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  1. Time for the biweekly report, if you please. I'm anxiously awaiting the newest developments - or problems, even (they can be sorted out). So, anything?
  2. There should be both a setup-Amber.tp2 and a setup-Amber.debug in the BGII - SoA directory. They both look the same, so check if you have two "setup-Amber" files there.
  3. I have nothing more constructive to offer than the possibility of a conflict with Reviane as to who should be doing the talking. Are you sure you haven't installed Tactics' Tougher Druid Grove?
  4. It could spring from the fact that everything else revolves around the PC, and that the PC is an extension of the player. Don't take that as criticism of your views, of the mod, or of anything else. I haven't even played it yet *blushes fetchingly* but most players have come to expect that "it's all about them." At least, so I gather from some forums.
  5. Thank you. Downloaded and about to be installed. Await further developments with bated breath. (Or is it abated? Oh, the complexities of the English language...)
  6. Just to confuse matters further, I'm going to tell you that you can have different pictures as the large and small ones, as long as they're named the same. So my WHOEVERS.bmp can feature Jack Nicholson while my WHOEVERM.bmp can feature Angelina Jolie.
  7. Usually, but not always. The xxxx part cannot be more than 7 characters long (and then plus the S or M partat the end), so a character with a longer name than that will have a truncated name. Imoen is just lucky to have such a short name. Sorry if that causes confusion.
  8. I'd do anything for you - except I'm not involved in this beta stuff and thus haven't got a clue where to find the MIT-5 Beta 1. I'm probably being so tired as to overlook it all, but there you have it.
  9. OK, just for you: The MIT, when installed, appeared to do what it set out to do (i.e. set up duplicates and all), but when trying to play the duplicates it turned out that either they didn't start or they referred back to the original installation. Specs: MIT-v4.2 and ToB (fully patched and 'dashed).
  10. Evilyn

    Haerdalis attacking Amber

    Erm, yes, I do have a penchant for half-elf FMT protagonists. But surely the script should check for enemy wizards, and not mages in general?
  11. Evilyn

    Haerdalis attacking Amber

    This has got nothing to do with Amber or HD or BP, but: Apart from the Planar Gate thing above, I've had the party-member-turning-enemy-for-no-apparent-reason several times with mod NPCs, though never with Bioware ones. Chloe and Yasraena have a penchant for turning to attack CHARNAME once they've killed their original enemy. They're still green-circled, though, so pointing them towards another enemy fixes the problem as long as you catch it in time. Would that qualify as (similar to) your "old BGII bug" seanas?
  12. Well, of course he could go back 200 years and impregnate whoever he wanted. Except the result would have been born some months later and thus be in the region of 200 years old "today." And that doesn't mesh well with being born as a result of events 10 years ago. As for the quotes, they seem to show that Bioware didn't really have their story fully thought out. Compare the ID 1+2 manuals dating "Drizzt's appearance" to different years all equidistant from the starting point of each game. Anyway, I (or you) could explain it anyway I (we) wanted in my (our) PnP campaign(s), but it becomes harder with a series of CRPGs that doesn't make full sense between them.
  13. Evilyn

    Haerdalis attacking Amber

    I've suffered similar events too many times to count - before Amber was installed. The cause in every case so far has been that I left the AI on for the battle, and some nitwit party member cast an area effect spell without my approval... This affects the troupe, turning them hostile. When I finally noticed this, I started switching AI off before returning the jewel, and from then on everything worked swimmingly. (Even with Amber installed.) Though if LoneBadger's problem is of another sort, please ignore this.
  14. But the "real world" is chronological, so unless CHARNAME and the other assorted Bhaalspawn spent their first "years" in some divine realm, the quote still doesn't account for the problem of their various ages in the "mortal realm." If the Time of Troubles was 10 years before BG1, the Bhaalspawn cannot be older than 10 if they were born in Faerun (as opposed to born in some divine realm).
  15. Really? OK, I always move very close to the "exit grid" and make an "escape save" (because sometimes bad things happen in transitions). That done, I send the gang the last step or two into the grid to leave Casa d'Irenico (I like the Spanish version). Now, Imoen is quite clearly seen to vanish first of all characters, even if she's in the rearmost rank. If she is carrying more stuff than she can pass to CHARNAME (and only the Portal Key seems to dislodge items - and she only passes stuff to CHARNAME even when the other NPCs have empty inventories), then she gives her "I'm overloaded" line and just drops the item/s on the ground before vanishing. Sometimes I can even see the little "loot pile" form before the scene switches to the interlude and then the arrival cutscene. Slight disclaimer: This may have been corrected in some previous fix or tweak, come to think of it, though I wouldn't notice that due to changed escape procedures. Nowadays, I always make sure to strip Immy down before leaving and handing most of my gear to Jaheira, just to make sure there's room for the Portal Key in my inventory. Massive excuse: For poor sentence structures, long rambling post, and in fact the posting of something that may not be a problem anymore, and doing so in the wrong place no less. I really don't know what I was thinking. Pardon.
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