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  1. chuft, just launch NearInfinity and post screenshots You're absolutely right about the High Hedge skeletons (SKELETS.cre). They are unique to that area (the S possibly stands for the skull misc item they drop). The devs most likely used a CRE template and forgot to give them proper damage resistances like other skeletons: here's a proof. The screenshots are from the vanilla TotSC. The other skeleton random spawns (SKELET_A/B/C.cre) typically encountered early in the game have these damage resistances. In the classic BG1, a level one party will encounter 1-2 of High Hedge skeletons per spawn point. Even with the resistances, they're easily dispatched; without the resistances, they die to arrows before you even get close. So, I doubt it was an attempt to reduce the difficulty for low level parties.
  2. I believe this is a confirmed bug. BGEE devs fixed it the same way I described above, but I think someone must have misinterpreted the Time trigger; the ambush spawns are offset by one hour compared to the original. For example, bit 20 of the area actor schedule is 20:30-21:29, but the IF check should be, e.g., Time(21) or TimeGT(20) instead of Time(20) or TimeGT(19). Whatever -- I hope I've fixed these encounters the proper way.
  3. I guess one solution to the waylaid encounter issues would be moving the spawns from the actors section to the area script using IF Time CreateCreature. These are always fixed spawns and all the creatures get flushed once you leave the area, so it should behave as intended.
  4. Yeah, it's not the first engine bug that carried over to BG2 that seemingly nobody had noticed for 15 years. The area files clearly dictate these actors (creatures) should only appear at a specific time of the day.
  5. OK, I think I know what's going on. Looks like an engine bug... both in the classic BG1 and BG2. For example: In BG1, you're in Coast Way (AR2800) and you leave the area at 3:00 PM in-game time. You get waylaid; it took you 4 hours to get there, so now it's 7:00 PM. At this time of the day you're supposed to encounter only bandits; however, you get attacked by both bandits and half-ogres. The half-ogres are supposed to spawn around 2:00-4:00 PM according to the ARE file. So, it looks like the spawns appear before (and after) the game properly adjusts the time. You get the 3:00 PM spawns, increment time, and the 7:00 PM spawns. Here's the proof. You were right, chuft -- thanks for going through the trouble (again). Let's try to figure out what to do with the waylaid areas.
  6. AR4801. Here's a reference chart.
  7. From vanilla BG1 TotSC: https://imgur.com/a/Po7pTnt
  8. The waylaid encounters are different. They're fixed spawns appearing only at a certain time of the day, e.g. if you're in the Canyon2 waylaid encounter (AR4801) at ~6:30-8:30 an ogre mage spawns at coordinates 404.340, ~8:30-10:30 two ogrillons spawn at 76.184 and 363.186 respectively. BGT doesn't change such encounters and they aren't affected by the spawn point issues.
  9. Aren't they different rings? BG1: BG2: BGT already restores the Evermemory version (double 1st lvl spells).
  10. Just to clarify: Snow works in the classic BG2. So does rain and lightning storm. However, setting the probability to 100% in the area file or using the Weather() action with 100 weight doesn't mean the effect will kick in instantly. The engine runs a weather check sporadically after entering an area or resting and only then accounts for the probability/weight. This usually means you'll have to wait 1-3 minutes before the area slowly starts darkening and first drops or flakes fall.
  11. Gorion loses the voiceover for "Let's hurry child! The night can only get worse (...)" (GORIN11.wav) The GTU removes a trailing apostrophe from StrRef #4446, but forgets to include the audio file: @1004446 = ~ Let's hurry child! The night can only get worse so we must find shelter soon. Don't worry, I will explain everything as soon as there is time.~ Should be: @1004446 = ~ Let's hurry child! The night can only get worse so we must find shelter soon. Don't worry, I will explain everything as soon as there is time.~ [GORIN11]
  12. Creatures using scripts with Help() and IF Help() combo get stuck in AttackReevaluate loop. They keep acquiring a target which causes them to stutter while moving. For example, GIBBER.bcs: IF HitBy([ANYONE],CRUSHING) THEN RESPONSE #50 Help() Attack(NearestEnemyOf(Myself)) RESPONSE #50 RunAwayFrom(NearestEnemyOf(Myself),75) END IF Help([0.0.GIBBERLING]) THEN RESPONSE #100 Attack(NearestEnemyOf(LastHelp(Myself))) END IF See(NearestEnemyOf(Myself)) THEN RESPONSE #100 Help() AttackReevaluate(NearestEnemyOf(Myself),30) END This script works fine in the classic BG1, but apparently BG2 treats Help() differently and the above code makes the affected creature constantly keep trying to help... itself. The same happens to, e.g., Wild Dogs using WILDDOG.bcs: IF Help([ANYONE]) THEN RESPONSE #100 Attack(NearestEnemyOf(LastHelp(Myself))) END IF See(NearestEnemyOf(Myself)) THEN RESPONSE #100 Help() AttackReevaluate(NearestEnemyOf(Myself),30) END
  13. 4. Some spells lose casting sounds because of casting speed tweaks. BG2 Fixpack sets the casting speed of certain spells to 0. This prevents these spells from playing their casting sound, e.g., Minsc's berserk (SPIN117) won't play the famous MINSC02.wav.
  14. A small update regarding SNDCHANN.2da: - AREA_AMB modifies the volume of main ambients in the ARE songs section (BG1 main ambients), as well as ambients in the ARE ambients section with both looping and ignore radius flags (BG2 main ambients). - AMBIENTL modifies the volume of ambients in the ARE ambients section with the looping flag. - AMBIENTN modifies the volume of all other ambients in the ARE ambients section.
  15. My assumptions: Main ambient 1 was supposed to be the low settings variant in BG1, but never got implemented. Many main ambient audio files were cut for this purpose and some even end with an "L" (which stands for "low"). Main ambient 2 is the normal settings variant. Since the low audio settings were never coded in BG1, it is the only variant played by default. Some ambient files intended for this variant end with an "N" ("normal"). These sounds are affected by the ambient volume slider in the game options. The volume is also modified by the values set in the songs section and AREA_AMB in SNDCHANN.2da. In BG2, instead of further improving the songs section playback method, the devs decided to move main ambients from songs to ambients section, which then got working flags for other kinds of settings. That's why main ambients from the songs section aren't affected by "No High Memory Ambient Sounds" or "Disable All Ambient Sounds" -- only sounds from the ambients section support these settings.
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