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  1. No one wants to upload a new build? Please?
  2. Should I be using Visual studio 2015 to compile the project? Probably some compiler issue. Maybe i need clang or something? Edit: It would be a lot easier if someone would upload the latest build
  3. Hmm well SDLVideo.dll still isn't loading properly. Any ideas?
  4. From latest github on windows machine. What IDE do you guys use? Edit: Okay I got it to build correctly, but when i run gemrb.exe, i get errors when loading the openalaudio dlland sdlvideo dll. Any ideas? I'm on Windows 10, and i installed the latest SDL2 and OpenAL. I'm using the cmake gui to build it. It shows under options that Use_OPENGL = 0. How do i change that?
  5. There needs to be a better guide on how to build GemRB. The install.txt isn't too helpful for someone new to cmake. Alternate note, when will the build bot make a new build? latest is like 9/23. I wanted to see how PS:T runs on GemRb
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