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  1. I am using the ease of use script and Minsc casts Protection from fire on my protagonist automatically. I couldn't find this spell in the descriptions of any of the script options, and I think that this might be unintended because this is a relatively short duration spell, and I the spells cast automatically by the script are supposed to be long duration. I believe the Group defensive spells functionality in the ease-of-use AI is new in v32. I mention it because I couldn't find it in the change log, in case you want to add it. I take the chance to thank you again for your great work. v32 is a big improvement on v31, which was already great.
  2. Alonso

    v32 quick questions

    Looks like my question was outdated, or at least not relevant for the Enhanced Edition, which is the version I play. I assumed that v32 would use the same ease-of-use hotkeys as v31, so I wanted to remap those hotkeys before I even started to play. Turns out v32 has a new system that uses the GUI to control the character scripts. In my installation at least the hotkeys don't have any effect, which is great because I no longer need to worry about remapping them. Awesome work, by the way, I'm loving it. In case it's helpful for anybody, I did find the code for the hotkeys in stratagems\gameplay\resource, in the files 0dw#gen.ssl and bddefai.ssl. I guess it must be there for the non EE versions of the game.
  3. Alonso

    v32 quick questions

    Would there be any way of doing this in v32, then? I don't even need to reassign they hotkeys, actually, because I don't even use them, it would be enough to just deactivate them.
  4. I start a new thread for quick questions about v32 because the thread about the release candidates is already very cluttered, so maybe this can help to keep that other thread focused. My question is: Where is the ease of use script located in v32? The reason I ask is that I like to remap its key bindings as described here. In v31 I could locate the script quickly with NearInfinity in the Scripts folder, but it looks like in v32 it's no longer there.
  5. Yep, that's it, thanks. I just hadn't found it because I was looking for the exact same title.
  6. I'm finally installing v32. The first component that shows up is not described in the readme: Slightly adjust the power or location of some too-powerful items. What does it do?
  7. I tried this. When I said they are too smart, I essentially meant that this tactic doesn't work. The problem is that when they see a character they attack that character, even if you put a wall of summons in the middle. And as soon as the Hive Mother focuses her attacks on a character, that character is dead. That makes sense, of course. I'm currently testing my modded installation and it's a bit unstable. Once I'm more familiar with it I'll install SCS v32 and I'll try to reproduce this.
  8. This happens in v31. I checked it in the beholders hive in the Underdark. The change log of v32 doesn't say anything about this, so I imagine it must be the same. In my experience the AoE doesn't help a lot in the Underdark cavern with SCS because the hive mother and the elder orbs are just too powerful and smart (and the fact that they are surrounded by lots of beholders and gauths doesn't help, of course). As soon as they see a party member they will pepper him with about ten nasty spells per round, so it doesn't matter how many hit points they have, any character not immune to magic will die in seconds. Plus, even with the AoE, it takes about 15 Cloudkills to kill a hive mother. I really can't imagine a tactic that works in that cavern without resorting to magic immunity of some kind.
  9. Bumping this. I believe it's a bug in SCS. According to the readme: I. e., even with this component installed, the only things that should be able to go through a Protection from Magic scroll are Spellstrike and the anti-magic ray of the Hive Mother beholder. However, several other things do go through, including the anti-magic ray of regular beholders and Death ray.
  10. I'm fighting the Balor in the svirfneblin settlement in the Underdark. As soon as the battle starts I see this message in the feedback screen: "Balor: Aura of flaming death: Haer'Dalis". I guess that's SCS behaviour: Aura of flaming Death would be one of the "previously cast spells" from the improved AI. However, when a mage uses one of those previously cast buffs, there is a message informing about it at the beginning of the fight. In this case there's no message about previously cast spells. What am I missing?
  11. Does it mean that this bug is now fixed?
  12. Alonso

    Last call for SCS v32 fixes

    Ooops, yeah, hadn't thought about that
  13. Alonso

    Last call for SCS v32 fixes

    In the Ease-of-use party AI, on setting 2 and up, the character automatically casts low-level healing spells on injured companions. They try do so even if the injured companions are invisible. This leads to a loop of failed casting attempts because you "cannot target spells on invisible of sanctuaried creatures". This fills the feedback area with error messages. On top of that, if you have activated the auto pause when a target gets destroyed, the game becomes unplayable because it pauses automatically with each casting attempt, which happens every tenth of a second or so. When this happens you have two options: Unpause one million times until the invisibility wears off. Go to the options, uncheck the auto pause option for target destroyed, wait until the invisibility wears off or remove it manually if required, let the healers cast their spells, go back to the options and check the auto pause option back. Hope this description is clear. If not I can add screenshots to clarify.
  14. Alonso

    Last call for SCS v32 fixes

    The documentation for Improved D'Arnise Keep is confusing. It just compares SCS with Tactics, which is not very useful for those of us who know nothing about Tactics (which are the majority, I guess). It would make more sense to explain what the changes are compared to Vanilla. Also in the documentation, the description of the Ease-of-use party AI seems incomplete. Point 4 doesn't mention Jan's Bruiser Mates.
  15. Alonso

    SCS won't install on BG2:EE (2.1)

    I had the same problem and found a workaround that solved it to some extent. It's pretty simple. You just copy somebody else's files straight to your BG folder. This means that you don't can't choose what to install, you just stick to the components the other guy chose, but it's certainly better than not having SCS at all. You can find the files here, with thanks to semiticgod (it is his idea): https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/comment/796556/#Comment_796556