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    Last call for SCS v32 fixes

    Ooops, yeah, hadn't thought about that
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    Last call for SCS v32 fixes

    In the Ease-of-use party AI, on setting 2 and up, the character automatically casts low-level healing spells on injured companions. They try do so even if the injured companions are invisible. This leads to a loop of failed casting attempts because you "cannot target spells on invisible of sanctuaried creatures". This fills the feedback area with error messages. On top of that, if you have activated the auto pause when a target gets destroyed, the game becomes unplayable because it pauses automatically with each casting attempt, which happens every tenth of a second or so. When this happens you have two options: Unpause one million times until the invisibility wears off. Go to the options, uncheck the auto pause option for target destroyed, wait until the invisibility wears off or remove it manually if required, let the healers cast their spells, go back to the options and check the auto pause option back. Hope this description is clear. If not I can add screenshots to clarify.
  3. Alonso

    Last call for SCS v32 fixes

    The documentation for Improved D'Arnise Keep is confusing. It just compares SCS with Tactics, which is not very useful for those of us who know nothing about Tactics (which are the majority, I guess). It would make more sense to explain what the changes are compared to Vanilla. Also in the documentation, the description of the Ease-of-use party AI seems incomplete. Point 4 doesn't mention Jan's Bruiser Mates.
  4. Alonso

    SCS won't install on BG2:EE (2.1)

    I had the same problem and found a workaround that solved it to some extent. It's pretty simple. You just copy somebody else's files straight to your BG folder. This means that you don't can't choose what to install, you just stick to the components the other guy chose, but it's certainly better than not having SCS at all. You can find the files here, with thanks to semiticgod (it is his idea): https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/comment/796556/#Comment_796556
  5. Alonso

    Player questions

    I'm installing Tweaks for the first time and reading the documentation at the same time. My game is BG2EE v2.3. I have some questions: Why is there an option to change Nalia's avatar from a mage to a thief? She swapped to mage early on, her thief part is almost irrelevant when you meet her. A number of components which are offered during installation seem to be irrelevant for BG2EE because they are already a part of the game: Force all dialogue to pause. Bonus merchants. Sensible Entrance Points: Radiant Heart Order. Some parts of the documentation are not understandable for non seasoned players. Any chance to get simpler descriptions? More Interjections. Shapeshifter Rebalancing ToB-Style NPCs Maximum HP Creatures: The description is unclear. The third option is "Non-Joinable NPCs only". Does this apply to creatures that are not NPCs, like trolls, dragons, etc.? Thanks.
  6. Alonso

    Bug reports in v30

    My game crashes every time I try to fight Osmadi in Larswood. I prepare my party with a lot of protective spells, go for it, and at some point in the middle of the fight the game crashes. It's happened three times already. I noticed that during the fight Osmadi only takes Cold damage from my Ice arrows, but other projectiles don't hurt him, which seems weird. I'm running version 1.3.2053 of BGEE, which I think is the most current patch. I installed Sword Coast Stratagems with most options disabled a few days ago. It's the only mod I have, and the only mod I've ever used with this game. I originally posted this in https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/44862/possible-bug-with-osmadi?new=1, but from the responses I got, it seems clear that this is an SCS bug.