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  1. I'm getting tired of you lying about me. I have already exposed your lies in the Beamdog forum. I don't feel like making the effort of exposing them here as well. Just remember that it is not very smart to lie when the truth is there for eveybody to see.
  2. Have you actually read my posts at all? I have done just that several times. For the umpteenth time, the way I have suggested to improve them is to write understandable documentation that explains how they work. No casual player has ever participated in this discussion. Casual players don't even use this forum. The only person that has claimed to be a casual player is Cahir, and we all know he is not. I don't even know what this means. I already have, as you perfectly know. It's not very honest to say that I haven't. I wrote dozens of posts in the Beamdog forums encouraging you to do things better in a very friendly manner, but you just ignored most of them. At some point I just had to accept that it was not going to happen and the best I could do was to warn others of what PI really is.
  3. Looks like I misunderstood you before, I thought you meant that the recommendation to use PI was based on the hope that it would become usable for more people in the future. Thank you for clarifying. Anyway, it doesn't change the problem that the instructions recommend a tool that is impossible to use for most people.
  4. Seriously, when somebody catches you lying but proposes to forget about it's best to accept the proposal. Insisting on the lying doesn't really help you much.
  5. You were caught lying. Oh, well, it happens. Don't take it so bad.
  6. How is my criticism of PI any less constructive than your criticism of Roxanne's tool? About the PI tool I've said several times that it works for me, that the main problem is the lack of documentation, and I have volunteered to do all the work to fix the problem myself. I'd say that's much more constructive than what you said about Roxanne's tool. As I told you earlier, this is not a problem of outdated readmes. Jarno explained how this is a problem of a readme that presents things that are hoped to happen in the future as though they were happening in the present.
  7. Yeah, this sudden determination of some modders to hide their skills and knowledge is most amusing
  8. When you said elsewhere that you are not a power gamer it made me smile. But when you said now that you're a casual gamer it really made me laugh.
  9. You're mixing up different things. You might want to consider reading the thread again. Nope, that's not my argument. Yeah, I did that and offered to do all the work of the documentation myself, but for some reason my offer was ignored. Wow, what about we ignore that you said that and pretend it never happened?
  10. Show me a casual player, just one, who has managed to make PI work and I will retract everything I've said. Otherwise you might want to consider retracting what you have said.
  11. Maybe you should make up your mind about this. In the thread I linked to in the first post you said very negative things about the EET Mod Install Tool (when I talked about reputed members of the community I was thinking specifically about you). Just like with PI, there are clearly other players who managed to install their mods fine by using the EET Mod Install Tool. Still, I'm sure you agree with me that there was a need for you to give that warning. Hadn't you done so I would have happily installed all my mods with that tool, which would have certainly led to nasty consequences for me. By taking a few minutes to warn everybody, you probably saved myself and others countless wasted hours and headaches, and I really appreciate that. In the same way, I'm sure that many players will appreciate that I warn them about PI and hopefully save them countless wasted hours and headaches. I'm sure you are aware that this is not a problem of outdated instructions. The truth, if it is not too much to ask. For a suggestion of how to say the truth about PI and the the EET Mod Install Tool, check the first post of this thread. I have two purposes with this thread, a humble one and an ambitious one. The humble one is to help others as explained above. The ambitious one is to highlight the problem and encourage the community to develop a tool that actually works for most people. I'm not very optimistic about the ambitious one, but if this thread helps just one player the usual headaches associated with these two tools, I'll be happy with that.
  12. It doesn't make sense to publish instructions about how things will work in the future (which might or might not happen anyway). The instructions should explain how things work (or don't work) in the present.
  13. Yes, I'm sure the EET instructions recommend that the player uses the EE/EET Mod Install Tool. About the rest of your post, I'm afraid I don't understand how it relates to the topic of this thread.
  14. The instructions of EET are very misleading. They recommend the player to use either Project Infinity or the EE/EET Mod Install Tool. There are very serious problems with both tools that are not mentioned anywhere in the instructions: Project Infinity: In most cases it simply doesn't work. Project Infinity is too difficult to use for the vast majority of gamers. Only super advanced power gamers with some programming knowledge (like myself) can make PI work, and even for them it's very difficult. Other gamers who try to use PI just manage to waste their time and get frustrated. EET Mod Install Tool: Apparently this tool does an awful lot of nasty things to the game without even telling the player. I might be wrong here because I haven't dared to try this myself, but lots has been said about this by reputed community members, so I'm quite confident that that information is accurate. I think it's unfair to recommend gamers to use these tools and let them believe that they will allow them to get a proper EET installation when that's really not the case.
  15. Another AI issue in v33.5: In Abazigal's lair the Death Tyrants and Tyrant Golems go crazy casting all sorts of spell on my magic immune golems (including a few hilarious Flesh to Stone on my Stone Golem). I'm not sure how optimized this part of the AI is, but I understand that all the beholder type monsters should have smarter targeting.
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