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  1. EDIT: Also, a slightly larger issue: Storm Shell doesn't work. When you cast the spell the "bubble" graphics appear for a split second, then the spell disappears. Neither graphics or resistance remain. A minor thing concering the import of IWD spells: I really like this feature, but I raised my eyebrow about the duration of Call Lightning and Static Charge being different. Is that SCS? Specifically, Call Lightning has a duration of 1 turn per 4 levels whereas Static Charge lasts one turn per level, meaning you get a lot more bolts for your buck with the latter.
  2. Huh? I played all the way from the beginning of BG1 through SoD and am halfway done with BG2. That's why having this install ruined by something that shitty and random really sucks. I never in my life believed something that dumb was a thing.
  3. Yeah it's a steam game. I had no idea this would happen. So I'm literally screwed?
  4. So, after three months of intense work I was looking forward to getting back to my epic game of BG - all the way from Level 1 in OG BG to now Level 13 in BG2. Sweet. When I launched the game however, something was clearly wrong. All spells returned "invalid" when I clicked them, except the few not changed by SR. Problem with SR maybe? Straight to google. Now it seems a patch has been rolled out in the meantime, and that "wipes" the folder?? Is that really true? Your directory isn't safe because a patch can just come and mess it up? So now my question is: will re-installing every mod, making sure to pick the exact same options as are in my current Weidu, fix the game, or is it fucked up beyond all repair? I also modded my characters heavily with EE Keeper - does patching also mess with that?
  5. AWEEEEESOOOOMEEEEE! Thanks a lot for this!
  6. EDIT: Well I "fixed it" by CTRL+Ying all shadow thieves right at the end of the SoD-cutscene... it seems to be working now, but I'm not to sure about the state of my game. Hi peeples. Still running an EET game with fairly simple modding, something seems to be broken with the transition from SoD to BG2. The thieves show up, the make my party unconscious, and the cutscene where they stand over the party's bodies start. But then something goes wrong. The cutscene at Chateau Irenicus starts but offscreen. As in: my camera still hovers in the woods outside Baldur's Gate, while the cutscene is playing at Chauteau Irenicus. I know it's playing for two reasons: once in a while there's some audio playing from it, and, when it's done playing, the camera switches to Chateau Irenicus and my character is awoken by Imoen in the cell. So... if everything is fine from that point, no worries right? Not really though. See, I can't save the game, because there's "monsters about." I suspect those monsters are hostile thieves in the woods cutscene. What do? Log attached. WeiDU.log
  7. I missed this thread - I too was miffed about my screwed tables and didn't even know it was SR making the changes: http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=29343 Of course complete documentation of the changes would be ideal, but for now I think it would help people if the ReadMe simply stated that SR makes changes to Saving Throw tables at all. Right now if you notice something funky you might be at a loss to even identify SR as the culprit. I even googled massively before making that thread and found nothing that suggested SR was to "blame." If you could post the complete table changes somewhere that would also be great - so we can check that everything is in order after editing with EE Keeper and such. For the record I think nerfing Saving Throws makes a ton of sense and I'm glad SR does it, since Vanilla saves punish spells with Saving Throws.
  8. EDIT: Ah, I see I'm not the only one who noticed. Wonder why this thread didn't pop up when I did a forum search: http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=29290 Thanks. So the changes to Shorty bonuses are also part of the main component? I realize the mod makes many changes and I understand its hard to document everything considering constant changes but simply a line that states the mod changes the saving throw tables of every class would be sufficient to ward off my worry that I might have messed up my game Is there any way at all for me to view the actual changes made to the save tables so I can check if my saves are correct? If not its understandable but I gotta ask. Also, just for the record, I think the changes make a ton of sense since vanilla tables are way too punishing for most spells that allow saves to be good. Of course total documentation would be ideal, but even a line in the readme that just says "SR also makes changes to all saving throw tables" would avoid some confusion.
  9. Thanks Jarno, but that doesnt really explain anything? What you quote is talking about spell saving throw penalties, not global changes to the saving throw tables of every class. And if thats whats meant by the cryptic explanation, why in the world are global changes to the saving throw tables of every single class not in the ReadMe?? That's a +2 now from the race bonus @ CON at any level, not +5 from race&CON18+.Not sure I understand what youre saying here. According to the Wiki, Shorty Saving Throw bonus should be +5 at 18 CON. The reduction to +2 you mention, is that due to limit for non-fighter or is it spell revisions as well or?
  10. Something is up with Saving Throw calculation in my game, and I have no idea what. The cleanest example is to just create a Human Fighter with 10 in all stats. His saving throws should be 14/16/15/17/17. However, his actual stats in my game are 13/17/13/15/17. Another, more complex example: An actual Level 7 Gnome Shaman in my current party has these Saving Throws: 10/10/12/14/10. Now a level 7 Shaman should have a base Saving Throw line of 7/11/10/13/12, and since my guy has a Constitution of 18, he should get a +5 to his Wand and Spell Saving Throws, for a total of 7/6/10/13/7. As you can see, the discrepancy is quite large. This is the case for all characters in my game, no matter if I create new ones or check the values of my current party. Anyone want to hazard a guess what I'm doing wrong? Weidu.log is attached to this post. WeiDU.log
  11. EDIT: I'm an idiot. Everything's sorted. WeiDU.log
  12. Thank you! Good to hear and seems like the clear best way of handling things. Quick follow-up: what about mods that add onto or expand vanilla NPCs? Do they affect the continuous NPC aspect of EET?
  13. Hiya, if anyone involved in working on EET is reading this, then thanks for a truly great mod! So, since us Level One NPC megafans are still pining for full EET compatibility (SoD included), were stuck using EE Keeper for now. Got a (perhaps dumb?) question in that capacity: If I use Keeper to edit NPCs in BG1, do the edits transfer to SoD, SoA and ToB, or do I need to completely start fresh with a new edit each time I pick up a new incarnation of the NPC?
  14. Should have been specific - I am eagerly awaiting a fully complete SoD version as well
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