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  1. Another AI issue in v33.5: In Abazigal's lair the Death Tyrants and Tyrant Golems go crazy casting all sorts of spell on my magic immune golems (including a few hilarious Flesh to Stone on my Stone Golem). I'm not sure how optimized this part of the AI is, but I understand that all the beholder type monsters should have smarter targeting.
  2. I've found another minor issue: In Abazigal's lair lizard man shamans cast "cast previously" spells when the fight has already been going on for a few rounds. The spells cast this way are Magic Resistance, Barkskin and Mirror Image. I understand that this shouldn't happen, if I'm getting it right all the "cast previously" spells should be cast at the very beginning of the fight.
  3. I have a "meta idea": Create a list of the ideas proposed so far (and not yet implemented) and do a poll in the wider community to see which ones get more support. The poll could be done in the Beamdog forum to give it exposure to a bigger audience.
  4. Just stumbled upon a few minor issues in v33 (hardcore difficulty): 1. With the Ease of use AI Aerie casts Cure light wounds on Haer'Dalis when Haer'Dalis is protected by Spell deflection (which wastes both the healing spell and the spell deflection). 2. In Sendai's enclave: The lich casts incediary cloud, which hits the Apprentice, who is not protected against fire and doesn't get out of the cloud, so he gets damage every round and all his spells are disrupted. A beholder casts flesh to stone at my Mordeikanen's sword and a skeleton warrior attacks it, which is useless b
  5. A suggestion for the ease of use AI: Would it be possible to add an option to have bards sing automatically, like the vanilla Bard Controlled script does? I'd love to use the ease of use AI with Haer'Dalis, but that would prevent him from singing automatically, which for a bard I think is more important than any other automatic scripting, so I'm stuck with the Bard Controlled script. A similar option to have rogues detect traps or hide in the shadows automatically would also be nice.
  6. My plan is not to publish a copy of the IESDP. My plan is to use the information of the IESDP as a base to develop the wiki. Ideally that would lead to articles that build on the information of the IESDP to create articles with detailed descriptions. You can see examples of what I mean here and here. As you can see, those example mini articles build on the IESDP, but are definitely not a duplication of it.
  7. Actually, several people showed interest in a wiki. Anyway, that was ten years ago. I don't think it says much about the current situation. Regarding the duplication, the purpose of this wiki is not to duplicate the IESDP. It's to compile all the information available about IE modding, including the WeiDU language, the internals of the IE engine, IE modding tips and tutorials, etc.
  8. I'm resurrecting this thread because I have created a wiki about Infinity Engine modding. Its very ambitious purpose is to compile all the information available about IE modding, including the WeiDU language, the internals of the IE engine, IE modding tips and tutorials, etc. For now it's almost empty, but hopefully that will change soon. I'd like to request permission to import the information in the IESDP into this wiki.
  9. Actually, I have created an Infinity Engine modding wiki already. For now it's almost empty, but I hope it becomes a useful resource over time.
  10. Which seems quite confusing. I've requested this to be fixed here. Since NI is the de facto standard to browse these data, would it be a good idea to explain this in the IESDP?
  11. With my level of knowledge pulling a request for a change without previously having discussed it in the forum might be counterproductive. It's very likely that my requests would be pointless because I would be mistaken about what to change or even about the need to make a change at all.
  12. As I said, what is obvious to you is not necessarily obvious to others.
  13. There is plenty of information there that cannot possibly be obvious to anybody, like the way this parameter works for opcodes 177 and 146. Apart from that, what seems obvious for a veteran modder is not obvious for a more inexperienced one.
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