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    SCS updated to 32.2

    The new Make spell sequencers and contingencies into innate abilities works very inconsistently in my game. My protagonist only has access to Chain Contingency, but not to Contingency, Spell Trigger or sequencers. Jan can cast three spell sequencers in a row, but the last two have no effect. And so on, there are many other inconsistencies. This might be related to the fact that I updated from v31 to v31RC10, then to v32, and then to v32.2 all within the same game.
  2. Thanks, Jarno, I did a clean install and it's working perfectly.
  3. What is the recommended way of upgrading from one of the release candidates (in my case RC10)? The readme only tells you what to do if you have installed v31 or earlier. The mods in my current installation (BG2) are: Tweaks Anthology, SCSv32RC10, Portraits everywhere, Lighting pack, Jimfix, Inferno and EE UI Tweaks.
  4. Alonso


    Just posting to inform that half of the links in the online readme are broken. Looks like the whole website has experimented a problem with broken links.
  5. Is the readme for v32 available online? I have it locally stored in my PC, but I haven't seen it online. It would be nice, mainly to be sure that I'm always checking the most updated version.
  6. My bad, I was looking at the old readme.
  7. What does the component Improved NPC customisation do?
  8. Alonso

    Unique Icons minor issue

    No problem at all. I love the attention to detail in this mod, so I thought I'd do my bit to improve it by informing about this tiny detail. If it's working as intended, then I've nothing more to add.
  9. The mod Unique Icons uses two different icons for full plate mail +2. I have used up all my attachments storage space, so let me know if you need a screenshot or a saved game to check this.
  10. Alonso

    Future tweak ideas - post 'em here

    I have a lot of ideas for mods, and I have published all of them in this thread. Some are clearly not suitable for Tweaks Anthology, but many are. Feel free to use any of them. Any feedback, either here or in that thread, is highly appreciated. Apart from that, an extremely simple and nice tweak would be to remove the sound of tooltips, which gets annoying after hearing it for the millionth time.
  11. Some possible bugs observed in v32 r10: The new ability "Prepare spell sequencer" doesn't have any effect in my game. I attach a save (EE) in case it helps. 000000000-Valarien Auto-Save.zip The AI of my summoned planetar casts Heal on my protagonist automatically even though he's protected by spell deflection, which means Heal is wasted.
  12. I am using the ease of use script and Minsc casts Protection from fire on my protagonist automatically. I couldn't find this spell in the descriptions of any of the script options, and I think that this might be unintended because this is a relatively short duration spell, and I the spells cast automatically by the script are supposed to be long duration. I believe the Group defensive spells functionality in the ease-of-use AI is new in v32. I mention it because I couldn't find it in the change log, in case you want to add it. I take the chance to thank you again for your great work. v32 is a big improvement on v31, which was already great.
  13. Alonso

    v32 quick questions

    Looks like my question was outdated, or at least not relevant for the Enhanced Edition, which is the version I play. I assumed that v32 would use the same ease-of-use hotkeys as v31, so I wanted to remap those hotkeys before I even started to play. Turns out v32 has a new system that uses the GUI to control the character scripts. In my installation at least the hotkeys don't have any effect, which is great because I no longer need to worry about remapping them. Awesome work, by the way, I'm loving it. In case it's helpful for anybody, I did find the code for the hotkeys in stratagems\gameplay\resource, in the files 0dw#gen.ssl and bddefai.ssl. I guess it must be there for the non EE versions of the game.
  14. Alonso

    v32 quick questions

    Would there be any way of doing this in v32, then? I don't even need to reassign they hotkeys, actually, because I don't even use them, it would be enough to just deactivate them.
  15. I start a new thread for quick questions about v32 because the thread about the release candidates is already very cluttered, so maybe this can help to keep that other thread focused. My question is: Where is the ease of use script located in v32? The reason I ask is that I like to remap its key bindings as described here. In v31 I could locate the script quickly with NearInfinity in the Scripts folder, but it looks like in v32 it's no longer there.