you get t
  8. Yes, stealing content is amazing fun!
  9. *sigh* Yes, there are new areas. But they're far from impressive and awe-inspiring. Mostly it's sections of existing maps from various IE games, parts of various maps spliced together cheaply, recolors, and areas with overlaid stock images photoshopped on top that don't even try to look convincing. The custom areas that do look unique, I recognize from elsewhere (what a surprise!) Just take a look at this abomination. This is supposed to be Waterdeep, by the way. Now, I don't mean to directly take a jab at the quality (trust me, there's plenty of actual things I could be genuinely na
  10. I love Roxanne's (I literally almost wrote Sandrah before I knew what I was doing) tactic of trying to make everyone else look like incompetent morons. /s
  11. None of the crossmod was written with original's modder's input so, uh, stylistically... all of them? The mod is completely linear. As in, if you don't do things exactly the way as intended, things break left and right. Let me put it this way. The author deliberately hides stats to obfuscate how badly balanced many of the early items are. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA- Ahem. I challenge you to find one sentence without an error in: 1) grammar 2) punctuation 3) spelling 4) all of the above. Have fun. Let's see... the titular character has the pers
  12. Those rooms have always been a scam and not efficient in the first place. A royal room gives like 4 hit points for eight times the cost. And no, I don't think this is dynamically fixable. Turn on rest until healed if it's necessary.
  13. In case anyone was curious about the general reactions of the NPCs towards each other. Dendjelion Likes: Tipps, Oak-Maw, Dusky Neutral: Minerva, Karihi, Ina, Urchin, T'viy Dislikes: Holvir, Korin, Nella, Teri, Severn Dusky Likes: Teri, Severn, Minerva, Ina, Urchin, Tipps Neutral: Holvir, Korin, Nella, Dendjelion, Karihi, Oak-Maw Dislikes: T'viy Karihi Likes: Minerva Neutral: Holvir, Korin, Nella, Teri, Severn, Dusky, Oak-Maw, Tipps Dislikes: Dendjelion, Ina, Urchin, T'viy Ina Likes: Korin, Nella, Severn, Minerva, Dusky, Oak-
  14. I apologize for taking so long, but I've updated to v1.2, which fixes all the typos and globals. Thank you @hook71.
  15. Unfortunately, there is nothing else of substance to be seen here. "Stop making mods you want to make and start making mods you don't want to make" is the idiotic statement this thing has been preaching for years.
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