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  1. Ah ok, I had suspected this, now the thing is to wait for the 1st level in bg1... thanks !
  2. Just to report some testing with this mod : I used gavin mod this time, installed before faiths, he has a dawnbringer of lathander kit. The very old doc of faith says he should have full access to the benediction sphere, but he has not from his class description. In 1 game he had the bless spell at level 1 though, but it seems to be random and unlikely because in another he hadn't any spell from the blessing sphere. Ok, it's possible to play without bless, and it's mainly useful when starting a new game in bg1, but still, we are used to have this as a base spell, even Jaheira has it in th
  3. Well this fever of installations at least showed me something was wrong somewhere : at a point I updated the sirene mod in bg1, and it worked fine here, I even launched the game to check and everything was right. But when running eet/eet.tp2 in bg2 from this same bg1 install, the result were some weird altered strings everywhere for the sirene mod, her martyr class showed as a random string when creating a character. Since there was no obvious way to fix that, I uninstalled all the mods, removed everything left in the override directory, and then reran modmerge in bg1, and I did the same
  4. Did you know npc strongholds had been adopted by eet mods there : https://baldursextendedworld.com/EET-Updates/ since they are at version 13, I guess there are quite a few fixes inside !
  5. And I found the bug in the installation of drizzt saga : for some reason the file amb_e05d.WAV had an uppercase extension in the override directory, I don't understand how it's possible since normally weidu converts everything to lowercase in linux... the effect of some tool maybe ? Anyway just renaming this to lowercase fixes it. So I'll try the big install, after that's what eet is for, I am curious to test Sandrah... I spend my time doing installations and almost never playing these days !
  6. Yeah I got the archives for yeslick and sirene from the ee setup tool directory and I just noticed they were outdated, so maybe it was fixed already, and I shouldn't have trusted this thing then... ! But I am not sure I'll redo the whole install just for those 2, it's really big ! Anyway... edit : finally I tried to install v3 of yeslick, you have the choice to install him as fighter cleric as before or a specific cleric kit for his god, in both cases I get this warning precisely : EET_NPC_TRANSITION patching for LK#YESLK: BG2 NPC without BG1 content WARNING EET_NPC_TRANSIT
  7. @jastey : Oh, ok, well drizzt saga is unmaintained afaik, ub 27 is not on the same site as the old versions so I guess it's another maintainer, I filled an issue on github for it, but didn't get any return from it. I posted on the forums when possible, but I thought you wanted to know that the compatibility is not so good for these mods, after all it's supposed to be a list of compatible mods. There would be 2 weidu.log here, the one from bg1 and then the one from bg2 + eet installed. I didn't use the setup tool because it's on linux. I made an attempt with the setup tool first and it got
  8. Mods in the compatibility page and which have problems with eet apparently : - bg1 aerie v1.1 : just met her at the festival, she walks towards me to talk but the dialog can't start, and I can't start it too ! - the artisan kitpack : most of the kits work, but if you choose the option to give the rogue archer kit to imoen the installation works, but ingame she keeps her usual thief kit. (that's after starting a new game of course, I posted about that on its beamdog forum page). - unfinished business v27 for bg2 in french is broken, and it's odd because it worked in previous version
  9. And a last bug I just noticed : on the character information screen for Jaheira I now see "great druid" and "great druid" for her class. I hadn't noticed before because she still has her fighter abilities thac0 and everything, and the xp caps are good too. So everything seems good, it's just the text, you don't see warrior anymore. And in EEKeeper her class is still warrior / druid. So it's probably nothing to worry about, I just post it to be complete !
  10. Ok, very long list of mods, + it slightly evolved since then, it was a very long time ago now (I was at the beginning of SoA then, I am now in ToB !). But I still have savegame just before exiting the stronghold after defeating the trolls, Nalia starts the buggy dialog when you exit, so I quickly tested it, and it still happens. Here is the list then... ... but if I remember correctly I tested quite thoroughly this specific bug and tried to uninstall almost all the mods until there was almost nothing left and it still happened. I have the savegame if you want. Except that...a few
  11. Ranger same kind of problem for next quest : I saw Delon passing by while I was at cromwell's, but when I tried to talk to him he was busy, and just went away. After a while I decided to try the same solution : C:CreateCreature("DELON") this time I could talk to him and get the quest for the ogrons. It's harder than the usual ranger quests, but at least it still sort of works !
  12. Other problem with Minsc later : there is some kind of spirit and when I try to talk to him/her, she replies "I will talk only to the ranger", except that if Minsc tries to talk to her, she doesn't talk at all. Minsc owns the ranger fortress of course... I guess it's the one where some dryad spirit appears to tell Minsc about men in the woods he protects, she did that the 1st time I returned to Alkathla, but then I had to reload a previous save and the next time I was in town some other event happened, and it took me long while before noticing she was actually stuck not far from Nalia's s
  13. Super bug : I have a kensai as the main character, actually the updated kensai kit from the "might and guile" mod. When I finish the de arnise keep quest with Torgal and I exit from the keep to talk with Nalia and she explains her problem I get the infamous "NO VALID REPLIES OR LINKS" when Nalia proposes her secret alliance if I have Jaheira in the party. (using a french version so I can't give the exact text here but it's exactly when she talks about the secret alliance for the 1st time, just after asking her what she can do. Since it's ee I can change the language to english to check that i
  14. For info I had to uninstall scs because it helped me from starting a new game (I just wanted to test something on a class, but when starting a new game I arrived directly to the race selection except it was empty, I could return to sex selection using back, but when arriving to race selection it was still empty). The components installed were : #1000 #5900 #6000 #6010 which are the ones needed for the 1st improvements to ai. Too bad ! I can just confirm that "new game" worked again after uninstalling completely this, I didn't try to uninstall the components separately.
  15. Why ? eet = bgt on the ee engine, right ? And ee has quite a few features to make the experience more enjoyable...
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